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Netmeds is an Indian online vendor that is specialized in selling prescription and over-the-counter drugs. The online pharmacy opened shop in 2015 and its purpose was to make the acquisition of drugs more convenient for local people. They also brag about reducing the costs by up to 10%, in addition to simplifying the acquisition process.

The company had to overcome several legislative hurdles, as the Indian laws that control the sale of drugs are outdated. In the wake of their success, government officials and pharmaceutical representatives got together to discuss the overhaul of these rules. The Indian consumer pharmacy market is estimated at nearly $18 billion and is expected to increase three times by 2020.

Key facts about Netmeds

  • Netmeds is the biggest online pharmacy in India, catering mostly for local customers.
  • The pharmacy sells both over-the-counter and prescription drugs, as well as other medicine.
  • Netmeds is very strict when it comes to safety and will require shoppers to upload their prescriptions when placing an order.
  • The online shop is a new addition, but the company has been around for more than 100 years.
  • Netmeds has a mobile app that players can download on smartphones and tablets for free.

How does Netmeds work?

Netmeds offers quick and convenient access to medicine, while relying on a speedy home delivery service. People can browse and shop for both prescription and over-the-counter medicines. The company has gradually expanded its scope, to include smaller cities and even rural villages. Many of the drugs sold on the website are generic medicine, which makes it possible for buyers to cut down on costs.

Browsing the website is possible without having an account, but shoppers need to register one. To simplify navigation, the medicine available is grouped based on genre, in several major categories. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs represent the vast majority, with other sections being dedicated to diabetes, baby and mother, personal care, wellness and household.

Most of the drugs available on the website can be acquired hasslefree, by simply placing in order. The acquisition process is virtually the same as with all e-commerce shops. Things change slightly for those who are in the market for prescription drugs, as Netmeds will require a prescription. This can be uploaded using the online form and they even have an instructional video for new customers.

Buyers can learn more about the drugs available by reading the descriptions or by asking customer support. The company takes great pride in employing doctors and pharmacists, therefore provides superior care. Their service will remind players about refills, so the odds of running out of medicine are slim to none. Since its inception in 2015, Netmeds has expanded to offer more natural supplements, vitamins, herbal products and pain relievers.

Netmeds has a section dedicated to informing buyers about drug interactions and side effects. Shoppers are expected to research, but the online pharmacy leaves nothing to chance. Security is also ensured by protecting sensitive information with SSL technology.

Screenshot of Netmeds Prescription Upload
Screenshot of Netmeds Prescription Upload

The Netmeds mobile experience

In the absence of a dedicated mobile app, Netmeds would have defeated the purpose of convenient shopping. This application is available for both iOS and Android users and can be downloaded for free. Users enjoy the same functionality as if they were to browse the website on their mobile device. Some of the useful features are the ones allowing players to refill prescriptions automatically, track orders and rate items. Frequent shoppers are presented with reward points which can be used to obtain discounts.

Netmeds mobile app is intuitive and can be used on any gadget, not only the latest devices. Several patches made it snappier and new features were added in 2017, in response to popular demand. The Indian online pharmacy doesn’t dwell exclusively on products developed within national borders. Shoppers can buy medicine from any part of the world and send them back to India.

Mobile users benefit from special promotions and discounts on selected medicine. A 15% discount on prescription drugs and 5% on over-the-counter drugs are the most popular with shoppers. There are also promotions available exclusively to those who shop on smartphones and tablets and pay with credit cards. Regardless of the payment method of choice, it’s possible to track your order and accurately predict the time of arrival.

Screenshot of Netmeds Mobile App
Screenshot of Netmeds Mobile App

What are others saying about Netmeds?

Netmeds is appreciated within Indian borders for providing a convenient way of shopping for medicine. Local customers trust them despite recently launching the Internet venture, as the company has been around for a century. Their services are generally regarded as cost-effective and the recent promotions have won the hearts and minds of many customers. Most complaints are in regard to occasional delays in delivery and the nonexistent discounts on certain products.

There are no complaints regarding customer support, as it is available round-the-clock. Shoppers can use WhatsApp or email to ask their questions. All relevant information will be sent to their account and this is where users can expect to find the most recent notifications. Mobile devices can be used to update personal information, browse the entire collection of medicine and apply for the latest promotions.

My rating of Netmeds

I’ve always had second thoughts about shopping online for medicine, as I don’t like to take any chances with counterfeit drugs. Netmeds however has a good reputation and provides its members with quick and convenient access to a broad spectrum of medicine. I like the fact that they sell so many generic drugs, as we tend to pay too much on branded medicine that does exactly the same thing.

What I like about this company is that it takes security seriously and won’t sell prescription medicine without a prescription. At the same time, the convenience of automatically refilling the order without asking for additional papers is a plus. Unlike other major e-commerce companies such as AliExpress, OLX, Flipkart and Shopee, it sells exclusively medicine. Overall, I think they get the job done pretty well and address a market demand, so they deserve a review score of 7.5 out of 10.

Overall Score


  1. My order number is 1382 I ordered meds 2 months ago over $250 order and was told to send another term $50 an hour to get my meds if this not a scam tell me what is send me a refund or my meds preferably my meds that’s why I ordered them cuz I need them

  2. I have been using NETMEDS from past 4–5 years and I am very happy and satisfied with their services.
    I would say, NETMEDS is one among the best things that I came across in the beginning stage. This is because my dad needs a constant supply of medicine and my mom also has started taking few medicines on a regular basis now.
    I have ordered medicine almost every month since 2015 or so. There was 1–2 occasion when they have sent me the wrong medicines. But it was immediately solved and I didn’t have to wait for days or talk to customer care for hours. I called them and they asked me to place a return request. It took just 5 minutes.
    Regarding the saving part, there is always offers going on in NETMEDS. Everytime I order I get 20–30% discount and an additional 10–50% cashback using Amazon pay, Paypal etc.
    So if I calculate,
    My approx spend on medicine is 18000 INR per month and I get 40% discount. So I had saved 7200 INR*4 = 28,800 INR in 4 years and I get my medicine in 3–4 days at my home.
    I also have something to share, you can try this code “JACK9991” to get 30% instant off on your medicine and an additional 10% as supercash.
    There are other codes also which says it gives up to 40% off, but instant off will be 20-25%, and rest will be in the form of supercash which has several terms and conditions. So choose wisely.