Screenshot of Need for Speed 2015 Game Cover

Need for Speed 2015 commonly referred to as Need for Speed is the latest game in the series developed by Ghosts Games. It is published by Electronic Arts and released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in late 2015 then on PC. Overall, it is the 22nd installment in the franchise and it serves as a full reboot for the series. It introduces new concepts, while returning to the tuner culture discontinued since 2010.

Key facts about Need for Speed 2015

  • Need for Speed 2015 is the best looking game in the series, taking full advantage of the latest technologies.
  • Drifting games are some of the most exciting ones, highly responsive and realistic.
  • Need for Speed 2015 doesn’t have a long story, therefore the single player campaign is pretty shallow.
  • Multiplayer delivers the thrills that the franchise promise to its fans but failed to deliver in the previous installments.
  • Unlike its predecessors, Need for Speed 2015 has fewer game modes and there is no possibility for drag racing.

The Need for Speed 2015 games

Need for Speed 2015 games require players to be connected to the Internet to be able to play. This can be a bit problematic and frustrating for those who purchased the game for the single player experience. Even those who have no intention to interact with other players, with still need to go online to play. There are some differences between this racing game and The Crew, at least when it comes to multiplayer.

The latter allows players to sign up for multiplayer games and then jump right into the missions. At the same time, Need for Speed 2015 games feel a bit restrictive and the PVP mode is underdeveloped. Players who are not interested in player versus player contests and finish the single player campaign have a few options. One of them would be to search for the collectibles, scattered all over the map.

What is Need for Speed 2015

Need for Speed 2015 is a popular online open world racing videogame published by Electronic Arts. It continues the legacy of the franchise and can be played on both a generation consoles and PCs. The twenty-second game in the series, it was developed by Ghost Games who also worked on the prequel. It can only be played with an Internet connection active, but has both a single player and multiplayer mode.

Gameplay of Need for Speed 2015

Those who have played any of the games in the series are probably familiar with the Need for Speed 2015 gameplay. The developers have changed a couple of features to make it more dynamic and speed up the action. The customization system has been improved and new features were added, with the emphasis on new camera angles. The maps are larger and players can explore the huge fictional city of Ventura Bay.

Screenshot of Need for Speed 2015 Porche
Screenshot of Need for Speed 2015 Porche

The gameplay of Need for Speed 2015 differs depending on the type of game chosen by players. Speed, Style, Crew, Build and Outlaw are the five alternatives and players can earn points in each of them. Pretty much all the cars in the game can be customized and these modifications go beyond visuals. The game features many tuning companies inspired by real-life businesses such as RAUH-Welt Begriff, SEIBON, and RTR Mustang. The gameplay is enhanced by the addition of a new drift style.

Plot of Need for Speed 2015

Need for Speed 2015 has a relatively simple narrative, which revolves around a couple of key characters. Each of them tries to impress someone in the game and as a result, go through various challenges. The success of these missions will influence their evolution, but most of the tests are rather straightforward. As the single player campaign evolves, players accumulate reputation, cash and collectibles.

When players set various milestones in the game and defeat their rivals, a cutscene starts. These short visuals serve the purpose of giving more consistency to an otherwise simplistic plot. The petty rivalries between the protagonists fade in the final stages of the campaign. Eventually they realize the importance of working together for the greater good, but the challenges continue. The goal is to become the ultimate icon and this is what wraps up the narrative.

Development of Need for Speed 2015

Most of the time invested in the development of Need for Speed 2015 was in regard to the visuals and game mechanics. Less interest was paid to the narrative, which explains why the single player campaign is relatively short. The team working on the racing game added a few new characters and game modes, without this causing unnecessary delays. The game was released on time across all consoles and PC.

Screenshot of Need for Speed 2015 Bridge
Screenshot of Need for Speed 2015 Bridge

The rumors about the upcoming release broke out in early 2013, when the developers talked about a reboot. Need for Speed 2015 is based on the videogame released back in 2004 but also tries to go back to its roots. The similarities to the Underground are self-evident, but the graphics are better and the gameplay more complex.

Where can I download Need for Speed 2015?

EA is the publisher of Need for Speed 2015 so you’ll find the game on the company’s official website. There are hundreds of other titles to download here, as well as all the games in the franchise. If you’re ready to explore the thrills of other genres, then you get your fix here. Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and Mass Effect Andromeda are all featured.

What are others saying about Need for Speed 2015?

Need for Speed 2015 was not expected to continue the narrative of its predecessor. That’s why, the critics were not disappointed that they storyline was completely new and unique. What they didn’t like that much is the fact that developers didn’t put too much heart in developing the plot. Much criticism was caused by the sheer length of the campaign as well as its lack of depth. Players were not that happy either with the fact that they would have to go online even when playing alone.

Overall, the game received decent reviews and was rated at roughly 70 out of 100. The visuals and sound effects were praised by all those who went to the trouble of reviewing the game. The changes made to the gameplay were regarded as a hit or miss, depending on the preference of players. With the game drawing inspiration from a videogame released a decade earlier, some players were a bit disappointed.

Screenshot of Need for Speed 2015 City Lights
Screenshot of Need for Speed 2015 City Lights

Need for Speed 2015 tournaments

The game can be played in single player but in order to make the most of this gaming experience one has to go online. Competitive multiplayer is what keeps the online open world racing videogame alive and offsets the shallowness of the campaign. However, Need for Speed 2015 tournaments are reduced to multiplayer games played among friends.

They lack the depth required by those who fell in love with the adrenaline rush of eSports competitions. Electronic Arts is making its baby steps in this line of work and has a couple of quality titles. Madden NFL 16, FIFA 16 and EA Sports UFC 2 can be played online by sports fans. Crysis 3, Titanfall, Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 4 or Star Wars Battlefront are an even better choice.

My rating of Need for Speed 2015

I grew up with Need for Speed and played nearly half of the games in this franchise. That’s a lot of titles, given the fact that this is the 22nd installment in the series. I was always disappointed by the fact that the games brought very few new elements. At the same time, I acknowledged the fact that developers struggle to extract as much as possible from this scrap. Racing games can only inovate that much and over the course of time you get to learn to enjoy the little things.

Need for Speed 2015 doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but at least allows you to customize the set of wheels of your car. Better visuals, truly impressive sound effects and a gameplay that was clearly improved are the unmistakable upsides. While I can overlook many of the shortcomings, I don’t understand why they chose to require an Internet connection. In the great scheme of things, this is an average game but a better than average title in the franchise. A review score of 7.5 out of 10 should reflect this reality.

Overall Score