Screenshot of DraftKings Commercial.

DraftKings is the biggest daily fantasy sports website. It crossed the psychological threshold of $1 billion paid in 2016 and made hundreds of millionaires. The biggest payouts are handed out in the first weeks of the NFL and NBA seasons. Players can win seven digit amounts every week and the vast majority of their customers are hooked on fantasy football.

The number of people playing fantasy sports at DraftKings is rising. Tens of thousands of people play on a daily basis. Even the inexpensive tournaments, which only set players back a handful of dollars attract large crowds. They have guaranteed prize pools of nearly $100,000. In addition to fantasy football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey have their dedicated fan base.

Key facts about DraftKings

  • DraftKings has a rocksolid reputation, with fast payouts and no pending complaints against them.
  • Signing up for an account is free and those who make the first deposit will have it matched by 100%.
  • DraftKings has more contests than any other daily fantasy websites and the winnings are paid immediately.
  • Savvy fantasy sports players, can also take advantage of the rapid-fire contests dedicated to basketball, baseball and ice hockey.
  • DraftKings is easily accessible on all mobile devices, regardless of the operating system powering them.
  • Golf is now offered as well and the Millionaire Maker has been incorporated in the PGA game.

How does DraftKings work?

Online sports betting, casino games and poker are largely illegal in the United States with a handful of notable exceptions. Those who contemplate the possibility of playing fantasy sports wonder how exactly DraftKings works and whether it is legal. Those who don’t live in the few states where fantasy sports are illegal can set up an account. Daily fantasy sports are illegal in Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Washington.

Players register an account and those who deposit can participate in any of the dozen daily fantasy football contests. There are also freerolls for those who don’t feel comfortable making a financial commitment. Players also get to choose between standard tournaments, Head 2 Head or 50/50 game so variety is insured.

The payouts differ greatly depending on the type of tournament preferred. Players compete for as little as two dollars or a share of a seven digit prize pool. DraftKings will also award frequent player points to all those who play real money games. The most loyal customers will also collect DK dollars which can be used in exclusive tournaments. The loyalty scheme is similar to the one used by online casinos, without inherent legal issues.

DraftKings Football

DraftKings has an impressive assortment of sports, but football reigns supreme. The regular season of the NFL is the crown jewel. Daily contests keep players busy and they get to choose between the popular head to head and 50/50 versions or more intricate competitions. Setting up a roster and trying to predict the performance of the best players without exceeding the salary cap is quite a challenge.

Daily and weekly tournaments present players with a chance of winning real cash, while playing for free or buying in for as little as three dollars. During the NFL season, DraftKings runs the popular Millionaire Maker event which awards prizes of $1 million to those who prevail in the $27 tournament. This is also the competition that attracts the most players, with the field frequently exceeding 100,000 people.

DraftKings Baseball

MLB is so popular among fantasy sports fans because games run on a daily basis. There are hundreds to bet on throughout the regular season. There are also dozens of far more exciting games once the playoffs begin. DraftKings allows participants to sign up for as little as one dollar, with buy-ins for players of all income levels.

Screenshot of DraftKings MLB Page.
Screenshot of DraftKings MLB Page.

DraftKings hockey

Betting on daily NHL games is illegal in the United States, but the fantasy sports offered by DraftKings are permitted nationwide. The rules regarding the salary cap still apply, but those who prefer hockey will find them to be more flexible. There are thousands of daily leagues to choose from. Some are accessible for free, others setting players back a handful of dollars while others are aimed at highrollers.

DraftKings Basketball

It was basketball that led to the invention of fantasy sports, so it is only suiting for DraftKings to have a comprehensive offer for NBA fans. This league is second only to NFL in terms of participating players and it has a clear advantage over American football. Basketball teams play five times more games than their NFL counterparts, which in turn presents NBA fans with more opportunities to play fantasy sports.

DraftKings golf

Golf was the last to be introduced on the list of fantasy sports at DraftKings and has already emerged as a very popular one. It now has its very own version of the Millionaire Maker event, for those who hope to win a life-changing amount with a minimal investment. The top daily fantasy website aggressively promotes this new addition, which benefits from more bonuses than any other sport.

DraftKings eSports

Is DraftKings safe and reliable?

As mentioned above, DraftKings abides by the existing laws and doesn’t provide services that would put players at risk. As long as players reside in a US state where fantasy sports are legal, they will have no reason to worry about the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. The distinction made by legislators from various states between skill and chance games is essential for fantasy sports.

Meanwhile, the website is well protected from the attacks of cyber criminals, by an intricate layer of firewalls and security protocols. Encryption technology is used when players share information with the website and for keeping financial transfers safe and private. There were no instances in which players were robbed of their money, and the website upheld its end of the deal by paying on time and in full.

DraftKings has grown so much that it now attracts tens of thousands of players and the image it projects is very important. That’s why, they work with independent auditors which monitor the fairness of their games and keep players safe and secure. The website is also surprisingly stable and even when other fantasy sports websites are down during peak season and the playoffs, theirs is up and running.

Players who receive bonuses, collect them on time and if they manage to convert these bonus funds into profits, they won’t have any problems in cashing out. There were no instances in which players were stripped of their winnings, as long as they abided by terms and conditions. Navigation is smooth and easy and players feel comfortable using smartphones or tablets, as well as PCs.

My experience with DraftKings

DraftKings caught my eye with its incredibly diverse collection of tournaments, covering all the popular sports instead of focusing exclusively on football. I understand how lucrative the NFL inspired tournaments are and why football reigns supreme, but I have a soft spot for basketball and ice hockey. I was convinced to sign up for an account by their commitment to meet customers halfway, even if they don’t fall into the standard pattern of football crazed members.

