Dota 2 The International 2016

Dota 2 is a worthy successor of the first MOBA game in history and has set various milestones of its own. The International annual eSports tournament has been a catalyst for growth and the event is hosted by Valve Corporation. Each year was better than the previous and in 2015, the 16 participating teams competed for a prize pool of more than $18 million. The 2016 Dota 2 The International set a new record, as the total amount has surpassed the psychological threshold of $20 million.

This is the largest eSports prize pool for a single tournament and the winning team will walk away with more than $9 million. The open qualifiers started on June 21 and regional qualifiers followed four days later. The initial prize pool was driven upward by the in-game acquisitions of the 2016 The International Battle Pass. Qualifying teams and the ones that secured a wild card will play for money and glory on August 12 and 13. These are the days when the main finals are scheduled to take place.

The Unofficial World Cup of eSports

Sports betting fans are watching the Olympics and bet on the events in Rio. Meanwhile esports enthusiasts have their eyes locked on the Dota 2 The International. Leading bookmakers such as Betway, Pinnacle Sports, Ladbrokes, William Hill and 10Bet cover both events. The odds are moving fast in both cases, based on the preferences of those who bet on these sports. The most important esports are available for live betting and the Dota 2 International makes no exception.

Valve has a difficult year but as far as the MOBA game developed by them is concerned, 2016 is great. The best teams in the world will participate in this tournament and the guaranteed prize pool is expected to rise. Instead of relying massively on sponsors, this competition depends on crowd-funding and each year was better than the previous. By purchasing items in-game, Dota 2 players show support for their favorite teams and have a chance at winning prizes.

Dota 2 The International Seattle 2016
Dota 2 The International Seattle 2016

Players fund Dota 2 The International

Micro-transactions have been at the cornerstone of most MOBA games of the decade. League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Heroes of Newerth and Smite all use them to raise money. This way, the games stay free and developers can still improve them and organize tournaments of epic proportions. The Dota 2 The International is mostly funded by players who purchase Compendiums. In return, they can set rosters for each day and accumulate points, unlock in-game effects and vanity items.

There is an indissoluble link between the new features and cosmetic additions and the Dota 2 The International prize pool. Its constant expansion and the increasingly bigger payouts are also the result of e-sports betting growing as an industry. Bookmakers have started to pay attention to this niche and in anticipation of major competitions, run special promotions. Punters are more likely to bet on e-sports in general and Dota 2 in particular in August, than in any other month of the year.