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What is Goodgame Poker

Goodgame Poker is a browser game made by German Goodgame Studios. This is the same company that created some popular MMOs centered on city building and conquest. The poker game is not the only one that deviates from this trend, with Goodgame Big Farm being also their creation and inspired by the Facebook blockbuster. This game of poker actually revolves exclusively around Texas Hold’em, the most popular form of poker. One can only bet virtual money, so the game doesn’t fall under betting regulations.

Key facts about Goodgame Poker

  • Goodgame Poker promotes all the elements of real money poker, but is played on virtual currency
  • The game does a good job at getting players familiar with poker rules and core game mechanics.
  • Goodgame Poker is free to play and participants don’t have the option of betting real cash.
  • There are no concerns regarding gambling regulations, since this game is pure entertainment and can’t generate profits.
  • Goodgame Poker celebrates the social nature of poker and has created a booming community.

Gameplay of Goodgame Poker

Goodgame Poker doesn’t take itself too seriously, but has created a professional environment to play poker. The characters are amusing and customization makes it possible for players to create the strangest poker heroes. However, the game is played in accord with all the poker rules, therefore has educational value. Anyone can sign up for free and only virtual currency is spent at the tables. When players lose all these free funds, they can ask for their account to be loaded again for free.

The game doesn’t make any assumptions and has a short tutorial that lays out the basic framework. Anyone who has played poker before will notice the fact that the tables are designed in the same way as those at major poker rooms. The only thing that makes this type of gambling different is that you don’t risk real money, therefore you take no chances. Except for this, the games unfold in the same manner as they would on a real money website. Goodgame Poker is supposed to teach players the basic mechanics, without the inherent risks of online gambling.

After completing the tutorial, players receive 1000 free chips that they can use at table games or tournaments. If they choose the former, they have a broad spectrum of tables, ranging from small to high stakes. Since the money is awarded for free, many jump straight to the high limits and let it roll. Players who want to enjoy a more serious type of poker, should start at lower limits and play according to the bankroll. If done right, the Goodgame Poker experience can actually help aspiring poker players.

Screenshot of Goodgame Poker Table
Screenshot of Goodgame Poker Table

Plot of Goodgame Poker

The game of poker doesn’t have a story per se and Goodgame Poker gives players the chance to write their own narrative. They all start with a determined number of free chips but if they lose it, they can ask for more money which is granted to them automatically. At nosebleed limits, there’s also a good chance to find better players. What usually happens is that players start at lower limits and only move up when they feel comfortable with the stakes.

The problem with Goodgame Poker, as well as all free to play poker games is that players don’t take this type of Texas hold’em to seriously. Since they don’t lose anything, many go all in all the time, which is not something that usually happens at poker tables. The upside is that erratic players are usually filtered out when you move up the ladder. There are also various achievements that players can unlock if they take the game seriously and enjoy winning streaks.

The social nature of Goodgame Poker shines brightly when you go over the customization options. Character selection is an important part, as it is in most popular MMORPGs. Many players spend a lot of time choosing the facial features, appearance and outfits of their poker avatars. The result is a table populated by colorful characters, very much like it happens in real life. In this regard, this is the most detailed of all games produced by the German studio. It’s ahead of Goodgame Big Farm, Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms, its prequel Goodgame Empire or Legends of Honor.

Money purchases in Goodgame Poker

Once they get at the tables, players can build streaks and brag about them, while also spreading the news. Going broke is not an option so if you suffer a downstream you’ll be right on your feet. The game doesn’t have the infrastructure needed to accommodate real money gambling. National regulations prohibit this in many countries, so at least those who wager virtual currency can do it anywhere with Goodgame Poker.

Screenshot of Goodgame Poker Characters
Screenshot of Goodgame Poker Characters

The game however allows players to use real currency to unlock fun perks that can make the gaming experience better. The freemium model of this browser game shows its perks when you go over the products available in the store section. There are various goodies and vanity items that can be unlocked, but all these extras are truly optional. The only benefit players get are visual ones, so nobody has the upper hand at the tables if spending currency.

The tutorials and all informative materials are available for free, so those who want to learn the game can do so. It is only safe to assume that virtually none of those who play here are also active on poker network. This assumption is based on the fact that online poker rooms have their own play money sections. Players should know that a transition from Goodgame Poker to real money games can be tough.

Development of Goodgame Poker

Development on Goodgame Poker started in 2009 and the game was released in less than a year. It uses all the game mechanics that can be found at play money tables and emphasizes human interaction. Building a community of like-minded individuals was the goal and the game of poker acts as a catalyst. There are no glitches at the table and action unfolds as it would on real money games,which is relevant.

Goodgame Poker has the same design today as it did on release date, but new features were added. The store is the place where players can spend real cash and there are more items today than they were a couple of years ago. The colorful comic strip style makes it appealing to the female audience, who also appreciate the numerous customization options.

Where can I download Goodgame Poker?

Goodgame Poker can be downloaded from the official website, along other MMOs created by the German studio. The registration process is straightforward and players can take a seat at the table and play right away without any delays. When they run out of money they can request an account top up and action resumes unabated.

Screenshot of Goodgame Poker Shop
Screenshot of Goodgame Poker Shop

What are others saying about Goodgame Poker?

Virtually none of those who play Goodgame Poker are active at real money tables. That’s why the comments, both positive and negative are written from a different perspective. There is consensus regarding the brilliant way in which developers have created a fun community for poker fans. Strictly from a game perspective, many agree that its educational value is limited. However, the tutorial is well-designed and can help those who make their baby steps in this competitive arena.

Some Goodgame Poker reviews consider that it is virtual impossible to learn playing poker here. The problem is that players don’t take the game seriously when there is nothing to lose. Many keep reloading their accounts over and over again and go all in without paying attention to what happens at the tables. The customization options and the features promoting interaction among players are widely appreciated.

My rating of Goodgame Poker

I spent so much time playing online poker that I don’t expect to be surprised by any poker client. With Goodgame Poker I have to confess that I spent more time customizing my character and making in game purchases that playing. You learn everything that can be learned in a matter of minutes and real money players lose interest pretty quickly. For this bunch, it is simply better to play at PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Titan Poker or PKR if you want more authentic experience.

Having said this, Goodgame Poker is as good as a freemium poker game can be. It encourages players to show their best side and be sociable while playing the game. There are no legal repercussions for playing the game even in the most prohibitive legislations. In a nutshell, this is a pretty good way to learn the basics and join a vibrant community of virtual poker enthusiasts. For these achievements, it deserves a review score of 8.5 out of 10.

Overall Score