FanDuel wasn’t the first daily fantasy sports website. Still, it quickly closed the gap separating it from the industry leader DraftKings. The two are now leading the industry and they’ve got a significant advantage over the pack. The exponential growth of FanDuel is propelled by the competitive leagues. Equally important is the fact that they cover all the popular sports and their sheer trustworthiness.

The company has millions of paid users and runs ample tournaments and competitions on a weekly basis. This happens both during the regular season and the playoffs. Daily fantasy gamers of all skill levels can play in a safe environment. They can wager small amounts or sign up for major tournaments. Freerolls coexist in perfect harmony with events that require players to pay a hefty fee to participate. In 2015, FanDuel signed an agreement with NBA to better tap into the immense popularity of basketball.

Key facts about FanDuel

  • FanDuel covers all the fantasy sports, ranging from classics such as basketball and American football to golf.
  • The payment methods include Paypal or Check which work for both deposits and withdrawals and has a moneyback guarantee for new players.
  • FanDuel has promotions that appeal to both recreational players and professionals, as well as a welcome bonus to all new members.
  • The mobile website is user-friendly, great looking and easy to navigate while being fully compatible with smartphones.
  • FanDuel rewards those who bet real cash and are active on a daily basis, with tournaments running from Monday to Sunday throughout the year.
  • The website highlights all the available tournaments and offers guaranteed daily games, while being completely legal nationwide.
Screenshot of FanDuel's Homepage.
Screenshot of FanDuel's Homepage.

How does FanDuel work?

FanDue represenst the gold standard when it comes to daily fantasy games and a source of inspiration. Everything from professional leagues such as NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL to NCAA basketball and football is covered. Players have different contest types to choose from. The biggest payouts are awarded to those who play during the first six weeks of the NFL seasons. Millions of dollars are shared among players throughout the regular season.

The most popular competitions are the head-to-head games, leagues, 50/50s and tournaments. Players can win large prizes in NBA and NFL. The newest addition is the Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship and all their members can compete for $1 million. Real money players as well as those who prefer freerolls can use the specialized app for Android and iOS devices. FanDuel will reimburse new players on the first game after a maximum of $10.

FanDuel football

American football is not only the most popular but also the most competitive sports at FanDuel. This makes it essential for players to undertake considerable research. Members need to do their due diligence and choose the right athletes for the day of play. They also must pay attention to the salary cap. Beginners should resist the temptation of choosing the hottest players. Amassing too many of them can come back to bite them. The website provides all the necessary information, including recent history. Therefore, members can make the right choice instead of playing a game of roulette.

FanDuel baseball

There are even more baseball players to choose from. The winners are usually those who manage to find in-form athletes, rather than celebrities. FanDuel baseball is one of the most exciting daily fantasy sport as participants scramble to find the hottest players.

Screenshot of FanDuel's Major League Baseball Page.
Screenshot of FanDuel's Major League Baseball Page.

Instead of focusing exclusively on superstars, they triumph by finding those that had a couple of great previous games. You only need the chosen athlete to hit a couple of balls well on the day of play, not play superb baseball the entire season.

FanDuel hockey

The regular ice hockey season and the NHL playoffs are two different beasts. FanDuel hockey is challenging particularly for this reason. The importance of the salary cap format is self evident, but players can still pick exactly who they want. Obviously this can happen as long as they don’t cross the financial threshold.

They can play against each other for real money or participate in one-week leagues of various sizes Leagues start from just $1 and can go all the way up to $5300 and  winners are paid on the same night. Throughout the NHL season, there are more than 1000 open leagues every day, therefore plenty of winning chances.

FanDuel basketball

FanDuel makes an irresistible proposition to those who are fascinated by NBA and want to play fantasy sports. They won't get bogged down in season-long predictions. There are no long drafts and one can pick a team in just a couple of minutes using the intuitive salary cap format. No waiting whatsoever for payments, with winners collecting their funds hours after the matches conclude. There are more than 3000 over leagues for the season with entry fees from $1 to $5,300.

FanDuel Golf

FanDuel was the first to introduce golf among the daily fantasy sports, with DraftKings following suit. The system is slightly different but choosing athletes ahead of PGA events is just as challenging. The fact that only the flagship competitions are covered leads to fewer tournaments. This is the result of golf not enjoying the popularity of American football among fantasy sports fans.

Is FanDuel safe and reliable?

With few online gambling alternatives, US players found solace in playing fantasy sports on real money. While these are legal in most American states with a few exceptions, security questions are asked in regard to the FanDuel service itself. Much to its credit, the daily fantasy sports website has managed to maintain a flawless track record. It is illegal to play daily fantasy sports in Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Washington.

The payment methods used for deposits and withdrawals are the same that are preferred by the largest bookmakers. FanDuel does its part and oversees all financial transactions, to prevent wrongdoers from stealing funds or sensitive data. Customer support is always at the disposal of players, ready to provide them with assistance. They can rely upon them when they run into technical glitches and other problems.

How do you register at FanDuel?

