Screenshot of Lost Planet 3 Game Cover

What is Lost Planet 3?

Lost Planet 3 is a video game belonging to the third person shooter action-adventure genre. It was published by Capcom and developed by Spark Unlimited, serving as the prequel for the second game in the series. The game can be played on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PCs powered by Microsoft Windows. It also serves as a prequel to Lost Planet Extreme Condition and the action takes place on the E.D.N. III planet.

Key facts about Lost Planet 3

  • Lost Planet 3 is defined by strong acting and convincing characters that support the narrative.
  • Compared to its predecessors, this game stands out from the crowd with incredible combat variety.
  • Lost Planet 3 has plenty of missions and side quests, but was criticized for inconsistent level design.
  • Hand to hand combat is more exciting than shooting which can get a bit boring at some point.
  • Lost Planet 3 challenges players to switch to Mech combat and this makes the gameplay dynamic

Gameplay of Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 gameplay was supposed to return the franchise to its roots. That’s why, it bears more similarities to the first game in the series, than its most recent previous answer. The story plays a more important role, but the game and combat mechanics in particular keep the players hooked. It uses a mission-based mechanic that wants players a lot of freedom in terms of choosing missions. They can advance just as easily if they choose to stick to the main story or focus on the side quest.

The similarities to role-playing video games don’t stop here and players can freely explore the world. In fact, many quests are actually started by interacting with NPCs and choosing to walk the less traveled paths. The equipment can and should be upgraded quickly, to deal with increasingly powerful opponents. Each time players complete a mission they are provided with new options and get to choose which part of their gear gets upgraded.

To add a layer of complexity to the Lost Planet 3 gameplay, developers allowed players to build bipedal rigs. In order to do so, one would have to gather items scattered across this vast world. Thermal energy is used as currency and in the right amounts can help players upgrade their equipment much faster. Common fields and arch enemies such as Akrid return in the spotlight, with new abilities.

Screenshot of Lost Planet 3 Alien Attack
Screenshot of Lost Planet 3 Alien Attack

Plot of Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 story doesn’t continue the one in the latest release, but actually precedes the first game. Jim Peyton is the main character in the saga and players get to learn more about the events that led to the original videogame. Saved by his granddaughter Diana from a crumbling cave he tells her he story, which starts five decades before. As a miner, he was hoping to make more money by gathering the ore on planet E.D.N III. The resources he was after was dubbed “thermal energy” that closely resembles blood.

The corporation behind this ambitious project was NEVEC and their goal to solve all the energy problems back on earth. While on this quest, Jim was supposed to work closely with Dr. Kendric Kovac, Phil Braddock, Doctor Roman, Rig pilot Laroche and Gale, the head technician. Despite his best efforts, the projects he embarks on tend to fail more often than they should. This prompts him to suspect that someone is sabotaging the work and he shares his suspicions with Dr. Roman.

With no proof to back up these wild accusations, they continue work. It takes a while until they discover that another crew arrived on the planet some time ago trying to mine the same resources. They failed because they came under attack from Akrid aliens, which also end up attacking his team. He barely survives the encounter and is saved by a woman called Mira. She takes him to her people which go by the name of “The Forgotten" and are actually the former survivors.

Screenshot of Lost Planet 3 Cave
Screenshot of Lost Planet 3 Cave

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Upon returning to the main base, Jim discovers that the aliens are also attacking on this front. Dr. Kovac tried to rein them in but the results are not the ones expected and Jim decides to investigate further. Working together with Braddock he learns more about what happened on the planet years ago. Cut off from all support from Earth, they need to rely on themselves to survive the waves of attacking aliens. NEVEC finally steps in but only to attack the Forgotten which prompts Jim to switch sides.

They end up playing a lopsided battle, with their opponents outnumbering and outgunning them. Only when they realize that NEVEC took Jim’s family hostage, they decide to surrender. Braddock helps him escape and exacts vengeance upon field commander Isenberg. The narrative concludes with Jim apologizing to his daughter for leaving her alone to fight the brutal war. Diana is herself saved by Laroche and together they resume the fight against NEVEC.

Development of Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 development was announced immediately after the second game in the series was released. Close beta revealed the fact that the fans were happy with the outcome and more than willing to purchase a new installment. Work started right away and the team tried really hard to come up with a narrative capable of meeting the expectations of hardcore fans. The outcome made the efforts worthwhile, because the writers were nominated for some prestigious videogame writing awards. Even though they didn’t eventually win, they found themselves in select company and won the players’ admiration.

Where can I download Lost Planet 3?

Capcom was the publisher for Lost Planet 3 as well as the prequels and the expansion packs. That’s why the game can be downloaded from their website or Spark Unlimited’s website. This was the software developer, so more information about the game can also be found here. The publisher is famous for bringing in the spotlight dozens of other attractive video games covering all genres. Street Fighter V, Resident Evil 6 and Devil May Cry should also keep players entertained for quite a while.

Screenshot of Lost Planet 3 Explosion
Screenshot of Lost Planet 3 Explosion

What are others saying about Lost Planet 3?

Lost Planet 3 reviews were generally positive, but some players were not very happy with the latest installment. The fact that developers chose to come up with another prequel didn’t satisfy most of the fans. The review scores tend to improve, even though the game was released with virtually no bugs and required no major updates. There were also significant differences between the scores earned on various consoles and Microsoft Windows. PC players were generally the most enthusiastic of their players.

The company was hoping for better numbers in terms of sales, which were below expectations. As for the fans, many of those who played the previous installments were happy with the narrative. It explains a lot of the things they felt were underdeveloped in the first two games. The strong characters and superb voice acting won the game praise from both newcomers and long-term players. As for the visuals, they were generally regarded as superior to both sound effects and even the gameplay itself.

My rating of Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 was the first game I played in the series, so for me it doesn’t really count as a prequel. I have to admit that I found the story intriguing enough as to play the other two games. That’s no small achievement given the fact that players usually have a hard time settling for inferior graphics. I’d say that the narrative is definitely strong point and the characters are so convincing thanks to the voice acting. It’s easy to get hooked on the story even if you don’t know a great deal about the planet and its background.

The combat variety left something to be desired, but was overall competent and pretty challenging at some point. Personally I was a bit disappointing about Mech combat and even found it to be more than a gimmick than a real feature. Probably for those who played the games in order, it was a much-needed addition, but I wasn’t swept off my feet. I’m happy I wrote the review after playing the other two games, as they helped open my eyes a bit wider. I can recommend Lost Planet 3 to those who want to have some fun these holidays, but I won’t go above a review score of 8/10.

Overall Score