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MakeMyTrip is an online travel company from India that was established back in 2000. It has the headquarters in Gurgaon and it was founded by Deep Kalra. It provides everything from hotel reservations and flight tickets to local transportation tickets for buses and trains. The company made a giant leap forward in 2011 as a result of strategic acquisitions. The release of Travel Apps represents an important milestone and should help it achieve its goal of becoming the best travel portal in India.

Key facts about MakeMyTrip

  • MakeMyTrip is a major player in India, and a one-stop shop for transportation tickets and hotels.
  • The Travel Apps service is now available on a broad spectrum of smartphones and tablets.
  • MakeMyTrip doesn’t cater exclusively to the Indian market and has retail stores worldwide.
  • Members can buy train and bus tickets and even use the car hire services for their vacations.
  • MakeMyTrip is on a constant expansion to better meet the needs of Indians traveling abroad

How does MakeMyTrip work?

MakeMyTrip offers a comprehensive service that goes beyond the booking of hotel rooms. An important segment of their venture revolves around the acquisition of flight, train and bus tickets. Their partnerships with domestic and international carriers make it possible for Indian customers to buy tickets to multiple destinations. The Route Planner is an invaluable tool that covers in excess of 1 million domestic routes.

The purchase of bus and rail tickets allows for shoppers to choose between different categories. The most prominent ones are Volvo, Air Conditioned, Non Air Conditioned, Deluxe, Semi-Deluxe and Sleepers. MakeMyTrip has expanded in 2010 to also offer car hire services for those who want to enjoy a carefree vacation. These services can be acquired at the same time of booking hotel rooms or at a later date.

The online travel company has a compendium of 13,000 hotels scattered all over India. Visitors can browse based on location, category, number of stars and price. The filters make it easy to distinguish between budget and luxury accommodation. Their recent expansion was meant to provide more alternatives to those who book hotels outside Indian borders. MakeMyTrip has acquired as well as My Guest House Accommodation to expand its portfolio.

The MakeMyTrip mobile experience

MakeMyTrip has grown its business in two directions since 2012. The introduction of new mobile solutions represents the most important milestone reached by the company. Devices powered by Android, Apple and Windows operating systems can be used to navigate the website and make reservations. The dedicated applications are included in the bundle that goes by the name of Travel Apps. This is where mobile users can reserve a hotel room, book flights and bus tickets.

Screenshot of MakeMyTrip Cruises
Screenshot of MakeMyTrip Cruises

The MakeMyTrip mobile experience is enhanced by the specialized features included by this app. Tablets and smartphones can be used to generate the tickets, provide travel alerts, cancel reservations and check their status. The company pays attention to the fast rising community of customers using social networks. It is possible to track and share travel itineraries on Twitter and Facebook between members.

The mobile app provides immediate and unrestricted access to the reviews written by fellow users. Writing longer comments can be a nuisance on a tiny device, but the feature is available nonetheless. The usefulness of hearing out what fellow users have to say is self evident and the popularity of Travel Apps is rising. Last minute deals, as well as discounts for reservations made several months in advance are automatically sent to those who sign up for an account.

What are others saying about MakeMyTrip?

MakeMyTrip is praised for its obvious commitment to better serve the Indian audience. The number of hotels featured on their website is still relatively small when focusing on local provinces. Expedia and are the uncontested leaders in this niche, but other challengers fare better. Cleartrip for example is doing a fine job at breaching the gap although it trails the leader at a distance.

Screenshot of MakeMyTrip Gift Card
Screenshot of MakeMyTrip Gift Card

There is no shortage of complaints about MakeMyTrip and most of them are in regard with the last minute hotels. There are many customers who claim that these alleged deals are nothing more than false advertising. They serve the purpose of frightening the customer into acting quickly and book a hotel room without thinking twice. Those who issue such complaints claim that they manually searched for discounts on other websites or a few days later. Apparently the prices were the same and no rebates were offered.

While generally happy with the service provided by MakeMyTrip, some customers express concerns about the refund policy. More precisely, they are upset by the fact that there are no reimbursements when tapping into the alleged generosity of some promotions. Clients who issued complaints were further frustrated by the waiting policy. Some claim that they were instructed to wait for as much as 48 hours, which is a long time by most standards.

My rating of MakeMyTrip

I’m an avid traveler and I’ve had plenty of good and bad experiences. Obviously, unexpected situations can arise and there’s nothing you can do about it. When it comes to choosing an online travel company, I prefer the biggest ones such as and Expedia. Having said this, there is nothing wrong in taking a leap of faith every now and then with a smaller operator. Cleartrip for example has pleasantly surprised me on several occasions and MakeMyTrip could do that as well.

The convenience of booking an entire vacation is something that I like a lot. If searching for a bundle that includes hotel reservations, flight and local transportation, MakeMyTrip can be a good choice. I find them particularly useful within Indian borders, but less than stellar options when traveling abroad. The steps made in 2010 and 2011 are bringing them closer to the goal of establishing a more dominant position. I trust them to succeed and I’ll be more than willing to revise the review score of 6 out of 10 upwards.

Overall Score