Screenshot of Dragon Age Origins Cover

Dragon Age Origins is a role-playing game published by Electronic Arts and developed by BioWare. Its popularity encouraged the developers to come up with sequels and this is how the Dragon Age franchise was born. Since 2009, the game can be played on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows. The game takes place in Ferelden, a fictional kingdom torn apart by civil war and besieged by demons.

Key facts about Dragon Age Origins

  • Dragon Age Origins is played from the third person perspective and players can switch to top down view.
  • Players choose between 3 races, Dwarfs, Humans & Elves and 3 classes, mage, warrior or rogue.
  • Dragon Age Origins is driven by an ample and compelling storyline, with convincing characters
  • The action focused gameplay keeps players hooked and beginners don’t have to worry about a steep learning curve.
  • Dragon Age Origins has amazing replayability, with each important decision changing the outcome of the story.

The Dragon Age Origins games

Dragon Age Origins bears all the key elements of action role-playing video games. Available exclusively in single player, it has a dynamic gameplay that provides players with a strong incentive to start again with a new character. Customization plays a central role and players can change the appearance of their characters, based on their preferences. The combination of race and class also changes the manner in which the story unfolds.

The Dragon Age Origins games only differ in the early stages and switch to a common plot once the original story is complete. The developers have achieved an impressive level of artificial intelligence when it comes to companions. These can’t be controlled by the player, but follow them in battle nonetheless and are helpful on many levels. Players can make adjustments by using the Tactic menu to make these NPCs more effective and reliable.

Those who have a hard time figuring out how to get their gaming experience started can seek assistance. Dragon Age Origins Walkthroughs are available and cover all main categories of quests. Initially, they explain how to complete early missions, based on race and class. The second stage is dedicated to the quests tied to the Plague issue, which need to be completed to advance to the ending. These represent the bulk of all missions, but are not necessarily the most difficult ones to complete.

Most guides will dedicate a lot of attention to the third category of quests, based on various locations. The emphasis is on mandatory missions, without ignoring the optional quests given by various guilds. Dragon Age Origins maps are larger than those featuring in the prequels and walkthrough use coordinates to indicate position. Similar systems have been used in World of Warcraft, with players having the option of downloading and installing add-ons.

What is Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins is a dark heroic fantasy role-playing video game. Developed by BioWare it is published by Electronic Arts on computers powered by both iOS and Microsoft operating systems. It can also be played on all consoles and is available exclusively in single player mode. The video game was developed over the course of six years and features an amazing soundtrack and stellar voice acting.

Gameplay of Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins gameplay is influenced by the fact that the game is played mostly from the third person perspective. This makes fights more dynamic and combat gets increasingly rewarding for those who play long hours and are not afraid to experiment with new tactics. It is possible to switch weapons and perform a broad spectrum of special moves even while in combat. Players can also switch to a top-down view and use colors to distinguish between friends and foes.

Screenshot of Dragon Age Origins Hunter
Screenshot of Dragon Age Origins Hunter

Throughout the battle, the stamina and health of players is drained to power various skills. After the battle concludes, these bars are automatically refilled and players also collect the loot dropped by vanquished foes. As in all role-playing videogames, in Dragon Age Origins players level up and acquire new skills and abilities. The key skills are improved incrementally as players defeat various bosses and acquire loot.

When players choose their character and class, they base their decision on these stats. Strength, dexterity, willpower and magic affect the damage dealt by weapons or spells. Players also start with a certain set of special skills and unlock new abilities in the long run, when defeating bosses or leveling up. Depending on the path chosen, players need to decide between different sets of skills and use various combinations to maximize damage, resilience and survivability.

The maximum number of companions that players can have is limited to three and they follow the player around. Most of the time is spent completing the main quest, but there are great rewards for completing side missions. The gameplay of Dragon Age Origins is also enhanced by the complex dialogs, with players having several choices during each conversation.

Dragon Age Origins Walkthrough

The fact that the game can only be enjoyed in single player means that players are on their own. The campaign is long enough as to get players familiar with the surroundings, but can be challenging at first. As a role-playing videogame, it encourages players to interact with NPCs and learn more about the plot through conversation. Having said this, there are instances when players require additional assistance and they can find help in a Dragon Age Origins Walkthrough.

There are certain differences between the movies dedicated to the first couple of missions. This is the result of players choosing various characters and following a different path. The developers chose this path to encourage players to try new characters after completing the single player. On the bright side, the narrative only differs initially and then switches to the common plot.

