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Who is HiFX?

HiFX LogoA leader in international money transfers, HiFX is a UK-based foreign exchange broker that was created to offer its customers with a reliable and low-cost alternative to “big bank” money transfers.

Founded in 1998, it is now owned by Euronet Worldwide, expanding its reach to more currencies and more customers worldwide.

Here are some other things you should know about them:

  • HiFX has offices in Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the UK.
  • It provides foreign exchange and international money transfer services to both individuals and corporate customers.
  • HiFX specializes in money transfer services for overseas property purchases.
  • They currently trade in 60 world currencies and conducts transfers to over 170 countries.

Their original mission  was to serve as a banking alternative for white-collar individuals and cut down on the cost of sending money overseas. Over the next decade-and-a-half, the company experienced strong and steady growth and popularity worldwide. In 2014, it was purchased by American Euronet. This is a parent company to remittance transfer service Ria.

Screenshot of HiFX's Homepage. © HiFX
Screenshot of HiFX's Homepage. © HiFX

In the year 2011, HiFX received a prize from both the Australia Business Awards for Service Excellence and the Tech Innovation Awards in New Zealand for an Innovative Hi-Tech Services Product.

Perhaps that is why American Euronet saw HiFX as the perfect vehicle to expand their customer base beyond their predominately Hispanic consumer base, and they agreed to keep both HiFX’s staff and branding. In the year since the buyout, ithas maintained a strong reputation for affordable and excellent service. This made the company one of the best currency international transfer companies available.

How does HiFX work?

The company is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority, and Australia’s Financial Ombudsman Service. Therefore, itoffers international money transfers via the internet, telephone and standard, in-person transactions. Simply put, they help you transfer money from one bank to another.

They also provide individuals or businesses purchasing property overseas the option to obtain a fixed exchange rate before the home or property purchase is complete. This means HiFX provides their customers protection from fluctuating exchange rates that can happen in the middle of a property deal.

They also help the average person send money abroad or make a quick international money transfer without paying a huge banking overhead.

My experience with HiFX

Overall, I’ve had a very positive experience with HiFX. Having lived overseas and worked with a number of local money transfer services, I have to say HiFX is faster and more reliable than most. They provide the security of a traditional bank with lower transfer fees and often much better exchange rates.

The HiFX platform itself is also very user-friendly. I was signed up in under 5 minutes and my transfer reached its destination in under 2 days.

How do you register at HiFX?

The first step is to sign up for either a personal or business account. Then, you will receive a quote for your transfer, in addition to current exchange rates. Next, you will send your money to its intended destination, which you can track via your account platform.

Screenshot of HiFX's Registration Form. © HiFX
Screenshot of HiFX's Registration Form. © HiFX

Right after you sign up for a HiFX account from their main page, you will receive an immediate confirmation with all your account details and an email with information on how to make your first transfer.

When you login for the first time, you can check the exchange rate for the currency you need, and you will get a quote in seconds. For example, let’s say you want to send €3 to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The live exchange rate for British Pounds to UAE Dirhams will update continuously, showing you exactly where the exchange rate is at the second you want to send money online.

You also have the option to pay via debit/credit card or electronic transfer, and you will receive an automatic email with a summary of the transaction and directions on how to make the payment. HiFX will also send a confirmation via SMS once your transaction is completed. You can track payments online and manage your account 24/7.

How Much Does It Cost to Use HiFX?

Another great thing about HiFX is that there are no transfer fees for amounts of £3,000 and above. This is great for international teachers or expats, who transfer larger amounts of funds every month, or international business owners who want to avoid the hassle and unpredictable fees of larger banks.

For amounts below £3,000, the transfer fee is only £9. Of course, this does not include the cost of transferring funds from your bank to HiFX. This varies depending on your individual bank’s fee structure. For credit card payments, there is also a processing fee of 1.5%, which is pretty standard. In fact, it is even favorable compared to other currency exchange services.

How long does it take to transfer money with HiFX?

For payments made before 12 noon, HiFX guarantees that the transfer will be completed in 1-3 days, whether they are completed via the internet, telephone or in person.

Payments received after 12 noon will be processed on the next working day. HiFX also has access to SWIFT, the world's largest payments and settlements network for domestic and international trades, which is another reason they can guarantee faster payments and enhanced security.

Is HiFX safe and reliable?

When a customer buys or sells currency with HiFX, their funds are held either in pooled client trust bank accounts or by one of HiFX’s counterparty brokers. Last year alone, HiFX wire transferred over £9 billion in funds for 112,000 clients in over 117 countries worldwide.


HiFX touts having one of the most secure systems in the industry. Like 97 of the world’s 100 largest banks and over 93% of Fortune 500 companies, it uses Norton to ensure their web servers are secure and their customers’ information and assets are protected. The company is also registered with HM Revenue & Customs.

HiFX Customer Support

HiFX really goes the extra mile to provide their customers with as much information as possible up front. Of course, you have to be willing to read the fine print. They are quick to remind their customers that when you send money online, fluctuating exchange rates can and will happen. That’s why you need a wire transfer service that will keep you informed on current rates. This will protect you from experiencing a big loss as a result of that fluctuation.

You can reach them with your questions or concerns via email or telephone Both individuals and businesses can call that line at Mon-Fri 9am-6pm GMT to have their questions answered.

Which currencies does HiFX support?

HiFX currently supports 60 world currencies, in over 170 countries worldwide.

HiFX Currencies. © HiFX
HiFX Currencies. © HiFX

What are others saying about HiFX?

Some customers have complained that wire transfer rates are higher than the average, but overall the reviews have been positive. Customers appreciate the lower fees they offers compared to larger banks. When sending money online, the reliability of their service and the transparency that comes from the live tracking feature are hard to beat.

Screenshot of HiFX's Trustpilot Page. © Trustpilot
Screenshot of HiFX's Trustpilot Page. © Trustpilot

HiFX on Social Media

If you want to learn more about their money transfer services, you can find them on Twitter or on Facebook.

Screenshot of HiFX's Twitter Profile.
Screenshot of HiFX's Twitter Profile.

My Rating of HiFX

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate HiFX a 9. Most people are happy with their services. They find them to be a more cost-effective option to their competitors.

When you consider 85%+ of all client reviews, most customers feel they have gotten a great deal in terms of pricing and that they received the services they expected. What’s more, a large portion of the negative reviews are related to HiFX’s Post Office Money Transfer services, which they discontinued in 2015.

Their service may be slightly inconsistent at times, but it is generally very good. Moreover, as a new part of American Euronet, its customers can only benefit from the greater financial security a larger international organization provides.

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