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What is Marvel vs Capcom Infinite?

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite published and developed by Capcom is a fighting videogame. The six-game in the franchise, it features characters from both universes and pits them against each other. It introduces new and original concepts, such as the two-on-two fights while removing some key elements. New gameplay elements were added to make the game more fluid, boosting abilities and skills. Compared to its predecessors, the new game is easier to play and more friendly towards beginners. The game can be played on Microsoft Windows PCs as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Key facts about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

  • Marvel vs Capcom Infinite pays more attention to the plot and has a fully fledged narrative.
  • The game has a cinematic story mode that gets players fully immersed in the atmosphere.
  • Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has a new fighting system that rewards skill and strategy.
  • Ultron Sigma is the main villain that heroes of the Marvel and Capcom universes fight against.
  • Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was occasionally criticized for its inconsistent superhero models.

Gameplay of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

The Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gameplay is influenced by the 2D fighting game model. In order to keep the videogame fresh, the developers decided to introduce two-on-two partner battles. This marks a steep departure from the previous format involving teams of three heroes. Players switch from one character to the other and are supposed to drain the hit points of opponents, to force a replacement.

In the new game, it is no longer possible to use calling assist attacks from the idle superheroes. Developers found it worthwhile to change the gameplay of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite by using the Active Switch system. This allows players to switch from one character to the other whenever they feel necessary. It opens the door to new combos, more powerful abilities and encourages players to use complex tactics. It is even possible to sacrifice hit points for the powerful "Counter Switch" mechanic.

There’s a lot of depth to the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gameplay as a result of these subtle changes. Action unfolds at a faster pace and players have more ways to surprise opponents. The fighting mechanics are the same, but action unfolds in several different arenas. They are visually unique but don’t influence the gameplay, so players can’t hope to get an unfair advantage. To give themselves a better chance in battle, they need to use the four attack buttons and make the most of the auto-combo system.

Hyper Combos are now easier to activate so players enjoy more freedom when unleashing powerful attacks. An equally important element in the gameplay is the ability of selecting one of the six infinity stones. These are chosen before the game begins and gives players a boost in battle.

Screenshot of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Clash of Will

Plot of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite story begins with Jedah Dohma making a tempting proposition to Death. They plan on achieving perfect equilibrium and in order to achieve this, they begin the search for the Infinity stones. Things quickly get out of hand when Ultron and Thanos are sent to retrieve the stones, but the latter makes a deal with Sigma. The two of them try to destroy all biological life and this is when the heroes of Marvel and Capcom rise to the challenge.

They travel to Valkanda where Hulk and Ryu are briefly captured before Capt. America intervenes. After a couple of skirmishes, they and a couple of more heroes from both universes travel to the Dark Kingdom. This is where they are led to Jedah by Morrigan and despite their best efforts, the former gets away with the stone. On this planet, they fight Firebrand and Dormammu and after defeating them they meet up with Spiderman and Chris Redfield.

The heroes join their forces to confront Grandmaster Meio and after they tried, they free Zero. In the next stage of the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite plot, the heroes tried to create a weapon capable of using the Infinity Stones. After a string of initial setbacks, they finally assemble the machine and proceed to the use it again Ultron Sigma. In the ensuing fight, their arch enemy is transformed into Ultron Omega and in the end destroyed by the heroes.

The narrative of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite concludes with the heroes getting together to protect the new world. In the wake of the Reality Stone being cracked, it is no longer possible to separate the universes. The single player concludes with Jedah and Death plotting and being ambushed by Thanos.

Screenshot of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Captain Marvel

Development of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel back in 2009 and initially decided not to renew the contract with Capcom. They eventually changed their mind and so development of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite began in 2016. The team working on the new game expressed its intention to make it compatible with both consoles, right from the start. Hollywood blockbusters further enhance the popularity of the superheroes and provided the team with the impetus to double their efforts.

The game was scheduled for international release in 2017 and the core elements of the series were maintained intact. On one hand, developers wanted to make sure that the popular game mechanics will still be eligible part of the new release. At the same time, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite gameplay is enhanced by the addition of new fighting mechanics. The original three on three battle system was replaced for the more compact two-on-two fights.

Where can I download Marvel vs Capcom Infinite?

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite can be downloaded from the Capcom website. This is also a great starting point for those who want to see how the franchise evolved and how the previous games felt like. Many superhero inspired video games can be found here, but also once belonging to other genres. Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 7 and Street Fighter V as well as Dead Rising 4 can be downloaded. The impressive collection of games available is the consequence of Capcom being both publisher and developer. Fans of the franchise can acquire several of the most recent games at a discounted price.

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What are others saying about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite?

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite reviews are generally positive, with similar scores for all consoles and Microsoft Windows PCs. The players were impressed with the manner in which developers were able to build on the popularity of its predecessor. The new title feels different enough thanks to the new game mechanics as well as the more dynamic 2v2 game modes. Some players were happy to see a couple of core mechanics being removed, although the replacements were just as good.

Veterans also notice the fact that the new game is much easier to play, therefore more likely to be wholeheartedly embraced by beginners. The open-ended fighting systems were also cited as a major step forward by both players and critics. Not having the assist system in place came as a surprise for most of those who have played the previous game. Visually, the new game was regarded as vastly superior not only to the last installment, but also most of the modern fighting games.

My Rating of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite makes fighting fun once again, after a couple of less successful attempts to reinvent the genre. The developers took a leap of faith with the removal of certain core game mechanics, but I think the efforts paid off. I like the way the Infinity Stone concept works and the layer of depth added to the gameplay. The fighting system is streamlined and if you are new to this type of games, you’ll appreciate the super attacks.

Anyone who got hooked by the Hollywood blockbusters celebrating superheroes will probably like Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite. It is definitely a good pastime even for avid gamers who play a different genre professionally. This fighting videogame doesn’t require total commitment and can be played for fun for just a couple of minutes every day. In a nutshell, it is precisely the kind of game to recommend to casual players and anyone seeking mindless fun. It also has a review score of 7/10 to back it up.