Screenshot of Gigantic Game Cover

What is Gigantic?

Gigantic is a hero shooter videogame, free to play and with plenty of strategy elements, developed by Motiga. While the game was produced by the independent game studio, it was published by Perfect World Entertainment. It promotes an original gameplay and emphasizes the importance of team-based action in fast-paced games. The game was launched in beta in 2015 and released officially two years later in June 2017 for Steam, Arc, Xbox One, and Windows 10.

Key facts about Gigantic

  • Gigantic divides players into 2 teams protecting their guardian and trying to destroy opponents.
  • The video game is action-packed, unfold at a fast pace but require strategy.
  • Gigantic has plenty of unique characters, each with original skills, abilities and strengths.
  • Players can enjoy the game for free and have access to all the characters available.
  • Gigantic battles can feel a bit overwhelming because of the over-the-top visuals.

Gameplay of Gigantic

Players are divided into two teams of five individuals each and a Guardian they need to protect. The gameplay of Gigantic revolves around the simple concept of protecting your own Guardian while trying to destroy the other. In total there are 20 distinct heroes, each harnessing different skills and wielding unique weapons. As a result, players combine these abilities to produce complex strategies and surprise opponents. The Guardian is at the cornerstone of any strategy and the most important element in the game

In order to succeed, players must level up their characters and gather power from their own Guardian. An important source of strength is the land, as players control key locations on the map. Right from the start, the gameplay of Gigantic was intended to be a mix of simplicity and creative strategies. Players see on the minimap where the power nodes appear, so they can rush to these areas and secure the valuable resources.

Another way of getting power is by summoning creatures, each with unique skills. Destroying these creatures is also an effective way of gathering power and the goal is to reach 100 Power. Upon reaching this threshold, players are able to send their Guardian into battle. Time is always of the essence and players need to quickly advance to the opposite end of the map protect the enemy Guardian. After this assault, the rampage stage concludes and players resume their mission of gathering power.

The gameplay of Gigantic allows for different strategies to be used, therefore stimulating creativity. Players need to switch between offensive and defensive, since losing their own Guardian is a surefire way of losing the match. The winner is decided when a team deals three wounds to the opposing Guardian.

Screenshot of Gigantic Powerful Duo

Plot of Gigantic

Gigantic is first and foremost an action-packed game that bears many similarities to the popular MOBA genre. Developers wanted the game to tell a story and they came up with a narrative. The plot of Gigantic is centered on the diverse roster of heroes as well as the Guardian. Even though this is not a story-driven title, it is still better than most of the MOBA games at getting players immersed into the narrative. It can take a while to master every character, but trying new ones is fun enough to justify the effort.

In order to make the most of the Gigantic plot, players are expected to read the stories of the 20 characters available. They look unique and act differently on the field of battle, so each of them is memorable in its own way. Compared to other games belonging to this genre, Gigantic doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously and encourages laughter. The tongue-in-cheek humor brilliantly complements the storyline and is a nice addition to the competitive gameplay.

The developers did a fine job at creating real identities for the characters of Gigantic. They sometimes utter amusing lines and have their own catchphrases that linger in the memory of players. It is obvious right from the start that characters were intentionally created to catch the eye of those playing. The over-the-top animations and heavy-handed visuals help build the story, but can be distracting in battle.

Screenshot of Gigantic Sword Fighter

Development of Gigantic

The success of MOBA games began more than a decade ago with the creation of DotA. Back in the day it wasn’t a big company that embarked on this quest, but a couple of visionary people who wanted to offer something different. This is what the developers of Gigantic were hoping for when they announced the release of a new game. It spent a long time in production and two years in beta, which is a lot for independent studios. Still, the wait was worthwhile, as the game was released glitch-free and balanced

Motiga is an independent software developer with a few people working on the project. That’s probably why it took so long between the moment the game was announced and the time when beta testing started. Players had to wait for an additional two years just to play the final version and Gigantic is still a long way from becoming an eSports phenomenon. Developers have announced their intention to add more heroes and address any balance issues that might arise. So far no such problems plague the game.

Where can I download Gigantic?

Motiga’s website is the place that those interested in playing Gigantic should visit to download the game. They will find here some other hidden gems produced by the independent studio and learn more about their projects. Perfect World Entertainment is the publisher of the game, so players can also buy the game there. They have published other games over the years and all of them can be downloaded there. Given the popularity of their recent title, the team is likely to come up with more similar games.

For a different type of MOBA experience, players can stick to the classics and try to make their way to the eSports arena. Gigantic shows a lot of promise but it is a long way to go from challenging industry leaders. League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm and Vainglory are behind the best paying and most popular tournaments. These are the games holding the headlines every year and the ones behind some of the best known events.

Screenshot of Gigantic Heroes Rush

What are others saying about Gigantic?

Gigantic reviews praise the game for its originality and uncanny ability to combine shooter with MOBA elements. Players were happy to see different heroes joining forces on the unique map and enjoy the new gameplay options. There were significant differences between the manner in which the game perform on various platforms immediately after its release. However, as time passes, the developers have made several changes to the game to address most of its flaws.

Initially, some players were unhappy with the manner in which the matchmaking system works. There were more complaints regarding the issues affecting consoles, with PC owners being largely free of these problems. Most of the annoying matchmaking issues were also resolved, yet some of the problems linger on Xbox. Visually the game was regarded by critics and players alike as an interesting take on the genre. Some players were hoping for more heroes to be introduced and thought 20 is too little.

My Rating of Gigantic

Gigantic is the kind of game that can really surprise you even if you are familiar with MOBA video games. The interesting combination between this genre and the first-person shooter makes it a welcomed diversion. Personally, I’m used to games that have far more impressive rosters, with hundreds of heroes to choose from. Having said this, the 20 characters currently available are quite different and have unique skills and abilities. This means that players can expect a serious challenge despite the diminutive list.

Gigantic was supposed to be a breath of fresh air in the videogame industry and a unique take on MOBA. I think developers were largely successful in their attempts, but the game still needs polish. To make it a real competitor for the eSports industry, the matchmaking issues need to be completely resolved. More heroes will probably be added but even today I don’t think players are in danger of getting bored with the existing selection. All in all, this is a game that deserves a review score of 8/10, which can be improved.