Screenshot of Homepage is a gambling operator that tries to facilitate access to lottery games. Players who would rather buy the tickets online instead of going to brick-and-mortar venues can use their service. The company is owned and operated by Lottomatrix Ltd and is catering mostly for UK players. Their website is relatively easy to navigate and they also have a mobile app that makes the gaming experience even more convenient. It includes both local and international lotteries and new games are added all the time.

Key facts about

  • is a UK facing provider of lottery games, licensed by the UK Gaming Commission.
  • They have outstanding customer support that can be reached via live chat and toll free numbers.
  • was criticized for withholding a part of the profits for taxable lotteries.
  • They don’t offer any bonuses to newcomers and run very few promotions overall.
  • isn’t charging commission on winnings, so players get all of their profits. Games games have greatly expanded after the company started with only for lotteries. The most popular ones here remain the original titles, as they are the best paying games. Tickets can be purchased for US Powerball & Mega Millions, EuroMillions & EuroJackpot among other international lotteries. They contemplate the possibility of setting up a subscription service and could introduce a quick pick feature. The addition of a mobile app has greatly simplified the acquisition of tickets in 2017.

To participate in any of the games they offer, players from all over the world can acquire the tickets online. This means that they are no longer limited to the national borders and can play any of the popular games. The price of the ticket doesn’t go beyond acceptable thresholds, so players are not overcharged. The fact that they buy the tickets online doesn’t affect their chances as the odds remain the same.

To participate in any of the lotteries they offer, one would have to set up a real money account and purchase a ticket. All the available games can be found on the website. Since its inception, the company has added many new games. Some follow the classic lottery format, while others bear more similarities to classic draws. When selecting numbers, players have the option of choosing multiple draws, to mitigate the risks of missing out on great opportunities. lotteries now include some of the best paying European and North American games. The advantage of playing here is that you don’t have to leave your country to purchase tickets for any lottery. They have developed their own system for publishing results, so participants can find the winning numbers as soon as they are extracted.

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Lotteries are traditionally the best paying games, which explains why people keep playing them despite crushing odds. bonuses and promotions are virtually nonexistent, so new players won’t enjoy such incentives. Whether players choose classic lottery games, draws and raffles or switch to scratch cards, bonuses are rare. Since 2016 when the company was launched, the number of bonuses got fewer. This is a questionable approach given the fact that they try to expand their customer base.

When promotions are available, players from all over the world can apply for these freebies. They also offer the possibility of players joining the syndicate for the main lotteries. EuroMillions, Thunderball and UK Lotto are the chosen games for those who want to reduce the expenses. There are no restrictions applying to the creation of joining of a syndicate.

In the absence of permanent promotions and welcome bonuses, has a hard time keeping its customers active. They are merely an intermediary that sells lottery tickets, so if players find a better deal elsewhere, they are guaranteed to leave. The good news is that they sometimes run short promotions that reward those who are active and log in often. The best way to stay up-to-date with these offers is by visiting the social media pages on Twitter and Facebook.

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How do you register at will require players to complete the registration process before they can purchase tickets or enjoy any of the services they offer. The list of excluded countries is pretty long and features Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Turkey. Players from United States and all its territories are denied access as well, while underage gambling is strictly prohibited.

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Is safe and reliable?

The UK Gambling Commission has granted a license to operate and this means a great deal for those who seek a safe lottery vendor. The tickets are sold at a fair price and if players win the jackpot, they get the same amount as if they were to play in a brick-and-mortar establishment. This is particularly important for those who decide to play over the Internet and know very little about the company. Since 2016 when they opened shop, there were several winners, although no records were set by lottery standards.

Payment options and cash out times at

Winners will be promptly notified about their good fortune and will have to choose between one of the many payment methods. DineroMail and WebMoney, Skrill and Neteller can be used in addition to make credit cards and wire transfers. Design will calculate the winnings and left players know how much money they are entitled to cash out. If the winnings are taxable in their country, players should expect a significant percentage of their profits to be taken.

In order to purchase tickets, one would have to make a deposit and such transactions are performed instantly. When it comes to cash out, the waiting time is significantly longer. Another significant problem that players should be aware of is that any amount exceeding €1000 is subject to special treatment. Players would have to get in touch with customer support to withdraw larger amounts. Since they play lottery games, it is very likely that the lucky winners will have to withdraw sums larger than this. The minimum deposit consists of €10 regardless of the financial instrument chosen.

Players who focus on the US Powerball & Mega Millions or the top paying European lotteries can win millions of dollars. claims to have no commission, but it will keep the money that players would normally players stats in their country. This can create big problems for the players, not to mention that it’s very frustrating to have your profits seized. As always when it comes to lottery games, players have the option of taking the lump payment or the 30 year annuity. One would have to put a lot of trust in an online venture to have its profits release incrementally over the course of three decades. The alternative of being levied a large tax for instant cash outs isn’t exciting either. service and support has customer support available 12 hours a day between 9 AM and 9 PM GMT. It can be a bit surprising that they don’t offer 24/7 assistance, but then again this is a lottery vendor. There are fewer pressing matters to discuss and normally players can wait until the first hours of morning. There are live chat channels, email support and several telephone numbers, including toll free numbers for UK players. On the off chance that players want to get in touch with their specialists via snail mail, they can do it.

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What are others saying about reviews are not all positive and there’s plenty of criticism to go around. Almost all complaints are in regard with the manner in which taxable profits are handled, since the company charges no commission per se. On the bright side, it doesn’t happen too often for people to win hundreds of millions of Euros playing online lotteries. Most of the profits are significantly lower, but more frequent and the winners get to claim them in their entirety. Their products enjoy the same appreciation as The National Lottery, PlayHugeLottos and Sky Bet.

The price of tickets is reasonable and in line with the amount players would have to pay in brick-and-mortar venues. In exchange of shopping for tickets for international lotteries, players are only charged a little more. The upside is that one can play any of the big lotteries and this is something that reviews frequently mentioned. Users are also happy with the way the website looks, the easy and friendly navigation as well as the highly responsive mobile app.

My experience and rating of

I think that came a long way since opening shop back in 2016 and have greatly improved their product. There are plenty of new games offered and they recently added lotteries are some of my favorite. Much to their credit, they don’t overcharge players for the convenience of shopping online for lottery tickets. The website is easy to navigate, customer support is professional and payment methods fast and accurate. Faster withdrawals and 24/7 assistance would help them scored above 8 out of 10.

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