Regardless of which video you choose, the information will get is almost certain to help you overcome any obstacle. The decision resides exclusively with the user and is based on the preference for one video poster or the other. A quality Dragon Age Origins Walkthrough video will include information on both primary and secondary quests. Such missions can be found throughout the game and players get to learn about all the possible solutions.

Walkthroughs are very popular in story driven games and those featuring difficult puzzles that not everyone can solve. The same goes for video games where the decisions made by players impact the manner in which the plot unfolds. In this case, their impact is more limited and helps players navigate the maps by using coordinates to mark NPCs. By smart use of colors, the guides provide players with a surefire way of finding not only nonplayer characters, but also rare items.

Plot of Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins has a different story in the early stages of the game and it is indissolubly linked to the character class chosen. All players interact with the commander of Ferelden's Grey Wardens which goes by the name of Duncan. After a brief tutorial, they embark on an epic quest that will pit them against the invading forces of Darkspawn. The archenemy is an Archdemon that takes the shape of a Dragon and leads the legions of devils.

Players go through a bloody ritual called the Joining and after they survive unlock new skills. Initially they suffer a major setback in their mission, as their allies desert them in battle. When the demons overrun their positions, most of the defending leaders die, including Duncan but the player survives. Aided by a powerful witch called Flemeth he escapes the massacre and starts rallying the forces across Ferelden.

Screenshot of Dragon Age Origins Execution
Screenshot of Dragon Age Origins Execution

The plot thickens and internal rivalries blow over into a civil war that further weakens their forces. Eventually, the player convinces the warring factions to join forces and stand together against the darkspawn. This is when the importance of the Grey Warden becomes obvious and his early teachings come in handy. A key character in the narrative, Morrigan makes a tempting offer to the player in the latter stages of the game, offering him an easy way out.

This is one of the instances when the decisions made by players influence the way the campaign unfolds. We won’t ruin the fun and only let you know that in the final missions of the game, the players confront Archdemon. After successfully vanquishing the demon, the game lets us know what happened to the main characters many years after the events of Dragon Age Origins.

Development of Dragon Age Origins

Development of Dragon Age Origins started several years before the game was officially announced in 2008. The team working on the role-playing video game decided to push the release date several times. They used the time to fix the existing bugs and enhance the dialogs, by working closely with more than 100 actors. The game was initially released for PCs and the console version followed shortly after.

There are only slight differences between the PC and console compatible games. On the latter, players can’t switch to the top-down view, but otherwise the graphics are equally impressive. Edge of Reality worked with BioWare on the console version, which caused additional delays. The fans got to choose between the standard version and slightly different versions of the Dragon Age Origins.

Where can I download Dragon Age Origins?

Electronic Arts is the publisher of Dragon Age Origins, so it’s hardly a surprise that the game can be downloaded on their website. This is where the sequel Dragon Age Inquisition can be bought, as a standalone video game or with the entire bundle. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Counter Strike Global Offensive are available for those who prefer a first-person shooter.

Screenshot of Dragon Age Origins Possesed
Screenshot of Dragon Age Origins Possesed

What are others saying about Dragon Age Origins?

Dragon Age Origins was critically acclaimed and the fans didn’t mind that the release date was pushed twice for consoles. It won numerous awards, including the Game of the Year prize, for its dialogues and single player campaign. Both the early reviews and the ones written after the sequels hit the stores offered an average score of 85. The PC version received the best marks, thanks to the additional features.

There was some criticism in regard to the fact that the game doesn’t  have a multiplayer version. Developers were quick to proclaim that the sequels would allow players to compete against each other. They stood true to their word and that’s why the reviews written in the wake of their release refrain from uttering any such criticism. There was consensus among both professional reviewers and the fans that voice acting was amazing and made the game better.

Dragon Age Origins tournaments

Dragon Age Origins tournaments were never possible, since the game doesn’t even have a multiplayer. There are other role-playing video games that players can enjoy in the company of others, such as Diablo 3. The ones that dominate the eSports industry belong to the MOBA genre and the best players win millions. League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2 or SMITE all fall into this category.

My rating of Dragon Age Origins

I discovered Dragon Age Origins by chance when browsing the list of upcoming games almost a decade ago. I was immediately swayed by the premise and I was anxiously waiting to see if the actual graphics would match the announcement trailer. The game swept me off my feet right away and I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed by all the customization options.

Its story grows on you and if you have the time and willingness to interact with NPCs and get involved in conversations, the experience is amazing. Development took longer than expected, but in the great scheme of things this doesn’t matter one bit. What matters is that BioWare came up with a quality product, one of the best published by Electronic Arts. I’m glad that I had the chance to play and review this role-playing game that deserves a review score of 9 out of 10.

Overall Score