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What is Fire Emblem Warriors?

Fire Emblem Warriors is a hack and slash role-playing videogame developed by Team Ninja and Omega Force. It was released in 2017 and can be played exclusively on Nintendo devices, including the newly released Nintendo Switch. The videogame was first released in Japan where it has developed a cult following and received positive reviews. As a hybrid between two franchises, it borrows elements from both Fire Emblem and Dynasty Warriors.

Key facts about Fire Emblem Warriors

  • Fire Emblem Warriors is a hybrid between two popular video games for Nintendo Switch.
  • The gameplay is dynamic and appeals to both beginners and veteran players.
  • Fire Emblem Warriors has a well-crafted narrative and convincing characters.
  • Performance issues and subpar AI has prevented the game from scoring higher marks.
  • Fire Emblem Warriors is tilted towards Dynasty Warriors and features only a few of the Fire Emblem heroes.

Gameplay of Fire Emblem Warriors

The Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay draws a lot of inspiration from the Dynasty Warriors franchise. While this appeals to the fans of those games, it drew some criticism from the ones who were hoping for a more balanced presentation. It bears all the classic elements of the hack and slash action role-playing genre and it is played at a fast pace. Players are tasked with defeating opponents and advancing across large maps that are a pleasure to explore.

While the core game mechanics are inspired by the hack and slash genre, there are also tactical decisions that need to be made. There are fewer occasions when players need to think of the best strategy to prevail though and they tend to focus on boss fights. One thing that Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay lacks is complexity, with players quickly mastering the learning curve.

Compared to other games belonging to this genre, this one frequently uses a rock-paper-scissors thinking. That’s because the game is centered on what is called a weapons triangle. Characters wielding certain weapons will defeat their peers who make use of different ones. That’s why some files are significantly more difficult than others and players notice right from the start. Ideally players should work together to assist each other in battle and make use of a diverse arsenal.

Fire Emblem Warriors encourages players to assemble a larger squad not only to make use of these strategic advantages. It also strives to develop a bond between heroes and will provide players with several incentives in this direction. For example, two players that spend some time fighting each other will receive a support conversation. Throughout the single player campaign there are countless opportunities of developing such a bond between major characters.

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Plot of Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors is a story driven title, with a handful of strong characters spending more time in the spotlight. The narrative begins with Darios, Rowan and Lianna venturing into the wilderness and being attacked by monsters. In the ensuing chaos, the three of them have to flee and they are separated from Queen Yelena. The only thing she manages to do is to provide them with the Fire Emblem before they fall into captivity.

The Fire Emblem can be used to revive ancient dragons, such as the evil Velezark. Players find out that this is the plan of Darios’ father and strive to prevent the return of the maleficent dragon. The plot of Fire Emblem Warriors gets more interesting when the royal twins Rowan and Lianna set out to assemble a band of heroes. That’s because they have to leave the familiar world of Aytolis and enter the dangerous lands of Ylisse, Hoshido, Nohr, and Altea.

As the Fire Emblem Warriors plot progresses, players have to rally support from as many heroes as possible. Even though they make significant progress towards their goal, time is not on their side. Queen Yelena is captured by Oskar who intends to sacrifice her to bring back the evil dragon. Darios has no choice but to kill him and the Dragon is brought back to life. However, he manages to return the Fire Emblem to his friends before succumbing.

In the final chapters of the single player campaign, Rowan and Lianna take on Velezark's forces and emerge victorious. Once the request is complete, the two heroes can safely return home and they are crowned rulers of Aytolis.

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Development of Fire Emblem Warriors

The two games that inspired Fire Emblem Warriors enjoyed tremendous popularity in Japan. They were also well received by players from other countries and this prompted developers to come up with a sequel. What was supposed to be a hybrid between the two popular games ended up to be a hack and slash role-playing title inspired largely by Dynasty Warriors. Several gaming studios worked together to produce this game, which explains why it took them so long.

The arrival of Nintendo Switch consoles represented another major challenge for the developers. That’s because their goal was to make the game running smoothly on this new device. Koei Tecmo made the necessary adjustments to produce a game that would benefit from the touchscreen controls. The game was finally released in late 2017 after being announced in January and two years after the development of Fire Emblem Warriors started.

Where can I download Fire Emblem Warriors?

Fire Emblem Warriors can be downloaded from the websites of any of the three game developers. Since Nintendo is the publisher, its website is a reliable source for those who want to download the game. There are plenty of other titles to be found here, some running on the classic consoles and some on Switch. Their device lacks the power of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles, but many popular games are available here.

The game is supposed to be played in single player and has no multiplayer mode. It doesn’t have the potential of making the transition to electronic sports as it was designed as a single player experience. Those who enjoy playing great games on their own should also consider Mass Effect 3, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Final Fantasy XV, Dishonored 2, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and Skyrim.

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What are others saying about Fire Emblem Warriors?

The Nintendo Switch version of Fire Emblem Warriors was well received by the audience. Compared to other games that were released for this console or ported to it recently, it runs smoothly with no technical glitches. Players were also impressed with the way the game look on their gadgets and found the narrative strong enough for a hack and slash title.

Most of the criticism came from Fire Emblem fans who felt that their favorite franchise didn’t enjoy the attention it deserves. Fire Emblem Warriors reviews frequently talk about how the developers chose to focus more on the heroes and game mechanics of Dynasty Warriors. However, most of the new adopters who knew nothing about either franchises were generally happy with the game.

My Rating of Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors is a game inspired by two titles and apparently developers didn’t find it necessary to bringing new elements. Quite frankly I find many similarities between the two games and the new product for Nintendo Switch. There is clearly a bias towards Dynasty Warriors, but since I haven’t played any of the two games long enough, I wasn’t particularly upset by this. It brought back plenty of pleasant memories and I found it impressive how well the game runs on Nintendo’s latest console.

Fire Emblem Warriors is a great looking game with a rather simple and straightforward gameplay. If you don’t want to spend too much time learning new game mechanics and would rather have some harmless fun, this is a great choice. The relationships between characters are probably insufficiently developed, but still strong enough to keep the campaign exciting. A review score of 6.5 out of 10 is the most I can offer.