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What is Let It Die?

Let It Die is a video game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and belonging to the hack and slash genre. The free to play game was published by GungHo Online Entertainment and can be played exclusively on PlayStation 4. It was made available for the console in December 2016 and the version for Japan hit the stores in February 2017.

Key facts about Let It Die

  • Let It Die is a classic action game, with a couple of features that make it even more dynamic.
  • Players can earn coins and spend them on better gear or ressurect the character when he dies.
  • Let It Die has a hub shop where players can return after each mission to acquire new gear.
  • There are up to eight classes for players to choose from, all wrapped up in the same character.
  • Let It Die has a unique progression system, with characters leveling up and unlocking new skills.

Gameplay of Let It Die

The Let It Die gameplay bears some similarities to Rogue Legacy, but is more action-packed and less forgiving. Players get multiple attempts and completing every mission and also make incremental progress when they fail. The hub shop consolidates the small gains made by players, while using the coins collected on the road. There are several options for spending it, ranging from acquiring equipment to quickly resurrecting the character.

Players are likely to suffer an untimely demise in the early stages of the game by engaging too many opponents. Later on, a single sniper can inflict catastrophic damage, so it’s mandatory to stay out of sight. The progression system envisioned by the developers is pretty shallow and serves mostly as a consolation for those who fail.

The goal is to move from one level of a treacherous tower to the other until they reach the summit. As they walk up this path, they will encounter various creatures hell-bent on killing them and will collect weapons and gear to deal with this menace. Mushrooms are scattered all across these levels and they serve the purpose of replenishing life. When players die, they will pop up in the games of their peers as powerful opponents. This is a twist in the gameplay of Let It Die to make it fun in multiplayer.

Screenshot of Let It Die Blood Bath
Screenshot of Let It Die Blood Bath

Plot of Let It Die

Action starts in the year 2026 in the wake of a catastrophic earthquake that destroyed most of the world. Much of the city of Tokyo has vanished under the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the southwestern area turned into an island. At the center of the cataclysm is the infamous tower that players investigate, under the watchful eye of the Grim Reaper. Players battle their way to the top without obvious purpose, as the single player campaign is actually a string of seemingly unconnected battles. Plot of Let It Die is basically an excuse for a hack and slash adventure that tends to get increasingly brutal with each completed level.

The game was initially supposed to go by the name of Lily Bergamo, while the action was set in 2043. Inspired by other hack and slash games, it was meant to be an action video game on steroids. Tae Ioroi was the central character in this alternate plot and players were expected to use the more complex progression system to turn her into a formidable fighter. The game would’ve had plenty of online features, but most of them were scrapped when production actually started.

Knowing all the details about how the game was supposed to look and feel, sheds some light on the developers’ original concepts. The plot of Let It Die is not centered on any of these ideas and the game focuses more on providing nonstop action. As players advance with the single player, they quickly realize that the concept of death is more important than they think. While they can be resurrected promptly, the avatars of their demise will appear in the games of other players.

Screenshot of Let It Die Dinosaur Attack
Screenshot of Let It Die Dinosaur Attack

Development of Let It Die

Once the concepts of Lily Bergamo and the game itself were scrapped, development of Let It Die started in 2014. Some of the ideas persisted and were incorporated in Let It Die, a game whose action would unfold 20 years later than intended. The environment has also changed, so the team had to start from scratch and envision an entirely different world. The addition of the skateboard riding Grim Reaper watching over the player throughout the single player campaign created the identity of the game.

Let It Die was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 and the global release was announced for next year. The development team ran into even more obstacles and eventually had to postpone its international release to 2016. When the game was finally made available on December 3 only PlayStation users were able to enjoy it. There are no indications that Grasshopper Manufacture has any plans to create a version for PC or Xbox One.

Where can I download Let It Die?

Grasshopper Manufacture is the developer of the game and the place where you could download Let It Die. It can also be acquired from the publisher’s website, alongside other titles published by GungHo Online Entertainment. None of these companies are major players in the videogame industry, but they brought in some original concepts. Many of their games can be acquired as a bundle and players can benefit from certain discounts.

Let It Die doesn’t feature a companion app to make it compatible with smartphones or tablets. Lily Bergamo, the original game was supposed to have one, but developers decided that this would further push the release date. That’s unfortunate news for smartphones and tablets users who wanted to have some fun with a hack and slash game. Sadly, there are not many options for the fans of the genre, but mobile users can still have fun with King’s Empire, Clash of Kings, Clash of Clans and Battle of Gods.

Screenshot of Let It Die One on One
Screenshot of Let It Die One on One

What are others saying about Let It Die?

The videogame was never expected to emerge as a bestseller or compete for the title of the game of the year. Developers were not surprised by the average Let It Die reviews and tried to focus on the positives. The vast majority of the players appreciated the fact that the game was released for free for PlayStation 4. For a free to play game, it has plenty of content and the occasional gameplay issues are forgivable.

The critics argued that the story drags and in most cases makes no sense whatsoever. Pushing players down a path that leads to no obvious conclusion isn’t the way video games are supposed to work. However, the players had a lot of fun killing mindless creatures around and moving from one level to the other. Their ascension throughout the tower is spiced up by the encounters with tougher opponents. People found the idea of fighting the specters of fellow players who fell on the battlefield very exciting.

My rating of Let It Die

Let It Die is one strange game in terms of graphics, gameplay and overall sense of style. Right from the start I got the feeling I was plunging into a strange universe with fewer rules and without the clear sense of direction. It took me a while to learn the ropes and I’m still struggling to master the somewhat clumsy combat. It can be very frustrating to die over and over again just because the characters don’t respond to your commands as they should. Some might like this feeling of unpredictability, but I’m not one of them.

The interesting environment, the design of power level and the original weapons of choice caught my eye. Personally, I find the addition of the skater Grim Reaper as a smart move. I enjoyed the brief interactions with him, even though they almost always occur when the character dies. Because of its shallow story and sometimes unreliable controls, this game can’t surge above a review score of 7.5/10. However I have no problem in recommending it wholeheartedly to players who want to have fun. It’s action-packed and quite intense, not to mention that it’s one of the few free to play PlayStation 4 titles.