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What is Injustice 2?

Injustice 2 is the latest fighting videogame published by Warner Bros. and produced by NetherRealm Studios in 2017. It continues the story of the game release back in 2013 and called Injustice Gods Among Us, while being compatible with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The game also has a version for Android and iOS mobile devices and introduces plenty of new features. Its narrative revolves around Batman’s decision to release the imprisoned Superman to deal with a new, dangerous threat. For the first time in the series, micro-transactions are used, allowing players to spend real cash on vanity items.

Key facts about Injustice 2

  • Injustice 2 uses slightly more complex fighting mechanics and introduces new features.
  • The new release has a better narrative and plenty of cinematics that enhanc the single player.
  • Injustice 2 has a dozen of new characters, each with its unique play style.
  • The game can be played on all popular consoles as well as mobile devices.
  • Injustice 2 has plenty of side quests, rewards and challenges, therefore plenty of content.

Gameplay of Injustice 2

Injustice 2 gameplay is very similar to the one of Injustice: Gods Among Us, but slightly more complex. The developers have introduced new game mechanics to make it easier to interact with the environment and more powerful character traits. Players can unlock various abilities and buffs that enhance the proficiency in battle of almost all new characters. One can produce more powerful combo moves and players use the super meter to charge those deadly abilities.

Environmental attacks take the complexity of the Injustice 2 gameplay to the next level. Players can now block these attacks which were previously unavoidable, but not all of them. The novelty consists in the introduction of a loot dropping system, so it resembles RPG video games. Players have various stats, such as health, defense, ability and strength that make them unique. When players collect experience points, they level up and enhance base stats.

During the single player campaign one can unlock various booths in the form of rare gear and equipment. By making the most of the bonus augmentations, they can inflict more damage upon their opponents while resisting more in battle. Injustice 2 introduces gear sets, offering powerful bonuses to those who complete the equipment. The gameplay is also centered on the use of the three types of gear called equipment, shaders and abilities. The most powerful items are discovered in rare loot crates.

The gameplay of Injustice 2 benefits from the introduction of the microtransaction system. It allows players to purchase "Source Crystals" in exchange of real cash to customize their characters. All the enhancements are purely visual, so the game remains perfectly balanced. Those who choose to play for free are not at a disadvantage, so skill is rewarded.

Screenshot of Injustice 2 Incinerate

Plot of Injustice 2

The Injustice 2 plot continues where its predecessor left, with Batman watching over the imprisoned Superman. For a brief period of time, order is restored but a new faction called the Society threatens this balance. The villains are led by Gorilla Grodd and their plan is nothing less than world domination. Under these circumstances, Batman has no option but to create a new team of superheroes to find the new foes. They even consider the release of Superman, to tip the balance in their favor.

Black Canary, Harley Quinn, Green Arrow and other superheroes are sent to destroy the Society. They quickly find out that the mastermind behind this plot goes by the name of Brainiac. He quickly takes the initiative and the superheroes software major setbacks, with prompts Batman to find new allies. The plot of Injustice 2 takes players to new environments and they face their opponents in space. The evacuation ship is the scene of some of the most memorable battles in the new installment.

Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Cyborg fight some potentially decisive battles but they are unable to stop the powerful opponents. Brainiac destroys one major city after the other and prepares to eradicate all life on Earth. Some of these heroes are brainwashed to aid the opponents and Batman finds himself increasingly alone. As more cities fade into nothingness, the heroes confront Brainiac and manage to defeat him. Players also face some difficult decisions in this stage of the campaign.

Some heroes want to spare the vanquished foe, but others are hell-bent on killing him. A conflict erupts among them and Superman and Batman fight each other in the Batcave. Depending on which side the players choose, the game can end in two ways.

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Development of Injustice 2

Work on Injustice 2 started almost immediately after the success of its previous answer. The release date was set for June 2016, but the game was postponed several times. The developers wanted to make sure that the sequel would introduce enough new features to stand out from the crowd. NetherRealm Studios worked closely with DC comics and Warner Bros. to introduce the celebrated gear system. They managed to appeal to both casual players and the savvy fans of the franchise.

Another notable addition to the new game was the so-called Mother Boxes. They serve as a source of eye candy gear, that doesn’t have a direct effect on the gameplay. The concept of micro-transactions also gains traction and justified the late release of the game. Development of Injustice 2 also took longer because the producers wanted to make sure that the game would run smoothly on all popular consoles.

Where can I download Injustice 2?

Injustice 2 can be downloaded from the official website of NetherRealm Studios. This is also the place where the original game can be found, for those who want to enjoy the best experience. One of the best games of 2017, the game was also popular among other fans of the fighting genre. Speaking of which, those who want to try something different can try Super Smash Bros, Mortal Combat X, Naruto Shippuden or Street Fighter 5 besides Injustice Gods Among Us.

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What are others saying about Injustice 2?

The game was well received by the fans as well as the new players who were unfamiliar with the original game. The Injustice 2 review score revolves around 88%, with the Xbox One consoles scoring higher than the PlayStation 4 version. Players have praised the game for introducing new concepts without straying too far from the original. The gameplay was enhanced by the addition of the new fighting mechanics. The core principles were maintained and improved to make each round more competitive.

Visually the new installment is vastly superior, with crisp colors and vibrant animations. The critics also highlighted the fact that the narrative is more engaging and gets players immersed into the atmosphere. Some found the changes to the combat system as too subtle to make a difference and criticized the developers for sticking too much to the original concept. Almost everyone agreed that the amount of content exceeded expectations and made the single player almost as good as competitive multiplayer.

My Rating of Injustice 2

I’ve had a lot of fun playing Injustice 2, perhaps more than I did with Injustice Gods Among Us. If you’re a fan of comics and enjoy the games featuring superheroes, then this one should definitely be at the top of your list. There are more than 25 characters, so plenty of combinations and possible fines. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the single player, but I enjoyed the story and its plot twists. What I like the most about the game is that it has a way of getting players attached to the characters.

I never made it to competitive play, but it’s refreshing to see that major tournaments are scheduled. Injustice 2 has the potential of becoming a serious player in the eSports arena and a moneymaker for the fans. It sets the bar very high, but those who don’t mind a little challenge are guaranteed to enjoy every hour spent playing. The bottom line is that NetherRealm did a fine job and deserves a rating of 8.5/10.