Screenshot of Legends of Honor Cover

What is Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor is one of the flagship games developed by Goodgame Studios. It is a browser-based MMORTS and can be played for free on desktop computers and mobile devices. Players get to choose between one of the several factions, build an economy and expand their empire. Interaction between participants is also encouraged, as players need to join forces to conquer the continent. At the cornerstone of this massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game is the earning and spending of resources.

Key facts about Legends of Honor

  • Legends of Honor is a free to play MMORTS focusing on PVP combat.
  • The game can be played in browser, without the need to download any content.
  • In Legends of Honor players recruit heroes and troops, build cities and conquer opponents.
  • Joining or forming an alliance is essential to prevail in PVP combat and dominate the map.
  • Terrain plays an important role in Legends of Honor and players can take advantage of it when fighting.

Gameplay of Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor is essentially a player versus player game, but the single player component is strong. Building a civilization is the most important part of the gameplay as well as the most time-consuming. Gathering resources is the main activity and this is an important component, as they are spent on fortifications, troops and heroes. The developers have made sure that defensive minded players don’t get an unfair advantage over those with initiative.

Building fortifications and taking advantage of terrain bonuses can improve one’s chances to prevail. However, the Legends of Honor gameplay is tilted towards offensive players and castles crumble easy. Staying mobile and flexible is the recipe for success, as the gameplay is fast-paced and unpredictable by nature. Compared to regular massively multiplayer online browser games, this one requires players to make decisions quickly.

In the long run, a successful strategy is based on the ability to build and maintain a lucrative economy. Behind the city walls, the accumulation distribution of resources needs to be flawless. Training troops, researching new abilities and bolstering the defenses are all activities that require many resources. Increasingly powerful soldiers can be recruited and their price goes up pretty quickly. Once players have a functional economy, they can get more adventurous and prepare for a campaign of conquest.

Legends of Honor has three main resources, stone, food and wood. These can be gathered at resource nodes, such as quarries and forest or produce behind walls in forms. For each type of resource, players are supposed to erect a special building and then the supplies are accumulated automatically. There is a maximum number of resource buildings that players can produce, to keep the game dynamic.

Screenshot of Legends of Honor City Building
Screenshot of Legends of Honor City Building

Plot of Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor was never supposed to be a single player game or a story driven MMORTS. That’s why developers paid less attention to the storyline and focused more on the gameplay. However, players are supposed to choose one of the three powerful factions, each with a brief history. The differences between these sections are minimal, so regardless of their choice players will enjoy similar economical and military abilities.

The troops that players can train differ slightly, with more significant differences occurring in the long run. Legends of Honor narrative is one of conquest and players need to combine tactical combat with resource gathering and castle building. The world map is medieval in nature, yet players can travel long distances relatively quickly. Learning how to use terrain to your advantage can make the difference between defeat and victory. There are bonuses and penalties given to defenders and attackers.

Without being a story driven videogame, Legends of Honor has a narrative that grows of its own volition. It is open ended and players don’t have to focus on a linear story with a string of main quests. They enjoy virtually limitless freedom in diverging from the initial objectives and strategies can be changed on the go. Depending on how they choose to interact with fellow players, they can fight alone or a part of big alliances. In the long run, only those who join forces stand a chance, regardless of the strategy chosen.

Economically, the challenge is to make the most of the resources available and the related buildings. These can be upgraded to maximize resource production, but players can also collect wood and stone by clicking on the map. Legends of Honor encourages pillaging and food can be taken from vanquish foes.

Screenshot of Legends of Honor Fortifications
Screenshot of Legends of Honor Fortifications

Development of Legends of Honor

Goodgame Studios started working on Legends of Honor in 2014 and it was planned for international release one year later. The company was already experienced in this line of work and has created some great looking browser games. The original concept didn’t change too much, but new features were added, to make the game more competitive. It was released on time and since then was improved, as a result of re-commendations made by players.

Developers decided to come up with a more dynamic MMORTS, therefore downplay the importance of resource gathering. The goal was to produce a game that would encourage players to interact with each other on many levels. Legends of Honor bears many similarities to classic building games, such as Caesar. The building of structures is done not only based on effectiveness, but also factors such as happiness and morale.

The impact of these concepts was enhanced through patches after the game was officially released. This adds a new layer of complexity and encourages participants to pay more attention to design and decorations. Boosting happiness and morale is an important component of creating a booming city and both issues are taken seriously in Legends of Honor. In terms of gameplay, the emphasis on building cities and expanding civilizations makes it similar to Clash of Kings, Clash of Lords or King’s Empire.

Where can I download Legends of Honor?

Legends of Honor is a free to play game that can be downloaded from the company’s official website. Given its popularity, developers found it worthwhile to create a special website for the game. Having said this, those who got hooked to the games produced by Goodgame Studios should check out their official website as well. Here they can find a handful of games belonging to the same genre or slightly different, all bearing their unmistakable trademark.

Goodgame Empire and Goodgame Empire Four Kingdoms are two other games that are centered on the same popular concepts. They can also be played in browser and represent a welcomed distraction for those who have mastered Legends of Honor. If time is of the essence or the aforesaid titles don’t exercise a special attraction, it is safe to jump straight to

Screenshot of Legends of Honor Map
Screenshot of Legends of Honor Map

What are others saying about Legends of Honor?

Legends of Honor was much anticipated by those who had the chance to play any of the games developed by Goodgame. Even during beta testing, it was obvious that the game is going to be a success. The city building gameplay and the multiple options given to those who are familiar with the genre made it popular. Early adopters were quick to praise the game mechanics and the fact that it encourages players to be more offensive rather than retreat to their fort.

The resource management strategy and the hero system received mixed reactions. There were some who were disgruntled by the fact that the number of buildings producing a certain resource was limited. On the other hand, the manner in which heroes are recruited and troops are trained was widely regarded as brilliant. Another thing that caught the eye of prospective players was diplomacy. The importance of making alliances with fellow players can’t be overstated.

One thing that fans of Game of Thrones mentioned in Legends of Honor reviews was the smart way of creating factions. Players get to choose between Warriors of the Wild Lands, the Order of the Golden Claw and also the Knights of Ash and Shadow inspired by the G.R.R. Martin books.

My rating of Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor is not the kind of game to sweep you off your feet if you have played the best MMORPGs and RTSs. However, it extracted an astonishing amount from a gameplay that was produced specifically to be played in browser. The graphics and sound effects are pretty impressive by these standards and the gameplay quite engaging.

This is not the first videogame developed by Goodgame, but the third and this shows. They know the recipe for success and threw in all the important ingredients, to make sure the game doesn’t fall flat. The only problem is that there are plenty of similar games out there and Legends of Honor has a hard time standing out from the crowd. Overall, it’s a good way to spend some time online, especially if you like interacting with other players. Under these circumstances, my review score has to be 8 out of 10

Overall Score