To sign up for a real money account, you need to choose a username and email address, but you are also asked to register with your full name. This requirement is mandatory, but it makes perfect sense given the attention these guys pay to security. This is also the time when players who want to make a deposit should use any promotional code they might have, to receive the bonus. Those who sign up straight on the official website will still be eligible for the introductory package and the corresponding freebies.

What payment options does FanDuel offer?

FanDuel allows members to play for free, but once they are ready to make a deposit they can use any of the available credit and debit cards. Checks and PayPal however are the only ones that can be used for cash outs and players need to provide additional papers before operating the first withdrawal. With the buy-ins ranging from free to a maximum of $10,000, players should have their credit cards well-funded if they have high expectations.

A minimum deposit of $10 will do if you use Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express or you can transfer funds straight from your PayPal account. It is refreshing to know that FanDuel has a moneyback policy that will refund up to $100 on the first contest.

How fast can I cash out at FanDuel?

FanDuel is subject to the same terms and conditions that affect all companies that serve American players with a keen eye for gambling. Even if they operate a legitimate business, they still process payments slightly slower than international bookmakers do. Having said this, a transaction that takes only a few days for both PayPal and checks can be regarded as decently fast. There is also a processing time of up to 48 hours if players choose to operate a withdrawal over the weekend.

FanDuel promo & bonus codes

All new players are eligible for a welcome bonus, which is dispersed at a 4% ratio whenever they sign up for a tournament. This is an interesting approach, so players who buy in for $100, should know that $4 are taken from the bonus amount, while the other is cash money. Until the entire bonus sum is extinguished, the process will go on unabated, but the good news is that players also accumulate loyalty points. This will help them move up the loyalty leaderboard and can be exchanged for cash at any point in the future.

The FanDuel Points are aimed at rewarding dedicated players and the more they accumulate, the faster they attain VIP status and all the corresponding advantages. At the opposite end of the spectrum we have those promotions dedicated to beginners and the Weekly Depositors' Freeroll is the best example. Just as the name suggests, this tournament is open exclusively to new players who don’t have to pay a dime to participate. It has a two-pronged effect, on one hand allowing them to get familiar with daily fantasy sports, on the other providing a chance to win real cash.

FanDuel mobile app


They have invested massively in its brand-new mobile phone application, but unfortunately it doesn’t offer an app to Android users. Those who own a smart phone developed by the Cupertino giant can consider themselves lucky because they can bet on fantasy sports smoothly on their iPhone.

FanDuel service and support

The customer support team at FanDuel is impressive on many levels, with the specialists being available round-the-clock. Fluent in English, most of them are native speakers, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in translation. The easiest way to get in touch is by writing an email, although players can also use the website form.

With such an easy access to this team of professionals, players are inclined to skip the FAQ section altogether. This would be a mistake, given the fact that FanDuel has worked hard to bring this compendium of questions and answers to this impressive level. Most of the common questions will find a resolution much faster by simply going over the tips and tricks provided here.

How does FanDuel compare to other fantasy sports sites?

FanDuel is to some extent in a league of its own, with DraftKings being the only serious contender. These two companies dominate the niche in such a manner, that players have very little reasons to even contemplate the alternatives. The actual decision is between these two daily fantasy sports and FanDuel seems to be slightly better for highrollers and those who are willing to spend a lot of money.

Their competitors have a better offer when it comes to free games, while both of them cover the same popular sports. DraftKings has slightly more competitions for less prominent sports. Those who are hell-bent on playing mostly NFL and NBA tournaments, won’t have to make any compromises. The bonuses are comparable and the same goes for the payment methods. Once again, FanDuel has a slight edge when it comes to visuals and the ease of navigating the website.

What are others saying about FanDuel?

FanDuel has earned the respect of the critics by running uninterruptedly for nearly 7 years and upholding high standards. Their collection of games grew gradually to include NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL without neglecting college football and basketball. Golf is also on the menu and it is only second to DraftKings in terms of revenue generated.

Not only the critics but also the players themselves are thrilled with the quality of service and the games available. The impressive selection of free tournaments is only matched by the potential profits up for grabs. The starting time, the magnitude of the contests and the prizes have earned them a bundle of stellar reviews.

Screenshot of FanDuel's Facebook Profile.
Screenshot of FanDuel's Facebook Profile.

My rating of FanDuel

At the time I signed up for an account with FanDuel I knew very little about daily fantasy sports. That's why I didn’t exactly know what to expect. DraftKings were the only ones offering similar products and I had a hard time differentiate between the two. I can now better appreciate the quality of their service. My experience with FanDuel was in many regards a joyride from day one despite my lack of knowledge.

The user-friendly and clean desktop interface makes it easy to browse around and learn about tournaments and competitions. It comes in handy that a few clicks are all it takes to find the tournament of choice. The players’ selection, signing up for competitions and making a deposit took me just a few minutes.

FanDuel impressed me right from the start, even though initially I didn’t know exactly what I was dealing with. This is the kind of gambling operator that grows on you. The more time you spend using its service, the more you appreciate its quality.

I fell in love with the massive tournaments even though I wasn’t among the highrollers who spent small fortunes. It’s been a pleasure that I plan on expanding indefinitely with a daily fantasy sports operator I rate 9/10.

Overall Score