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Gamebookers is one of the gambling operators with the longest and most impressive track record. As a bookmaker, it opened its doors back in 1998 and has been serving online customers since the early 2000. They used to have the most impressive selection of games, the best odds and most lucrative promotions. Even though they lost the lead in all these areas, they are still widely regarded as one of the best choices for those who seek a trustworthy bookie.

Key facts about Gamebookers

  • Gamebookers is one of the oldest and most trusted bookmakers in the world.
  • The company is now owned by the Party Group, which also runs the Party Casino.
  • Gamebookers covers all sports and markets, but its odds are not above the industry average.
  • In nearly 3 decades of existence, they managed to avoid scandals and have a flawless reputation.
  • Gamebookers also has a casino and poker section, with distinct bonuses for those who play here.
Screenshot of Gamebookers Mobile
Screenshot of Gamebookers Mobile

Gamebookers Sports and Odds

Gamebookers was among the first gambling operators to allow players to bet on exotic sports. Since they were founded in the late 90s, the list of games and markets only group. Today, there are more than 30 sports and thousands of games to bet on every day. Furthermore, each game has up to 100 markets and their number can grow even further on derbies and prominent matches. On obscure competitions, players have to settle for picking winners and betting on game totals.

Odds are displayed by default in decimal format but can be changed to American or fractional. Asian handicaps were a relatively new addition, as they were not available right from the start. The good news is that you can use them on any sports and markets, to reduce the house edge. The sports are conveniently listed in the left side of the website, for simplify navigation. Players can choose to make adjustments to the manner in which the sports are displayed. Games that are about to start can be moved up the list.

The betting slip is easy to use by those who haven’t wagered online ever before. The final odds are calculated automatically and players can adjust their stakes accordingly. Whenever punters add multiple events on the same betting slip, they receive a tiny bonus. Gamebookers will increase the total odds incrementally, which acts as an incentive for players to add more games.

Live Betting and Streaming at Gamebookers

Gamebookers live betting was always regarded as one of the best in the online gambling arena. Back in the day, they were among the few offering the service, which was at that time revolutionary. A lot of information is available to punters, to help them with the decision-making process. The number of markets differs greatly when betting in real-time, depending on the popularity of the game. If you bet on flagship competitions and derbies, you will have more options as opposed to obscure games.

Screenshot of Gamebookers Contact
Screenshot of Gamebookers Contact

One thing that this bookmaker has always been lacking is a live streaming feature. It is virtual impossible to explain why they chose not to implement such a feature despite the obvious benefits. The gambling community has been asking them to do so for many years, but to no avail. Sadly, you will have to rely upon the same facts fed to you directly, without watching the game in real-time. Mobile gambling is possible both live and to place ante-post bets and has been offered for quite a while now.

Gamebookers promotions and bonuses

Gamebookers used to offer bonuses to those who would choose them for betting on sports. The best financial incentives were available nearly a decade ago and competition was intense. For some odd reason, they chose to offer no such bonuses today, despite the competitive environment. It is downright shocking to know that new customers don’t receive anything for free when they join the bookmaker.

The absence of sign-up bonuses might go unnoticed if reload bonuses were offered. Sadly, this is not the case either and not even the popular referral bonus is currently available. It’s hard to explain why Gamebookers bonuses vanish into thin air despite being around for quite a while. The bookmaker can definitely use more customers and they want to expand their base by offering no promotions.

There are a couple of ongoing campaigns that players can participate in, but nothing to shout for. The cashback deals available are one of them, yet their sheer nature doesn’t make them too attractive. Basically players are reimbursed when they lose money, so they received nothing for free if they win. It’s a consolation prize that draws a lot of criticism, despite its popularity among highrollers. Those who already have sizable bankrolls are happy to receive some money back if they happen to lose.

Screenshot of Gamebookers Promotions
Screenshot of Gamebookers Promotions

How do you register at Gamebookers?

The registration process hasn’t changed one bit since 1998. The interface looks better and it’s easy to navigate the website, but the same information is required. That’s why players are still supposed to enter their company name, address as well as choose a username and valid email for registration. Once you have an account going, there will be very little information to share, no matter how long you play. Since they don’t offer bonuses, they have no reason to undertake too much research about their customers.

Is Gamebookers safe and reliable?

It’s hard to come up with a name of an online bookmaker that projects more trustworthiness and these guys. The simple fact that they’ve been around since 1998 speaks volumes about how respected they are worldwide. After expanding their business to include casino and poker games, they had to also revamp their security systems. They now work with Thawte Security to keep their servers safe. The same guys provide the 128 bit SSL encryption that obscures sensitive data and the transfer of funds.

That’s probably why their servers are always up and there is no downtime when gambling here. In the casino section all the games are audited for fairness, so the random number generator can be trusted upon. The conclusions of independent auditors are published on the website, so those who have any doubts can check them out. The bottom line is that few casinos can brag about being in this line of work for nearly 3 decades.

Payment options and cash out times at Gamebookers

Gamebookers payment methods offered today are very similar to the ones available in the late 90s. In addition to Visa and MasterCard, players can use Skrill and PayPal to deposit and cash out profits. Electronic wallets are still the fastest and clock at less than 48 hours, ahead of both credit cards and bank transfers. The latter take between three and seven banking days, on top of the 24 hours pending period. These guys have some of the highest withdrawal limits, set at $20,000 per month.


Gamebookers service and support

Gamebookers had the best customer support team even back in 1998 when they opened shop. Even though they lost the race with the bookmakers currently leading the pack, they are still famous for the assistance they offer. Novelty resides in the fact that they now also offer assistance via live chat in addition to telephone and email. The toll free numbers and sheer professionalism of their experts are all convincing arguments to open account.

What are others saying about Gamebookers?

Gamebookers reviews are less numerous today than they were a decade ago. This is simply the consequence of so many bookmakers and online gambling operators flooding the market. These guys proved immune to change and they innovated very little over the last couple of years. This is the most criticized fact about them and perhaps the reason for why they are no longer leading the pack.

Many players compare them not only to industry leaders but also new bookmakers such as Dafabet, TonyBet, TitanBet, Sporting Index or RaceBets. Many players are puzzled by the fact that all these new players have better bonuses. There is growing discontent about the lack of an introductory bonus and the fact that ongoing campaigns are pretty cheesy. Even the one celebrated loyalty scheme is now far behind what competitors offer.

My experience and rating of Gamebookers

I began my online gambling experience with Gamebookers. This was the first place where I placed a bet online and played the first game of poker. I still fondly remember the day and my feeling if awe with the quality of their service and the overall appeal of the website. What I feel now is no longer amazement, but rather nostalgia and to some extent disappointment. I can’t help but feel that this bookmaker is only a pale shadow of its former self.

I sincerely hoped to be able to give Gamebookers a flawless score of 10 out of 10. However, they have lost so much ground to competitors that I fear that even one point less would be too much. Out of respect for their long track record and all their achievements, I will rate them 8 out of 10.

Overall Score