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What is Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms

Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms is the sequel of the MMO game developed by the German studio in 2010. It uses the same popular concepts of the mobile 2D strategy videogame and can be played for free in browser. Players need to manage resources, build cities and expand their civilizations to an empire. In order to succeed, they need to play both defense and offense while expanding their reach through alliances. Visually charming and with a user-friendly interface, it has a healthy fan base.

Key facts about Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms

  • Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms is a mix of traditional strategy gameplay and castle building elements.
  • PVP plays an important part in its gameplay and with players being expected to take the initiative often.
  • Fortress building in Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms is a strategic process with customization options.
  • For a game that can be played in browser, it has a lot of content including daily and weekly quests.
  • Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms emphasizes the importance of joining alliances to prevail.

Gameplay of Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms

Those who had the chance to play the original game will not be surprised by the new elements brought in by Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms. At its core it is still driven by the two were concepts of city building and conquest. It caters towards the casual players, with a smooth learning curve and a gameplay that doesn’t get overly complicated. Once you pick up the bases, you can start producing more complex strategies, necessary to occupy other forts.

The Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms gameplay adds a couple of new features compared to the original. Early on, the focus is on building a civilization that is economically viable, rather than conquering the land. At low levels, players have a hard time destroying other castles, so it pays off to invest in fortifications. The accumulation of resources needs to be sustainable and players are better off building resources and troops.

A big population will result in more money being collected from taxes. Players must pay attention to sensitive issues, such as mood and happiness. Compared to other MMORPG games played in browser, Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms is slightly more complex. Fortunately for those who are new to the game, improving the happiness levels is done by decorating the town.

Expanding your borders and conquering your neighbors is easy initially but gets more complicated as you level up. Battles between high-level players never result in stalemates, but the cost of victory can be crushing. This is what makes this MMO special, as players are compelled to think twice before acting. The consequences of each decision are easy to evaluate as soon as the battle is over. The game is played in real-time, so you can't revert any action, to mitigate the negative effects.

Screenshot of Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms City
Screenshot of Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms City

Plot of Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms

Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms has a simple plot that doesn’t take away any of his charm or appeal. In the early stages, players are smalltime rulers trying to survive and they have a better chance to win inside city walls. Fortifying the castle is the top priority, so invaders can’t conquer it with ease. One of the innovative features introduced by this game is that new players are immune from attacks. A low level player loses this status if he acts as an aggressor and attacks first.

An equally intriguing concept is the one of attacking castles only when you have enough troops at your disposal. The game doesn’t encourage suicidal missions and will deny players the option of attacking a fortified position with a tiny force. If these conditions are not met, then players have no option but to bring more troops before initiating an offensive. Outdoors however. everything is possible between high-level players and this is what makes the game engaging.

Its addictive nature becomes self evident when you reach a high level and conduct your widescale offenses. Players can attack individuals alone or a part of an alliance, with the latter providing a better chance to succeed. Resources are just as important early on and in the final stages of the game, but there more difficult to accumulate later on. This is when most players decide to spend a small amount of real money to acquire more rubies. Such an investment will have a positive effect on their fighting chances.

Screenshot of Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms Island
Screenshot of Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms Island

Development of Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms

The developers were able to release the game on the day promised and there were no unforeseen delays. This comes as no surprise given the fact that this is actually a sequel to Goodgame Empire. The original was released several years before and was upgrade constantly to meet the high expectations of its fans. New features were added in the sequel and once again it was subject to several patches to keep it fun.

Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms is a war game that will inevitably pit players against each other. Waiting idly within your city walls is not going to do you any good, regardless of how well you defend. The German studio frequently highlighted the importance of players interacting with each other and joining alliances. The advertising material is focused on emphasizing the interactive nature of the game, rather than its addictive nature.

Where can I download Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms?

Those who haven’t played Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms before can download the game from the official website. This is the place where they can acquire the original title, so they hit two birds with one stone. The studio has produced other games that can be played in the browser, including the MMORTS Legends of Honor. Players who prefer to focus on a game that is more peaceful will surely like Goodgame Big Farm. One can also put his luck to the test by playing Goodgame Poker absolutely free.

Screenshot of Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms Map
Screenshot of Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms Map

The Internet is nowadays flooded by city building games, belonging to the RPG or RTS genres. Few of them are original and it’s really hard to come up with new concepts for any of these niches. Goodgame use the same concepts for both the original and the sequel, while focusing more on graphics and sounds.

What are others saying about Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms?

Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms won the Best European Mobile Game of 2014 award. This explains why so many people are excited at the prospect of playing it in browser. The developer didn’t change much and the game is quite similar to the original, but this didn’t hurt the game. It has developed a cult following and many of those who play the original have migrated to the new game.

The Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms reviews praised the game for being addictive, yet still suitable for casual players. A recurrent complaint is the one regarding the possibility of playing for currency with real cash. There is consensus among writers that at a low level this doesn’t have a negative effect on the game. Given his competitive nature later on, some feel that those who don’t spend cash are at a disadvantage. Not only need they spend more time gathering, but they usually play catch-up with their peers.

My rating of Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms

I’ve played Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms and the original in a quick succession. Obviously, the differences between the two titles are negligible but this is not a problem since one is the sequel to the other. It’s easy to see why those who have embraced it upon release are still playing the game. It is exciting to play in browser, with limited resources and very little time spent online. Ground in the game doesn’t bring anything innovative on the table, everything he does, it does well.

There are a handful of visual improvements made to the sequel, but overall it feels like a clone of Goodgame Empire. Unfortunately, it lost the chance of being original since it was released a few years after the prequel. The games are of similar quality and I’ve enjoyed playing them both, so the review score will reflect that. 8.5 out of 10 is what I consider to be a fair score for a game that is fun to play despite not being terribly original.

Overall Score


  1. Second time they crashed my game, can’t get back to my castles after hours of trying to build them up. Medical bills prevent me from doing much, just wanted some diversion from life. Tuck Fards can take their either bad programing or greed and place it in a most uncomfortable place. Not coming back.