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FIFA 16 is the last title in the series of association football simulation video games published and developed by EA Sports. The game can be played on all consoles, PCs and it is also compatible with mobile devices powered by both iOS and Android operating systems. It is an updated version of the prequel, but introduces a handful of new features. This is also the first game in the franchise to include female players, some even appearing on the game cover.

Key facts about FIFA 16

  • FIFA 16 is one of the most offensive minded games in the series, encouraging players to attack more often than they defend.
  • Women’s football is the most important addition to the latest installment, including domestic and international competitions.
  • FIFA 16 adds the FUT Draft mode but doesn’t have a proper single player campaign.
  • The game was criticized for lacking dynamism and being less fluid than its predecessors, with a couple of annoying glitches.
  • FIFA 16 has the best commentators of any football simulation game in the series and beyond.

The FIFA 16 games

The latest installment was supposed to capture the very essence of football, while playing on the offensive side. That’s why the new release seems to be tilted towards offensive players, who faster and are more difficult to stop. Defenders need to find alternative ways, because sliding tackles don’t work as well as they used to. The team on the offense usually has a slight advantage and once the ball is lost, it’s difficult to get back.

FIFA 16 tries to stay as accurate as possible and factors in even the new changes made to the football regulations. Referees won’t tolerate hard tackles and savvy players get the feeling that they tend to blow the whistle a bit too easier. This makes it even more important to pay attention to free kicks, as they are not only more often but also more dangerous.

FIFA 16 games got more exciting as a result of women’s football being added. There are only slight differences between matches played by men and women. The upside is that the latter tend to lose the ball more often, which in turn makes the game more fluid and dynamic. Compared to the superstars in men’s football, these players need to take chances more often and shoot. On the flipside, it’s more difficult to shift from a defensive to an offensive stance, as defenders are stiff.

What is FIFA 16

FIFA 16 is a celebrated football simulation videogame that can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It was published by EA Sports and developed by their Canadian division. The game doesn’t innovate the genre, but includes winning matches and has Allan Smith and Martin Tyler as commentators.

Screenshot of FIFA 16 Header
Screenshot of FIFA 16 Header

Gameplay of FIFA 16

Football hasn’t changed too much in more than a century, so it comes as no surprise that the gameplay of FIFA 16 is similar to the prequel. The game is still about scoring one more goal than the opponent and similar tactics are used. Matches are played on 50 real stadiums and 28 fictional ones and range from domestic to international competitions. Women fixtures were thrown into the fray and all the important teams are featured.

Those who have played the sequels will have no problem in picking up the basics and master the new game. The FIFA 16 gameplay is slightly easier and allows a greater degree of customization, for friendly tournaments and matches. Players can make as many substitutions as they like and rotate more footballers until they learn the ropes. During the game, players will notice that vanishing spray is used and will admire the new weather features.

Plot of FIFA 16

The single player campaign of FIFA 16 is restricted to a Career Mode, in which players take an athlete and try to make the most of them. Training mode is one of the few additions and it allows players to manage teams without playing games. It also enables players to develop a specific trait that he considers to be more important for the footballer. Those who are successful will increase the transfer value of the chosen player, which in turn benefits the team.

As players advance through the shallow single player campaign, they will notice the improvements made to the FIFA Ultimate Team. Many of them are restricted to visuals, with a user-friendly interface and a handful of gameplay updates. FIFA Ultimate Team Legends was also expanded to include some of the most important players of the last decades.

Screenshot of FIFA 16 Tackling
Screenshot of FIFA 16 Tackling

Development of FIFA 16

FIFA 16 development started immediately after the prequel was released, to make sure the deadline was met. The team working on the new game announced its intention of introducing women’s matches. By the time the news broke out, the fans were already up to speed with these innovative features. They were confirmed by the official trailer and the showcasing of the game case.

As all football games produced by EA sports, it was released one year before the season it celebrates. By September 2015, football fans could already enjoy the game on all platforms and listen to the official soundtrack. Minor changes were made in early 2016, with one of them being the removal of Adam Johnson from the game. The former Sunderland player was a convicted child sex offender.

Where can I download FIFA 16?

EA Sports takes great pride in the games it develops, so you can only download the game from their official website. FIFA 16 is the only video game dedicated to football, but it is by no means the only one you can download here. Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Dragon Age Origins and Crysis 3 can all be purchased. All of them can be played on desktop computers as well as platforms, so true gamers won’t have a problem in finding a suitable device.

What are others saying about FIFA 16?

FIFA 16 received better reviews than the previous installment in the series, with critics focusing on the innovative features. Compared to the games released over the last couple of years, it was one of the few to come up with something truly original. Women’s football is more than a gimmick and the fact that different strategies are needed was also acknowledged by players.

The FUT Draft mode was cherished as a welcomed addition to a game that hasn’t changed too much recently. The critics also drew parallels with PES 2016 the main rival of the EA sports titles. Most considered that the two games were evenly matched, with FIFA 16 being slightly less dynamic. To some extent, there was consensus when it came to the use of new strategies and the responsiveness of players.

Screenshot of FIFA 16 Barcelona Team
Screenshot of FIFA 16 Barcelona Team

FIFA 16 tournaments

FIFA 16 has a couple of game modes that are supposed to stand for a single player campaign. Truth be told, players will only spend that much time playing by themselves. Once they hone their skills, they will jump at the first opportunity to compete against their peers. Luckily, there are plenty of tournaments for players of all skill levels and many of them are completely free. It all starts with games between friends and the video game allows players to set up short tournaments to get familiar with the format.

Worldwide, there are plenty of FIFA 16 tournaments, including some that have impressive guaranteed prize pools. EA Tots Cup is one of the best paying and most prestigious competitions, bringing together top players. EA sports is still contemplating the possibility of investing more in these tournaments, as eSports are gaining traction. Other tournaments that players can sign up for are Les Bleus Cup, Play to Give Cup, Classic Americans Heroes and The Neighbors among others.

My rating of FIFA 16

The first time I played a FIFA game developed by EA Sports was nearly 2 decades ago. Back then, it was a treat to the eye and an amazing opportunity for me to explore the thrills of football in a different format. With each passing year, I started to appreciate the game more for its better graphics and fluid animations. The problem is that eventually I’ve exhausted all my capital of enthusiasm for visuals and I started to look more into the gameplay. I have to say that the last couple of installments failed to catch my eye and I tended to dismiss most of the new features as gimmicks.

FIFA 16 is not a revolutionary game, but at least it is bold enough as to venture down the less traveled paths. Women’s football, a new strategies and the clear emphasis on offensive football are not a giant leap forward. However, these are important steps in a niche where you can’t reasonably expect things to change radically. For its willingness to try something different and for the quality execution, I rate this game 9 out of 10.

Overall Score