Screenshot of For Honor Game Cover

What is For Honor?

For Honor is the latest action fighting videogame developed and published by Ubisoft. It was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 and released worldwide on Valentine’s Day 2017. The game can be played on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles as well as Microsoft Windows PCs. Action takes place in a medieval fantasy setting, with players assuming the roles of Vikings, samurai and knights.

Key facts about For Honor

  • For Honor has spectacular graphics and some of the best animations of any melee fighters.
  • The game was praised for character variety, in-depth hero choices and unique game modes.
  • For Honor has a single player campaign that prepares players for the challenges of multiplayer.
  • Matchmaking was the most criticized aspect of the action fighting game, due to its erratic nature.
  • For Honor is one of the more difficult games belonging to this genre, with a steep learning curve.

Gameplay of For Honor

The video game allows players to choose characters from three distinct factions, called The Legion, The Chosen and The Warborn. These are essentially samurai, Vikings and knights and there are several types of heroes for every class. Each faction has four classes, called the Vanguard, the Assassin, the Heavies and the Hybrids. Each has its unique abilities and skills, which leads to the complex and well-balanced gameplay of For Honor.

Heroes can equip various weapons based on their class and have distinct fighting styles. The special abilities make them deadly on the battlefield, although some are better suited for defense. Ubisoft has announced its intention of adding more heroes, but there’s plenty of depth in the existing classes. For the time being, players can fight against the existing classes using specific weapons and unlock various perks. They gain Feats for killing several enemies simultaneously which make them more effective in battle.

Players benefit from the assistance of companions which are controlled by the AI. However, they are not very effective against the opponents and won’t make much of a difference on the battlefield. The Art of Battle tactical combat system is activated and players fight against their peers or powerful NPCs. It allows players to observe the weaknesses of their opponents and act accordingly to take advantage. They need to position themselves correctly to inflict maximum damage and block attacks.

Hero Classes and Multiplayer Modes

The Chosen is how the samurai are commonly referred to in For Honor. Their classes go by the name of Kensei, Shugoki, Orochi and Nobushi. They symbolize honor, act as massive guardians of the people, use the technique of ninja or inflict damage at long range. Players can choose any of these classes, but the learning curve can be pretty difficult, since each has distinct weapons and abilities.

Vikings also known as The Warborn have four classes of their own, called Raiders, Warlords, Berserkers and Valkyries. The former belong to the Vanguard class and wield great axes, while the second make use of swords and shields. Berserkers are the most impressive ones, wielding dual axes and they belong to the Assassins class. Last but not least, the Valkyries are fierce female warriors who fight for those who cannot, to grant them a place in Valhalla.

Screenshot of For Honor Samurai vs Warden

Knights are a part of the Legion and the most popular class is the Wardens, noble warriors fighting with the longsword. Conquerors are classified as Heavies and they tend to inflict the most damage with each strike. Peacekeepers are the Assassins of this faction, most of them female, highly mobile but light armored. Lawbringers are the final class, using the poleaxe with deadly accuracy.

Once players complete the For Honor single player, they are ready to join the multiplayer and choose one of the five game modes. Dominion, Skirmish and Elimination will pit four players against just as many opponents and the winner is the team that earns enough points or kills all opponents. Brawl is played in teams of two players, while Duel is a one versus one multiplayer mode.

Plot of For Honor

The story of For Honor starts with warlord Apollyon killing all her rivals and assuming controls of the Blackstone Legion's knights. Her goal is to have the entire world plunge into perpetual war, so the strong will rule over the weak. Throughout the campaign, she is helped by the Warden, but he quickly loses confidence in her after understanding her intentions. In the wake of the brutal events at the Valkenheim he decides to desert the Blackstone Legion and is soon after followed by Holden.

Viking clans continue to fight for supremacy and try to survive on the scraps left behind by the menacing Apollyon. One warrior lifts himself above these petty struggles and under the name of Raider starts to reunite the class. In his quest he is helped by Stigandr, valkyrie warrior Runa and berserker Helvar. In the first stages of the campaign he defeats Ragnar and Siv the Ruthless before marching on the fortress of Warborn. They reclaim it from Apollyon's knights and begin a campaign against the samurai.

These protect the Dawn Empire of the Chosen, but are unable to resist the Vikings offensive. They return to their great city but their Emperor is killed in the ensuing chaos by Apollyon. The Orochi warrior emerges as the leader of the scattered Chosen and reunites the factions under a single banner. Aided by samurai Ayu, the Shugoki Okuma and Nobushi Momiji and succeeds in banishing the invaders.

The Chosen and the Warden begin their assault against the common enemy and lay siege to Apollyon Castle. In the final stages of the For Honor plot, the three factions attack the Blackstone Legion's keep and confront her. Despite their success, the three factions turn on each other and a long war begins.

Screenshot of For Honor Temple Fight

Development of For Honor

For Honor development was proudly announced by Ubisoft, but the release date remained uncertain for most of 2016. Players finally learned about the company’s intention to release the game on February 14, 2017. The decision to make it available on PC, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One didn’t affect the deadline. Inspired by shooter games, it actually dwells mostly on melee combat.

To create hype and convince players that it’s worth pre-ordering the game, Ubisoft released many trailers. Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans were the ones who created the game’s original soundtrack, which was as appreciated as the visuals. Developers announced their intention of releasing additional content, including several new classes for every faction.

Where can I download For Honor?

Ubisoft is both the developer and the publisher for this game, so it’s obvious where you can download it from. For Honor is the most anticipated title for 2017, even though the company has a couple of more games scheduled for international release. Players who want to learn more about the heroes, are also advised to visit the website for a compendium of screenshots and videos.

This is an innovative title in terms of game mechanics for Ubisoft, so it’s unlikely to find another game much like it here. On the bright side, there are dozens of games belonging to other genres that are just as exciting. On the list of titles worth considering Tom Clancy’s the Division, The Crew, Far Cry 3, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Far Cry Primal and Assassin's Creed Unity are all great choices.

Screenshot of For Honor Peacekeeper

What are others saying about For Honor?

Players were so enthusiastic about the imminent release of the videogame’s that For Honor reviews soon followed. Many were written just days after its official unveiling, by players so excited they couldn’t even wait to complete the single player. The critics were more thorough in their approach and many agree that the single player could have been longer. The plot is interesting, but the basic concepts could use some developing. As for the gameplay, the learning curve didn’t have a deterring effect on most players.

Some complaints were issued in regard to those fights against regular soldiers. They play an even smaller part in multiplayer, but at least here it makes sense for them to be underpowered. Speaking of multiplayer modes, they provide the bread and butter for those who seek real competitions. Mastering the For Honor gameplay can be a pretty time-consuming affair, but it’s worth the effort. Once they plunge into the sharks infested waters of the multiplayer players get an extra measure of their skills.

My rating of For Honor

I have to admit I am one of the many people who anxiously waited for this game to be internationally release. I’ve watched most of the For Honor trailers and my mind was already set for a certain class before I even got the game. Having said this, I tried to be as unbiased as possible I’ll start by acknowledging the obvious flaws. The matchmaking system is at the time of writing pretty bad and the single player terribly predictable.

This is where criticism stops because I actually enjoy playing this game a lot. I’ve never complained about steep learning curves and I won’t start today, that’s for sure. For Honor is indeed a difficult game, but that is how I want it to be. The classes have a lot of depth, the factions are credible and once you get immersed into the gaming experience you don’t want to get out. For now, I’m going to rate it 9 out of 10, but if the matchmaking issues are resolved, this rating will only go up.