Screenshot of King’s Empire Game Cover

What is King’s Empire

King’s Empire is an online strategy game playable on mobile devices and enjoyed by more than 8 million players. At its core, this is a conquest game in which players make incremental progress towards achieving total dominance of the round. Developers have created a huge world that can be explored at leisure and contested by millions. Players compete against their peers as well as NPCs, in a game that captures the essence of PC blockbusters.

Key facts about King’s Empire

  • King’s Empire is a competitive strategy game and one of the few mobile friendly titles with a plot.
  • The game encourages interaction between players, who can create alliances using the world chat feature.
  • King’s Empire is free to play and players can win prizes on daily and weekly basis without spending a dime.
  • The strategy game is prone to customization and each player can make his Empire look different.
  • The core of units, buildings and abilities can be upgraded through research to perform better in combat.

Gameplay of King’s Empire

The gameplay of King’s Empire is epic by mobile games standards, with millions of players competing online. When large alliances collide, the battlefield is swarming with troops ranging from infantry and cavalry to sorcerers and magicians. The immediate effect of these confrontations is that players vanquish their opponents and establish dominance over resources and fortifications. Legendary battles are featured in the game’s Hall of Fame for everyone to see.

The game uses the recipe for success of massively multiplayer online role-playing games. An eclectic mix of brute force and magic is used to prevail on the battlefield. Players can summon Dragon runes and research new technologies, to produce stronger and more resilient units. Troops can be upgraded by spending resources, which makes grinding an important component of this game. Players expand gradually by taking control of villages and cities states, but the real challenge is defending these outposts.

The King’s Empire gameplay allows players to spend real money to unlock weapons and special abilities. Some are strictly vanity items, but many actually help at pushing gaming into overdrive. Developers use this money to maintain the high standards in terms of visuals, animations and sound effects. Players get an accurate vision of the entire battlefield and can zoom in and out to get a better picture of cities. When in combat, the soundtrack switches from the peaceful tune into a more dynamic orchestral score.

All resources are valuable in this strategy game and players can collect wood, stone, iron, food and gold. These can also be traded in the marketplace, but the fastest way to acquire them is by conquering NPC encampments. These are also targeted by opposing players, so the challenge resides mostly in fortifying the new conquests.

Plot of King’s Empire

The King’s Empire plot starts from the idea that a previously peaceful realm is on the verge of plunging into war. After 100 years of tranquility, the leader that the people have been dreaming of has finally emerged. Players assume the role of a king that will lead the empire to prominence. Under his leadership, soldiers band together and all resources are channeled towards fulfilling these dreams of greatness.

Screenshot of King’s Empire Siege Tactics
Screenshot of King’s Empire Siege Tactics

Players begin by consolidating their power within the city outskirts and building a functional economy. The importance played by resource accumulation is self evident from the early stages of the single player campaign. Interaction with other players is inevitable and as soon as players leave the safety of their fortress, nothing is certain. Staying behind tall walls is no guarantee of security either, since there is always someone looking at your fortress with envy.

This is pretty much where the plot of King’s Empire ends and it becomes impossible to predict what happens next. The core game mechanics around which the entire game is built, such as resource gathering, city construction and occupation of territory start shining brightly. Players can enlist the assistance of new troops while upgrading existing soldiers to stand a better chance on the battlefield.

Within the city walls, players can build dragon barracks where they can upgrade their troops even further. These require special resources but the resulting soldiers are significantly stronger. The tutorial doesn’t go into details and some things are left unexplained, such as the use of rune fragments. They can be acquired from NPC camps of higher-level, so players need to have a powerful force to secure them. Conversely, they can acquire Dragon Fragments which enables them to purchase the aforementioned Dragon soldiers.

Development of King’s Empire

King’s Empire developers had big plans when working on this game that can be played on mobile devices. It goes beyond the core mechanics of multifaceted games, such as Clash of Clans, Legend of Empire, Z War and PES Collection. In addition to resource gathering and combat, players also have to dwell on more complex notions such as diplomacy. In the wake of the official release, several patches were unveiled, emphasizing the importance of establishing alliances.

Screenshot of King’s Empire Trade
Screenshot of King’s Empire Trade

In order to fund these changes and maintain a steady team of developers, the game encourages players to spend money. Meanwhile, such investments won’t give an unfair competitive advantage to those who feel comfortable spending cash. Instead, they only change the look of items, troops and the atmosphere in a city for up to a month. Many bonuses are available for free and players only need to log in to their accounts on a daily basis to unlock them.

Where can I download King’s Empire?

Tap4Fun is the software developer that produced King’s Empire, so the game can be downloaded from their official website. At the same time, it can be acquired from iTunes and Google App Store, hardly a surprise since it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The game is fully integrated with Facebook and the game developers occasionally run special promotions on the social network.

Players should also know that since the game uses cloud technology to send messages to devices, it relies upon ad networks and analytics to convey the message. The good news is that they are not intrusive and most casual players won’t even notice them. The development team has diligently worked towards addressing those problems that used to cause the game to crash.

What are others saying about King’s Empire?

King’s Empire reviews are quite diverse and the game generated mixed reactions. There were plenty who celebrated the addition of another free to play game belonging to the strategy genre. Furthermore, this game is more original than both Clash of Kings and Clash of Lords, who draw inspiration from the classic Clash of Clans. Players will also be pleasantly surprised to discover that the game mechanics are competent and comparable to those used by the best PC and consoles RTS games.

Screenshot of King’s Empire Large Scale Battle
Screenshot of King’s Empire Large Scale Battle

At the same time, there were King’s Empire reviews that highlighted the fact that the game has the nasty tendency of crashing when least expected. Most of the issues were fixed and the developers did a fine job at addressing most problems, yet some remain. Some players were equally annoyed by technical glitches that resulted in double purchases, as well as missing items. In exchange of spending real cash to enjoy a better gaming experience, players were hoping for a silky smooth process.

On the bright side, the community wasn’t harmed by the possibility of acquiring stuff for real cash. The game is every bit as interactive today as it was back in the day of its international release. With most of the purchases serving only a decorative purpose, playing for free doesn’t mean jumping through the hoops. There was consensus in regard to the willingness of developers to respond to feedback and improve the game.

My rating of King’s Empire

King’s Empire had a pretty good trailer and quite frankly this is what convinced me to download the app. I don’t have unreasonably high expectations from free games and give developers credit for what they’ve achieved. At the same time, I’m not the biggest fan of spending cash just to get slightly ahead of other players. There is nothing wrong in paying for vanity items and the monetization system is as fair as it gets. The best part about this real-time strategy game is that it doesn’t indirectly force you to pay.

I was hoping for a better single player campaign, but at least this game has a plot. The same can’t be said about many mobile friendly games developed today, not even the best titles. This game has the potential of turning into an addictive game, but then again this is not a fault. The bottom line is that I’d recommend this title to players who appreciate RTS games and spend a lot of time on mobile devices. There is room for improvement, but King’s Empire is a competent real-time strategy game that deserves a rating of 9/10.

Overall Score