Screenshot of Legend of Empire Game Cover

What is Legend of Empire

Legend of Empire is a massive multiplayer online world game that can be played on iOS and Android mobile devices. It takes place in medieval times on a continent inhabited by elves. Players try to build a powerful and long-lasting Empire, while swiftly dealing with the challengers. The game features all the classic elements of real-time strategy games, with the emphasis on raising the army for conquest.

Key facts about Legend of Empire

  • City building is one of the most important elements in Legend of Empire and the most time-consuming one.
  • Players can train different types of troops and upgrade them, to inflict more damage and resist longer.
  • Team composition is very important in Legend of Empire and players can maximize results by using diverse units.
  • In addition to elves, dwarfs, faerie dragons and treants are the characters that can be found in this game
  • Legend of Empire encourages players to use advanced strategies to triumph in PVP mode.

Gameplay of Legend of Empire

Legend of Empire gameplay is defined by real-time combat, with players controlling their troops live. The animations are free-flowing and comparable to the ones enjoyed by players on consoles and PCs. Various tactical combinations are possible, with players resorting to scouting, fast attacks and war rallies. Veterans can even use false attacks and defensive strategies to trap opponents and strike a decisive blow.

Players fight for their own kingdom in the early stages of the game, but the goal is to build an empire across the entire continent. Controlling key objectives and securing relics improves their chances to survive and makes armies tougher. The gameplay of Legend of Empire gets increasingly complex as players take on online opponents. They have a huge realm to explore and undertake expeditions that will pit them against various foes.

The game is free to play, but players can purchase in game items with real cash. Those who choose to play for free are not at a big disadvantage, but progress is slower. Building an empire requires players to interact with their peers and set up alliances. As a result, these coalitions frequently end up fighting against other unions resulting in nonstop Legend of Empire action. The gameplay is an eclectic mix of strategy and massively multiplayer online elements, but also braided with tactical combat.

Screenshot of Legend of Empire Forts in Flames
Screenshot of Legend of Empire Forts in Flames

Plot of Legend of Empire

Developers of Legend of Empire decided not to lay out the narrative to clearly, as this is not a story driven game. Players are not constrained by a plot and are only given basic direct is about what is expected from them. All they know is that in order to beat the game, they need to build an empire and crush opponents in the process.

The game picks up speed fairly slow, as players begin by training and upgrading troops. This is a time-consuming process that requires constant accumulation of resources and gradually expansion. As the narrative unfolds, players get the opportunity of summoning and recruiting legendary heroes. These augment the troops and some of them are so strong that can single-handedly defeat large crowds.

The role-playing elements in Legend of Empire are self evident as players can craft and enhance weapons. Some of them have sockets so players can also add gems that empower the weapons with new abilities. Equipping heroes with superior weaponry can make them unstoppable against poorly equipped foes. Players from all over the world can participate, so competition is intense and alliances go a long way. A major coalition can steamroll past smaller groups and opponents must join forces to survive.

Development of Legend of Empire

Legend of Empire developers intended to make a game that is free to play and keep it this way. It is possible to acquire some game items with real cash, but this is not a prerequisite. Those who prefer not to spend any money can still enjoy the game, yet an Internet connection is mandatory even for those who are not members of any alliance. As the game gained popularity, developers came up with more updates and introduced new skills, researches and more powerful weapons.

Screenshot of Legend of Empire Temples
Screenshot of Legend of Empire Temples

Where can I download Legend of Empire?

Legend of Empire can be downloaded from Google Play, App Store, but also from Amazon. While browsing these stores, players are likely to find other MMO games based on similar lore. Those who are ready to trade mobile devices for consoles and PCs, can enjoy the real thrills of massive multiplayer online games. Consequently, you can’t go wrong with World of Tanks, World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic and Halo 5 Guardians.

What are others saying about Legend of Empire?

Players were thrilled with the prospect of enjoying a MMO game on their mobile devices and they were not disappointed by the highly interactive Legend of Empire. The fact that you can communicate with fellow players and set up alliances brought the game high scores. Cooperation was celebrated by professional reviewers and the critics proved to be very generous with this mobile friendly game. Some were less than enthusiastic about the round, which felt a bit generic and features too few original elements.

My rating of Legend of Empire

I’ve play so many MMO games and role-playing games on PCs and consoles that I didn’t expect any surprises here. Legend of Empire didn’t sweep me off my feet and to some extent was in line with my expectations. What I like a lot about this game is that it manages to capture the very essence of real-time strategy on the small screen. You can use a mobile device and still experience the thrills of fast-paced combat multiplayer.

The graphics and sound effects are downright exceptional and I was amazed by the quality of the background music. The developers did a great job with the resources given and the inherent limitations of smartphones and tablets. As a result, I’m going to play Legend of Empire a bit longer and meanwhile rate it 9/10.

Overall Score