Screenshot of Farpoint Game Cover

What is Farpoint?

Farpoint is one of the fully fledged first-person shooters developed for virtual reality. It can be played on PlayStation VR and was designed with this technology in mind. Compared to other FPS designed for consoles and PCs, it is mediocre at best but has an edge over most of its virtual reality counterparts. The game is supposed to be played using the PlayStation VR Aim Controller for the ultimate experience.

Key facts about Farpoint

  • Farpoint is a game developed exclusively for PlayStation VR.
  • The first-person shooter uses the PlayStation VR Aim Controller for precision play.
  • Farpoint takes full advantage of the virtual reality experience, with satisfying movements and shooting mechanics.
  • Compared to the best FPS games, it has a weak story and equally unimpressive characters.
  • Farpoint has the shallow campaign, but it is fun to play in multiplayer.

Gameplay of Farpoint

Farpoint has all the characteristics of first-person shooters, but it is tweaked for virtual reality. Players wield an impressive arsenal of weapons to inflict maximum damage upon their enemies. At the same time, they try to stay out of harm’s way by strafing and taking cover behind obstacles. The developers have introduced holographic sights to extract the most from the virtual reality experience. Even though there are plenty of weapons to choose from, they are well balanced and don’t give an unfair advantage.

The gameplay of Farpoint is rather simple and the only challenge is to get familiar with VR mechanics. Players need to learn how to fire assault rifles so they don’t overheat, and how to inflict maximum damage with the shotgun. There are a couple of guns that desperately needs improvement, as they are either ineffective or inaccurate. The plasma rifle for example drew criticism for its poor performance.

To enjoy the very best gaming experience, players are supposed to use the PlayStation VR Aim Controller. It makes it easier to switch weapons and also rotate between the equipment available. Moving around and exploring the surroundings with the right gear also enhances the Farpoint gameplay in directly. Most of the time action is fast-paced and players simply react to what’s happening. Every now and then, a scripted mission of the single player requires them to make tactical decisions.

Those who are not familiar with the VR experience are likely to be overwhelmed by everything happening around them. Once they get the hang of it is much easier to get fully immersed into the gameplay of Farpoint. Selecting weapons, reload the moving around during firefights are all important game mechanics. In regular games, they are straightforward, but VR takes them to a new level.

Screenshot of Farpoint Incoming Monsters

Plot of Farpoint

First-person shooters are quite often driven by a compelling story and those adapted for virtual reality should make no exception. The Farpoint plot isn’t exactly the most immersive and with just six hours of single player, it’s rather shallow. By the time players get familiar with the environment and the characters they realize that the story is all over. It takes a long time to get accustomed with virtual reality mechanics and six hours of single player isn’t enough.

The premise of the Farpoint narrative is rather simple, with players trying to save two scientists on a remote planet. There are plenty of enemies to defeat as you progress with the campaign, while also exploring the alien world in the process. Developers didn’t pay enough attention to creating convincing characters or an interesting storyline. Players will surely get the feeling of completing chains of quests that have very little connection to each other.

There are not enough plot twists to make the Farpoint campaign exciting and at its conclusion, many will agree that it was quite predictable. Enemies attack in waves but the AI isn’t particularly bright, so it’s easy to deal with them even on higher difficulty. When players inevitably reach the end of the single player campaign, they have the option of embarking on four cooperative levels. They have to choose between several degrees of difficulty, which as a couple of hours of gameplay.

The cut scenes are supposed to make players care more about the characters they try to save. The effort is there, but the results are far from inspiring and most players are clearly unimpressed. Videos are short and the transition from virtual reality gaming to watching the clips is not particularly pleasant.

Screenshot of Farpoint Taking Cover

Development of Farpoint

Farpoint developers wanted to make sure that the first-person shooter would meet high expectations. It wasn’t particularly difficult given the relatively low quality of the VR first-person shooters. Most of the games available in virtual reality are only scratching at the surface of serious FPS titles. In order to meet the deadline for the release date, the company had to speed up the process. As a result, more attention was paid to the gameplay and core mechanics than the single player campaign.

The guys at Impulse Gear made several changes to the original game, without altering its essence. Their top priority was to make it fully compatible with the PlayStation VR Aim Controller. Several trailers were released to the media after the announcement date, to create hype before its release. The game worked smoothly right from the start, but several patches were applied nonetheless.

Where can I download Farpoint?

Sony Entertainment is the publisher of Farpoint so the easiest way to download it would be to visit their website. There is another reason for choosing this portal as a source of download, since there are plenty of other games to be found here. The company has published hundreds of games and has a couple of great titles released and scheduled for 2015. PlayStation 4 fans will have their hands full and will be able to explore other genres in addition to first-person shooters.

Those who are hell-bent on sticking to FPS games don’t have many options when it comes to virtual reality. The technology is still relatively new and developers are struggling to produce state-of-the-art games. If you don’t want to make compromises and seek the finest first-person shooters, you might have to settle for conventional ones. Counter Strike Global Offensive, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, F.E.A.R. and Battlefield 1 are all great options.

Screenshot of Farpoint Crumbling Base

What are others saying about Farpoint?

Farpoint reviews are split between those who appreciate the arrival of a first-person shooter in virtual reality and those who regard the technology as a gimmick. The latter are unhappy with how VR games in general and Farpoint in particular compares to the best FPS titles. They are right to criticize the game mechanics as clumsy and the single player as shallow. At the same time, there are plenty who realize that the technology is still new and there’s plenty of room for improvement.

There are plenty of happy customers who congratulate the developers for the way they brought a shooter to virtual reality. They write about how the graphics do a great job at getting players immersed and make the game feel real. Most of those who have played the game with and without the PlayStation VR Aim Controller highlight the difference. As long as players have the right gear, it looks seems like they are going to enjoy the experience.

My Rating of Farpoint

I got the first chance to wonder at the fascinating world of virtual reality games when I got my Samsung VR set. Since then the technology made giant leaps forward and I think Farpoint took advantage of most of them. This looks like a first-person shooter that you can actually enjoy in virtual reality without getting sick. There is a learning curve and it can be steep for those who are completely new to the technology. At the same time, you feel like playing something different, which is a big deal nowadays.

If you compare Farpoint to the best first-person shooters, then it feels boring and rather simplistic. The story is week, the characters impossible to care for and the game mechanics basic. On the other hand, it is one of the better if not the best FPS games in virtual reality. With all these things in mind I will rate it 7.5/10 and advise prospective players to try it themselves.