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Lazada is for the Philippines what Snapdeal, OLX and Flipkart is for India. A popular online store, it is trying to expand its business beyond borders and compete with the likes of eBay and Amazon. They present visitors with an opportunity of setting up an account, buy and sell items for free. Since its inception, it underwent many changes to have a more user-friendly and intuitive interface. The newly introduced cash on delivery system is aimed at mitigating the risks taken by buyers.

Key facts about Lazada

  • Lazada is the dominant e-commerce venture in the Philippines and a major player in Asia.
  • The use of service is absolutely free but prospective shoppers need to open an account first.
  • Lazada offers protection to buyers and the latter can pay for the items they buy upon delivery.
  • The new website is compatible with mobile devices and the e-commerce store has its own app.
  • Information about buyers and sellers can be found on the website or by reading Lazada reviews.

How does Lazada work?

The sign-up process at Lazada is linear and doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes. It is necessary for shoppers to have an account before buying or selling items online. Opening and maintaining an account is free and buyers don’t pay any commission to the owners. Shopping for products is simplified by filters and the intuitive search feature. The number of items pales in comparison with the ones offered by Amazon or eBay. This is where their limitations are the most obvious.

Information about all the products available is offered, helping buyers make an educated decision. Lazada lets buyers know about the availability of various items as well as the estimated delivery time. The acquisition process requires the selection of the product of choice and sending it to the virtual shop cart. Payment can be made immediately using credit and debit cards or by cash, on delivery. When buyers want to add multiple objects to the shopping cart, they can do so before completing the order.

Both buyers and sellers can check out the information available about the other party. This provides all users with the incentive to conduct serious business and be more responsive. The cash on delivery payment method is preferred by those who use the service for the first time or have trust issues. Whether they pay on delivery or straight on the website, customers can track their product. After completing the order, they are assigned a number that can be used to monitor the item recently acquired.

Screenshot of Lazada Best Sellers
Screenshot of Lazada Best Sellers

The Lazada mobile experience

The Lazada mobile app makes it possible to enjoy all the features associated to this e-commerce venture on smartphones and tablets. The inherent confinements of the smaller screens don’t affect the selection of products or the order fulfillment process. Shopping is convenient and the same numbers assigned can be used to track the products on mobile devices and desktop.

The use of credit cards as well as other accepted payment methods is not restricted to smartphones. The reason for why most customers prefer to pay on delivery is to reduce the risks of being presented with a defective product. In terms of security, Lazada payment methods are reliable and SSL encryption technology obscures sensitive data. Nothing is charged up front and in the absence of hidden fees and commissions, shopping is totally free.

What are others saying about Lazada?

Being an e-commerce store from the Philippines, Lazada is sometimes looked at with suspicion. Most doubts are in regard to the authenticity of the products purchased, as some doubt them of being fake. These concerns can be easily put to rest by choosing the payment on delivery option. Within national borders, the waiting time is surprisingly short and items arrive on destination in a matter of days. The problem is that when buying many items at once, there is a chance for them not to arrive simultaneously.

Screenshot of Lazada Shop Categories
Screenshot of Lazada Shop Categories

Those who shop from other countries should arm themselves with patience, as it can take up to three weeks to receive the items. Some Lazada reviews contain complaints about customers being kept waiting longer than expected. On the bright side, the fact that you can monitor the progress of your order and see at any time where the item is at helps with easing the tension. There is always the option of switching to major international e-commerce companies, such as Amazon or eBay.

Some of the most frequent complaints indicate the problems that occur when returning an item. It usually takes a while for the company to acknowledge its mistakes and reimburse customers. This can be frustrating, but the silver lining is that in the end everyone gets the money back. Lazada claims that the return process has greatly improved since these negative reviews were written. Just to stay safe, clients are advised to stick to the cash on delivery option which greatly reduces the risks.

My rating of Lazada

Shopping at an e-commerce from the Philippines was an experiment I did strictly for reviewing purposes. I played it safe and bought an item that was inexpensive and unlikely to get damaged on its way. The results met my expectations, so I had no reason to ask for a refund. In most cases, this is not necessary but then again, the last thing you need is to worry if and when your funds will be reimbursed.

I guess I was lucky and nothing bad happened with my item of choice. As for the selection of products available, they are a far cry from what industry leaders offer. If I were living in the Philippines, then I would probably use Lazada more often, as it seems to be well-developed for the local market. I root for them and wish them the best in closing the gap separating them from the biggest e-commerce stores. A review score of 6.5 out of 10 is what I consider fair, but I definitely see potential in them.

Overall Score