Screenshot of Football Manager 2017 Game Cover

What is Football Manager 2017?

Football Manager 2017 is the latest installment in the celebrated football management simulation videogame. It was developed by Sports Interactive in 2016 and published worldwide by Sega. The game is supposed to fix most of the flaws that plagued its predecessor, while offering new opportunities to one of the managers. The game can be played exclusively on PCs, powered by Windows, Linux and OS X operating systems.

Key facts about Football Manager 2017

  • Football Manager 2017 has 3-D graphics and more realistic visuals than the previous games.
  • The match engine is highly responsive and enjoyable for both amateurs and prose.
  • Football Manager 2017 grants access to a tremendous amount of information that is easily accessible.
  • The game also tells a story and has a consistent single player campaign.
  • Football Manager 2017 has few new features and the tactical interface is pretty stiff.

Gameplay of Football Manager 2017

Football Manager 2017 is basically building on the gameplay promoted by its predecessor, while improving key features. Players complained that the previous game was too slow and require them to press too many bottles to perform a single action. The presentation for the new installment is vastly improved and players can access information much faster. As the games are on their way, players can make more changes and in a more significant way.

The Football Manager 2017 gameplay is enhanced by the concise reports that are provided throughout the games. Those who take the game very seriously and seek authenticity will be happy with the new features. Scouting and training reports are detailed and can actually make a difference for those who can interpret the facts. The game encourages players to execute all the tasks that require finesse, by reducing the time needed to perform them.

Overall the game feels like a refined version of the previous iterations and a smoother flowing manager. Developers chose to introduce only a couple of new features, which brought most of the criticism. On the bright side, they came up with some intelligent and very subtle concepts that will be appreciated by those who played most of the previous games. Compared to the other versions of Football Manager, this year’s game is also affected by the Brexit.

The game strived to be as authentic as possible which explains why it’s more difficult to get working permits for new players in the British leagues. This has resulted in additional problems for those who want to assemble a team in the United Kingdom. International matches are also affected by the changing circumstances, which add more depth to the Football Manager 2017 gameplay.

Screenshot of Football Manager 2017 Game Engine

Plot of Football Manager 2017

The Football Manager 2017 story is anything but original, with players doing the same things they have been doing last years. You still need to take a team from square one and try to make the most of it. The road to the top is full of obstacles and challenges keep coming at you all the time. These revisions were made to be more authentic, with teams causing major upsets every now and then. It’s possible to see lopsided scores that don’t actually happen in the strong European championship. In most cases however, the results are consistent with what happens in the real world.

The customization options for players are also more numerous, in an attempt to get people more involved in the game. Once you set up your team it’s time to bring in new players and also craft a winning strategy. The game will allow you to change it live as action unfolds on the pitch. Making the right decision can directly and significantly affect the outcome of the match. Football Manager 2017 players should take their job very seriously because managerial sackings are quite often.

In the absence of a traditional single player campaign, the Football Manager 2017 plot tells more stories. It’s possible for each player to craft his or her own destiny, by using the resources provided by the game. The tactical side was also improved, as players can control their team functions almost in real time. Some of the most experienced players might find this change is still lacking the dynamism of real-life games. Changing the game formation while the match is underway will require constant user intervention.

Screenshot of Football Manager 2017 Real Clubs

Development of Football Manager 2017

The developers have promised some major changes and even the complete overhaul of the tactical system. So far, what we get in the single player campaign is incremental improvement of not so impressive magnitude. Except for those who have a thorough understanding of football and various starting formations, many will struggle. It can take a lot of time to go online and acquire the necessary data to make an educated decision all the time.

The creators of Football Manager 2017 purposely left players mostly on their own, but freedom comes at a price. A little help from the staff members and suggestions would go a long way, especially for people who don’t know football inside out. In the next installments, they contemplate the possibility of offering more feedback on the tactics, as a helping tool. For the time being the emphasis was on creating the best possible graphics and authentic stadiums. The sound effects were also vastly improved.

Where can I download Football Manager 2017?

Football Manager 2017 can obviously be downloaded from Sega’s website. Players have the option of acquiring the previous installments, but there are few reasons for doing so. This is clearly the best game in the series so far, and the most up-to-date with everything new in the football world. Sega has published many more games, but they belong to different genres, so they appeal to a distinct audience.

Meanwhile, those who are hell-bent on playing more sports games can go to the competition. NBA 2K16 and MLB The Show 16 are both great simulators of North American sports. FIFA 16 and PES 2016 on the other hand are a convenient alternative for those who want to stick to football. Those who took a leap of faith with Sega’s game and pre-ordered it received an early access beta version. This granted them the possibility of playing two weeks before the game was released and got a head start. This is always a possibility when the developer produces a new game, so keep your eyes open.

Screenshot of Football Manager 2017 Player Data

What are others saying about Football Manager 2017?

Football Manager 2017 reviews were generally positive, with most players comparing the game to its predecessor. There is almost consensus among the fans that this is the best game so far and a significant improvement from last year’s title. However, there is enough criticism in regard to the lack of innovative features. Some feel that the developers are simply trying to extract the most from this franchise, without bringing many new things.

On Steam however, the game was not well received and its ratings are failing. Many consider this to be a consequence of the fact that Chinese fans are mass complaining. Their reason has to do with the fact that the game doesn’t have a Simplified Chinese version yet. Developers have announced their intention of adding this language, but for the time being it is only on the wish list.

My rating of Football Manager 2017

I want to say right from the start that I haven’t played all the games in this lengthy series. Truth be told, I think I’ve played one every three or four years. So few things have changed, that I feel like playing the same game over and over again, as the brand changed only slightly. For reviewing purposes, had to go over the last two games and once again my theory was conferred. Football Manager 2017 is indeed better than its predecessor, but it is by no means a giant leap forward.

If you really love football and want to try your skills as a manager, then it’s definitely worth giving it a try. The game engine is much better and the visuals are arguably the best so far and the same can be said about the sound effects. The tactical interface has caused me plenty of headaches and is one of the things that should be improved quickly. This can be a good way to learn more about football, so it’s a game that I can wholeheartedly recommend to punters. For the rest of the players, the 7.5/10 rating speaks for itself.