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Expedia is one of the leading traveling websites, where people can buy vacation packages, book flights and hotels. It is possible to arrange for cruises, daily trips and car rentals, by using the features available. The company relies on the feedback provided by users, to identify the best options and help clients make an informed decision. Their service can be used for free and the only request is to sign up for an account.

Key facts about Expedia

  • Expedia is an all-inclusive service for booking flights, vacations, accommodation and car rentals.
  • This service is free to use and those who have an account can access all the features available.
  • Expedia focuses on flights and accommodation and provides alternatives for most destinations.
  • The My Scratchpad tool makes it possible for users to compare prices for any location and date.
  • Expedia guarantees refunds to those who adjust their itinerary in less than 24 hours after booking.

How does Expedia work?

To use Expedia, one would have to sign up for a free account as this will allow members to browse for flights, accommodation and car rentals. It is possible to compare the prices even without having an account, as the latter is needed for reservations. Visitors and members are advised to read the fine print and learn more about the flights and accommodation from Expedia reviews.

Some hotels offer the possibility of canceling a vacation with no penalties. In most cases, users have a big window of opportunity and it only closes within 48 hours prior to the scheduled check-in. Expedia will refund those who change their itinerary within 24 hours of booking. Outside these hours, members would have to pay a small fee, which increases as time goes by.

The service itself is straightforward, but users should always pay attention to the change and cancellation policy of airlines and various hotels. Customer support is responsive but unless you realize the mistake quickly enough you will be subject to hefty fees. The introduction of new features such as My Scratchpad helps players find the best prices especially when they travel to the same destinations. Easy to use, it offers immediate and reliable access to all price changes for selected hotels.

The online travel site also presents its users with the possibility of redeeming points. The Expedia rewards program comes in handy for those use their service frequently as they accumulate hundreds of points. These can be spent on flights, hotel bookings, various activities and vacations. For every $5 spent players receive one point, so the more expensive the vacation, the better the rewards. Points are not restricted to expenses made for self, as users accumulate points when paying for a friend or family member.

Screenshot of Expedia Hotel Booking Page
Screenshot of Expedia Hotel Booking Page

The Expedia mobile experience

The Expedia mobile app can be used on devices powered by Android and iOS. It offers the same functionalities as the desktop version and can be downloaded for free. The company occasionally offers exclusive deals to mobile users and significant discounts on various packages. Booking flights and hotels is just as easy on a smart phone or tablet and all you need is an Internet connection.

Expedia provides fare and reservations to thousands of destinations all over the world. My Scratchpad is available to mobile users as well, which results in a lot of time saved when booking a vacation. There are no major differences between the interface on desktop computers and the mobile application, and customer support is available round-the-clock. Their specialists are as responsive as those at Booking and more expedient than both Cleartrip and OYO Rooms.

Depending on the nature of the trip, users can browse for individual hotels, vacation packages or the entire bundle. Expedia provides the opportunity of taking care of all travel related aspects many months before departure. It is even possible to browse a wide selection of activities that go hand-in-hand with the trip. Everything from concerts and plays to sightseeing tours are covered.

The reviews can be read using the Expedia mobile app and they also contain useful information about hotel policy. The absence of a service fee is the highlight of their service, but sometimes hotels charge their own commission. Another advantage of using the mobile application is that Expedia occasionally offers coupons exclusively to smartphone and tablet users. These can be used to reduce the cost of certain trips or come with no strings attached and are redeemable in several ways.

Screenshot of Expedia Cruise Page
Screenshot of Expedia Cruise Page

What are others saying about Expedia?

Expedia users are generally happy with the service offered, highlighting the convenience of booking on mobile devices. Since there are no fees charged by them, players need to do their due diligence and learn more about specific airline and hotel policies. The critics have also noted the fact that Expedia has its very own coupon page where users can browse for discounts. Various codes are offered on a daily basis and used properly, they can result in significant savings.

The Point Redemption Program is also mentioned in most Expedia reviews. This is one of the few online traveling websites that offers this facility, as a tool for customer retention. The only downside is that the points are made available three days after the vacation is over. The most enthusiastic reviewers are the ones that have attained Elite Plus status, the equivalent of VIP players in casinos.

The optional protection plans have generated mixed reactions. Some users praise the advantages of purchasing traveling insurers, while others consider it to be overpriced. The good news is that there are several packages that members can choose from, which grants them a greater degree of flexibility.

My rating of Expedia

Expedia is one of the online travel websites that I use routinely. I’m generally happy with the service they provide and I don’t worry too much about the limited window of time for refunds. I think twice before booking flights and hotels, so I never lost money due to this reason. What I like less is the fact that Expedia doesn’t have a system for flexible dates searching. All in all, this is a service I can recommend and one that deserves a review score of 8 out of 10.

Overall Score