The functionality and ease of use of the website was also much to my liking and the fact that DraftKings works on the layout definitely helps their cause. There are still a couple of things that they could improve in regard to the personal account section, to make the cash out process more obvious and straightforward. On those rare occasions when I needed assistance, customer support was prompt and courteous, making it easy for me to find the answers I needed.

How do you register at DraftKings?

New members don’t have to pay a dime to sign up for new account and the entire process is equally simple as joining an online bookmaker. DraftKings also provides counseling to those who want to make sure they reside in a state where fantasy sports are legal and have a dedicated tab for these questions. It also has a very helpful FAQ section that can be accessed on all browsers and operating systems.

What payment options does DraftKings offer?

DraftKings encourages players to use electronic wallets such as PayPal for speedy withdrawals and convenient deposits. At the same time, it provides players with the option of depositing via credit cards and all the popular brands are covered, including MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

It is possible to deposit as little as $25 or as much as $2000, so both amateurs and professional fantasy sports players will find a home here. Those who deposit for the first time will be eligible for a bonus and will also get to participate in a tournament for free. The profits generated from these competitions belong to the players and they also enjoy total freedom in choosing the payment method of choice.

How fast can I cash out at DraftKings?

Those who follow their recommendation and use PayPal for deposits and withdrawals, will get in possession of their funds faster than their counterparts. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to operate their first withdrawal and they also get to learn about all the available financial instruments. One would have to wait until he or she has at least $20 to make a cash out and the initial deposit is withdrawn first. The remaining amount can be then transferred out using a check or PayPal.

If players forget the details of the credit cards they used to deposit or lose the card altogether, they should get in touch with the customer support before cashing out. There is a good chance to find the answers they seek in the FAQ section, which is the first line of defense. Withdrawals are performed from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM. They take between two and seven business days. Checks usually take longer, but cash should reach its destination in less than one week.

DraftKings promo & bonus codes

DraftKings differentiates itself from other fantasy sports operators, by offering a plethora of generous bonuses and special offers. The first bonus worth $600 represents the first deposit being matched by 100%, so players are encouraged to deposit These funds are transferred to the accounts of eligible players immediately after they make a deposit.

The $4 Million Championship Series is the flagship competition at DraftKings dedicated to NHL and NBA fans. These have to bet during the regular season on a total of 12 teams, 8 basketball and 4 hockey squads. It is worth mentioning prominent tournaments such as the $500K Crossover Championship or the$400K All-Star Championship.

The $150K EPL Kings of the Pitch is the first massive tournament aimed at soccer fans. It focuses on the English Premier League and has ridiculously low entry fees. Anyone can participate and there are even satellite tournaments that only cost $3. Those who prefer to go through the qualifiers might have to wait a bit longer. The path ahead is long and twisted, but the return on investment is worthwhile.

DraftKings has recently embraced eSports and it is now running a string of tournaments called DK 1-Day. For the time being, League Of Legends is the only game featured. Players are supposed to choose a roster of eight players with a $50,000 salary cap. They need to select the players according to the role they play in a LoL team. Veteran players definitely have an advantage over the pack. There are restrictions that prevent players from taking more than four players from the same team.

DraftKings mobile app

DraftKings has a user-friendly interface that can be navigated on mobile devices. It is perferct for those who want to make the transition from PCs to smartphones. Players can enjoy this type of gaming, but can also download the dedicated mobile app. It further simplifies their mission and it is compatible with both iOS and Android powered devices. The app is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the official website.


DraftKings service and support

It had the advantage of being early to the party and provide players with the quality product they seek. They hired a team of professionals right from the start, to provide educated advice to those in need. Customer support is available 24/7 and players can write an email or pick up the phone if they had any doubts.

The static webform could use some improvement, but at the end of the day what matters most is that help arrives on time and the advice can be relied upon. A live chat service is still on the wish list and the FAQ section could grow into a comprehensive  database.

What are others saying about DraftKings?

DraftKings is the largest, best-known and most respected daily fantasy sports website, which makes them superior to all competitors. It boasts unique features such as the Late Swap that grant players a great degree of flexibility. Players get intuitive and user-friendly tools to set up private contests with their buddies, which helps spread the news. They currently have an edge over FanDuel, Yahoo Fantasy Sports and numberFire.

Screenshot of DraftKings Facebook Profile.
Screenshot of DraftKings Facebook Profile.

The high number of promotions and their sheer generosity presents players with a compelling argument. They are tempted to make a deposit and playing for real cash. Several payment methods are offered and all of them are reliable, while withdrawals take significantly less here than elsewhere. Their fantasy sports can now be enjoyed on the mobile app, which also helps DraftKings stand out from the crowd.

DraftKings came under scrutiny more often than virtually any other fantasy sports website, with hundreds of reviews. The vast majority of these articles are favorable. Both critics and the players agree that this is a great place to start an adventure with fantasy sports. The assortment of games, the abundance of payment methods and the reliability of service makes them the benchmark against which all competitors are matched.

My rating of DraftKings

Before playing fantasy sports for the first time, I couldn’t understand why so many people have embraced this original type of gambling. DraftKings opened my eyes and provided me with an entertaining way of putting my knowledge to use. Since gambling is legal in my country in all its forms, I have no problem in betting on sports. Still,  I wouldn’t forsake the fantasy leagues either. These activities complement each other, therefore I wholeheartedly recommend DraftKings to punters as well as fantasy sports aficionados. I’ve had a lot of fun playing here and these guys are currently leading the niche with an iron fist. A review score of 9.5 out of 10 should reflect my conviction.

Overall Score