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Investments form the cornerstone of any wealth creation strategy and is something that most consumers come across during their financial journey. This does not necessarily mean that all consumers are comfortable with the process of investing. It takes an appointment or two with a financial advisor just to get the basics down and then there is still the risk factor. With all this looming over a potential investor’s head, it’s not easy to make decisions and also explains why so many are reluctant to dip their toes in the water. ICBC Investments offers a range of products that should suit the needs of the salted and the newbie. This review takes a closer look to discover if this is the case.

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About ICBC

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is a fairly modern bank that has taken the world by storm in only a few decades. The bank has an impressive asset book and market share, which places it comfortably among some of the top banks in the world. The bank offers modern banking services and a range of products that will suit more than just the average bank customer. Founded in the 80s, it has managed to establish itself in the market.

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Investment Pointers for Those Still New to the Game

One of the more daunting financial products to master, investments can become cumbersome if not carefully monitored. There is also the unknown that investors are keenly aware of, as market conditions often dictate the future strategies of the investor.

Follow Sage Advice

There is a reason why an age-old investment strategy says not to place all the eggs in the same basket. This is true even for those funds that may seem like there is hardly any risk. A good example of this is the economic fallout of 2008 where billions were lost when the seemingly safe property market collapsed.

Don’t Use Emergency Funds for Investing

Emergency funds should be in a safe and guaranteed account in order to help out when those emergencies occur. When it comes to investments, there is often risk involved and when the markets turn, consumers don’t want to lose their capital, especially if those were emergency funds.

Take Some Time Before Making a Decision

Brokers are often quick to force clients into decisions they may regret later, and customers are advised to watch out for a rush deal. Good investments take time and those that deliver great returns immediately probably carry a high risk as well.

Be Prepared to Wait it Out

One of the toughest things to do as an investor is to ride out the storm when the market seems to take a dip. A good fund manager or broker will advise at the right time when it’s time to do a switch or withdraw entirely, as premature withdrawal could leave investors out of pocket. The average investment time is around 5 to 8 years.

Know Your Risk Tolerance Level

It’s easy to get trapped into an investment strategy brought on by a financial advisor when they have a specific agenda or preference. Good advice is worth its weight in gold, but the tolerance for risk also needs to be brought into the equation.

ICBC Investments Product Offerings

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Smart Money Planner

This service analyzes a customer’s current financial position and takes into consideration future plans and risk tolerances in order to provide a solution.

  • Customers have access to expert teams that provide top services.
  • There are also a number of products to choose from, such as treasury bonds, funds, and more.
  • Finally, customers receive up to date feedback on their portfolios.

Rollover Account Services

Customers who require an effective cash and investment management service will find this ideal.  Furthermore, the rollover account benefits the client’s savings account as well as it allocates funds to it in the event the account runs low on funds. The rollover facility is regarded as a link between the investments and personal account.

Precious Metal

This category allows customers to actively participate in the purchase and sales of precious metals as an investment strategy. The services include:

  • Accumulation of Ruyi Gold
  • Gold Accumulation Plan for Personal Account
  • Precious Metal Account
  • Regular Investment on Precious Metal via Account
  • Brokerage of Physical Precious Metal
  • Deferred Brokerage of Physical Precious Metals
  • Loan Pledged under Precious Metal
  • Precious Metal Wealth Management
  • Gold Repo

Forextrading Personal Foreign Exchange Trading

This trading is offered by the bank and allows customers the opportunity to trade forex with ease. Customers have a few options within the service, such as:

  • They are able to convert currency
  • It allows them to profit from the exchange rate
  • Finally, they can preserve or add value to their assets

Open-Ended Funds

With this fund, the fund varies as the investors buy in and redeem. This allows investors to buy or sell at banks on pre-determined dates. Furthermore, with this option customers enjoy a number of products and a wide network of support offices. They also enjoy a powerful e-banking function.

Defined Fund Investment Plan

General Defined Fund Investment Plan

This fund allows investors to buy a fund sold by the bank. Furthermore, this investment is for a fixed amount and within a specified investment period.

Smart Defined Fund Investment Plan

Customers who wish to have an upgrade from the General Defined Fund Investment Plan should opt of for this one. It allows two new ways of buying the funds:

  • Buy the fund with a fixed amount on a fixed date every month
  • Buy the fund in an unfixed amount on a fixed date every month, according to the trend of securities market index

Certificate T-Bond

This is a debt certificate issued by the bank on behalf of the Ministry of Finance. It is then sold to retail investors based on integer multiples of a nominal value.

  • Customers find this easy to buy as there are outlets all over the country.
  • It is also a qualified pledge for loans.
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OTC Book-Entry Bond Trading

This service allows customers to trade RMB bonds at ICBC domestic outlets or via Electronic Banking. Customers also have access to custody and settlement of bonds.

  • Customers are not required to hold the certifications. They do need to open a custody account at the bond custody institution to record the holding.
  • The People’s Bank of China and Ministry of Finance announce the issuance of the bond through the media.
  • Finally, this product is recommended to those who have some knowledge of the bond market.

Third Party Depositary

Customers who require regular services of trading settlement and capital custody will find this product ideal. Furthermore, customers benefit from capital safety.

  • It allows customers to trade with speed and convenience.
  • Also, a comprehensive service is offered.
  • Finally, customers can use this service in a large scale.

Bank Securities Account Transfer

This is a service that allows the facilitation of stock trading. Customers can transfer their investment money between the margin account in Securities Company and the bank account in ICBC.

Smart Defined Fund Investment Plan

Customers have a bit more flexibility with this plan as it allows investors to buy funds in fixed periods and for fixed amounts. It also allows them to buy funds in unfixed amounts on a fixed date every month.

Account-Based Crude Oil

This account allows customers to buy crude oil through their current account held at the bank, in RMB or USD. Furthermore, the oil is counted by share with no physical crude oil withdrawn.

Account-Based Foreign Exchange

An investment product provided by the bank for individual customers who require access to a variety of foreign exchanges in RMB. These are traded by means of calculating shares without drawing the real exchanges.

Link Express RMB Wealth Management Program

This is a variety of products designed to allow investors to meet their cash management needs. Furthermore, these products are very safe and carry strong liquidity. There is also a high expected return.

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Critical Reviews Rating ICBC Investments – 7 of 10

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Although this range seems like it offers everything, there are a few things we would like the bank to address where the investments are concerned. Although the bank offers a ton of information on the products themselves, the first thing that comes to our attention is that there is very little information on the actual pricing of these funds. In fact, there is no mention of pricing at all, which is a little concerning.

Another aspect we need to consider is the lack of information available to newbie investors. This means any information they require in order to make an informed decision, will need to take place in the branch. This makes it a little less convenient that investments strategies offered by competitors.

Finally, there is the matter of the lack of risk detailing on the investments. Once again customers will need to venture into the branches to make an informed decision. As much as we like the variety, the bank has some work to do before they receive a perfect score.

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