Screenshot of Marbella Casino Entrance

Marbella Casino is a place that anyone who takes gambling seriously should visit when traveling to southern Spain. It’s a place where many dreams come true, or at least a great destination to spend some quality time. A quick drive from the famous seaside resort, it is open daily from 8 PM to 4 AM for those who want to play table games. If you’re a fan of slot machines, then you don’t even have to wait that long as the casino opens its doors at noon.

Those who visit Marbella for the first time should know that the casino is actually located in Puerto Banus. The good news is that in a couple of minutes you will be at the premises if you choose to drive and there are also plenty of buses taking you there. With nearly 13,000 ft.² gaming spaces, it has 150 gaming machines and plenty of poker and table games. Add to this the restaurant, the bar and a glamorous hotel with over 400 rooms and you got an actual picture of what awaits you here.

Key facts about Marbella Casino

  • Marbella Casino is a midsize casino offering all gaming genres.
  • This is a great place to play games against tourists and other amateurs.
  • Marbella Casino has significantly more slot machines than table games and video pokers.
  • This is the place where the EPT poker tour hosts one of its most prestigious events.
  • Marbella Casino has a different schedule for those who want to play slots and table games fans.

Marbella Casino Games and Limits

Those who step inside a brick-and-mortar casino should expect to pay an entry fee. Marbella Casino makes no exception, but if you choose this seaside casino, you won’t have to pay a lot of money up front. The casino has a very interesting policy and all it takes is €5 to enter the casino and enjoy all its services. The best part is that after registration, you will receive a card that will grunt you free access the next time you visit and complimentary drinks.

Once inside, players decide whether they jump on the bandwagon right away or explore the premises. Many prefer to spend some quality time at the Jackpot Bar or have a snack in the restaurant. The main gaming room is pretty big and even when hundreds of people participate, you don’t get the feeling of being in a crowded place. The casino also has different rules for those who want to play poker and those who would rather spend cash as slot machines.

Compared to online casinos that allow players to spend only virtual currency, land-based venues demand real cash. Those who chose to hone their skills over the Internet at Spin Princess, Sapphire Room, Pots of Luck or Chomp Casino have an upper hand. In these places, they can spend as much time wagering exclusively virtual currency as they like. There also promotions and bonuses that would enable them to compete for real cash without risking any of their own.

With 150 slots to choose from, there’s a good chance to recognize some of the titles popular online. There are plenty of games inspired by the classics, and also a few carrying jackpots. The staff is very helpful and happy to provide slot machine fans with assistance.

Screenshot of Casino Marbella Lobby
Screenshot of Marbella Casino Lobby

Live Poker at Marbella Casino

Marbella Casino is first and foremost famous for its poker games. As a popular destination for fans of these games who visit this seaside resort, it never runs out of customers. Depending on the time you choose to visit the casino, action will focus more on cash or tournament tables. The latter are actually a rarity and there are roughly a dozen big events throughout the year. The EPT is by far the flagship competition and the one that attracts most of the customers here.

Those who want to play poker over the weekend will have to settle for smaller events, mostly sit’n goes. There is a good chance to be asked to wait for a couple of hours until enough people come by. The early bird doesn’t catch the worm at Marbella Casino, since action truly starts after 10 PM. Meanwhile, players have the option of serving dinner in the local casino, have a couple of drinks or play slot machines.

Things are significantly better for those who would rather play poker and cash games. From Monday to Sunday starting at 8 PM the tables open and one can play Texas Hold‘em and Omaha Poker. The limits are reasonable and if you don’t have highroller expectations, you can play at $2/$5 tables. The minimum entry is $250 and you can buy in for up to $1500 so players enjoy a lot of flexibility. Tourists usually open the tables with an average of $500.

Competition is soft and there’s a good chance for poker professionals to make money here. If you haven’t visited the premises before, you get the feeling you are at a United Nations round table. There are people from many European countries and sometimes tourists from other continents.

Screenshot of Casino Marbella Poker Tournament
Screenshot of Marbella Casino Poker Tournament

Live Table Games at Marbella Casino

Poker is just one of the games that can be played here but there are plenty of other options for table games fans. Marbella Casino has French, European and American roulette tables for the fans of the genre. One can also play blackjack, baccarat and craps against professional and friendly dealers. These tables are usually the loudest and it’s easy to identify them in the big location. Action starts here at 8 PM as well and continues deep into the night, usually until 4 AM.

Anyone familiar with land-based casinos knows that the same chips can be used to play any of the table games. Basically, you can enjoy blackjack for a while then move onto baccarat and roulette using the same chips. They have nominal value so it’s virtual impossible to get confused. Players who run out of chips will have to rebuy at the cashier, with several offices open simultaneously. The lucky winners will be able to cash out their profits in a matter of minutes without unnecessary delays.

Marbella Casino Dress Code and Entertainment

Marbella Casino is first and foremost a place where tourists can play their favorite games and relax after a day at the beach. The fact that the casino is also acting as a gracious host for the prestigious EPT is a bonus. However, the dress code is the same all the time and players are advised to embrace proper casual attire. There’s no need to wear a tie or a jacket, but it is strictly forbidden to enter the premises in flip-flops, shorts and sleeveless T-shirts.

Screenshot of Casino Marbella Jackpot Bar
Screenshot of Marbella Casino Jackpot Bar

It goes without saying that only those who are above 18 years old are allowed to enter the casino. When registering, players are supposed to present an ID, issued by local authorities or a passport. Once inside, they enjoy access to all the services the casino offers, including the restaurant. At the poker tables, one can have a snack for free and plenty of drinks from a well diversified menu. Marbella Casino actually has some tasty meals to offer, so players don’t have any incentive to leave the tables.

Those who want to take some time off from poker and table games can visit the local restaurant. It is located in the same main room hosting poker games. The architects did a brilliant job at turning this restaurant into an oasis of serenity where players can have dinner on distracted. The bar is an equally tempting place and there are dozens of fine wines to choose from. Cocktails are not in short supply either and even the most demanding players are likely to be happy with what is up for grabs.

What are others saying about Marbella Casino?

Marbella Casino reviews are very positive and most of them are written by poker players. Those who have attended the EPT here have only good things to say about the location and the organizers. Having said this, it is also the merit of the poker companies in charge of running these events. On a daily basis, the casino is not crowded and there are still plenty of things to do and games to play. Very few players expressed criticism and most of them were disappointed by the sheer size. Compared to Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos this is smaller, but still impressive by European standards.

My experience and rating of Marbella Casino

I was on vacation when I visited Marbella Casino for the first time. As an avid poker player I would’ve liked to be here when the EPT stops for a week. Even so I was pleasantly impressed by the location, the staff and the poker tables. The casino is cozy, the poker players are mostly tourists, in high spirits and with less than stellar knowledge about the game. It’s also a good way to spend an evening with a girlfriend, as you’ve got plenty of things to do besides gambling. I can wholeheartedly recommend the casino to both tourists and poker players and rate it 9/10.

Overall Score