Fantasy sports are more competitive than ever, but numberFire is the next generation sports and realistic platform that can help fantasy players win big. It offers all the necessary tools that savvy players require when making predictions, while keeping them up to date with the latest trends. By providing reliable data that is always available at their fingertips, the sports analytics platform gives unprecedented insight.

The developers paid close attention to what fantasy sports players were asking for, and came up with a tool that is invaluable at predicting team and their performance. numberFire has a scientifical approach,  and by using mathematical models, players are more likely to succeed than their peers who rely on intuition. The program breaks down the action in a manner that is easy to understand even by beginners, while using regressive and predictive models to anticipate future performance.

Players are free to browse the website and learn about the usefulness of numberFire before becoming real money subscribers. Once conneced, they can browse for players, set up a team and ask fellow players and experts for advice. The community is active and consists mostly of people who know a great deal about fantasy sports.

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A short history of numberFire

Nik Bonaddio came up with the idea back in 2010. The following year, he successfully pitched it at the prestigious DisruptNYC conference. Fantasy sports were already a big thing and visionary people realized the fact that over the next couple of years, the industry will grow to unprecedented highs. Once the project attracted the much-needed financing, the team expanded and Keith Goldner joined as chief analyst.

An important milestone for numberFire was reached later in 2011, when several big investors jumped on the bandwagon. Another huge leap forward was made in August 2015, when FanDuel acquired the company. This is one of the two leading daily fantasy sports providers next to DraftKings. The purchase confirms the quality of the sports analytics platform.

numberFire was greatly improved, with the latest version being far more accurate at predicting future performance. By combining predictive algorithms with advanced metrics, the platform greatly simplifies the mission of fantasy sports players. The data-driven projections can be used by both professionals and amateurs. That's because the information is delivered in a straightforward manner. Many players use similar apps hoping to get a competitive edge over their counterparts and win the league

How does numberFire work?

When new members set up a team, they will decide which players they want to follow, hence receive predictions for. This is a one-time action and once performed, it is virtual impossible for players to miss anything regarding those players. Predictive modeling is a three-tiered process, focusing on matches, players and a combination of the above.

Screenshot of Number Fire NBA Projections. © numberFire
Screenshot of Number Fire NBA Projections. © numberFire

At a first glance, the information might seem a bit overwhelming. numberFire matches the chosen players with historical ones with whom they share key characteristics. In this line of work, past performance can predict future results. There are plenty of advantages to finding historically comparable players. Fantasy sports fans are provided the essential information that should help them make an educated decision and win their leagues.

numberFire analyzes past games, while factoring in all the relevant details, ranging from game strategy to defense and offense. Granted no two games are the same, by identifying patterns and understanding past results the platform helps players pick winners. The projection algorithm uses a lot of data to compare teams and players and perform complex calculations. As a result, subscribers don’t have to do it themselves.

After they look at similar athletes playing in similar matches, numberFire comes up with an accurate data-driven projection. This is the end result that fantasy sports fans are actually looking for. It helps when trying to decide who to featuring the starting formation, who to trade and who drop. Players can use the predictions as they are delivered to them, or in conjunction with information they have already extracted.

Free and premium numberFire products

Fantasy sports are now a fully fledged industry, attracting hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Not surprisingly, all this attention has caught the eye of major companies who are now sponsoring various competitions. The bottom line is that participants have a lot of fun while playing, but also have the possibility of winning real cash. As a result, competition is more intense than ever and those who put a lot of hours into fantasy sports can enjoy an excellent return on investment.

Screenshot of Number Fire NFL Projections. © numberFire
Screenshot of Number Fire NFL Projections. © numberFire

numberFire can help both amateurs and professional players who take fantasy sports very seriously, by providing them with the complete lineup of products. Browsing the website can be done without signing up for real money account and a lot of information is available for free. On one hand, this serves as a teaser for visitors, which are regarded as potential customers, on the other it provides useful advice to all those interested in fantasy sports.

The basic package is comprehensive enough as to help NHL, MLB and NFL fans make the correct decisions in fantasy sports. All the important statistics about key players, the professional league teams and their current match ups can be found on the website. numberFire analytics can be consulted by anyone and the developers are so confident in the quality of their products that they can afford to wait for results to speak for themselves.

Tools for Pros and Amateurs

Those who are convinced by the quality of numberFire predictions and players who want to push their fantasy sports into overdrive, can choose the premium subscription. This promises to help them dominate their leagues and make intelligent bets. The best part is that all the premium products have recurring subscriptions. If players find at any time that the information is no longer useful or if they have a better source, they can simply cancel the subscription and go on their own way.

Premium products are made available immediately after payment has been approved. Members can access all this information in the "Premium" tab. numberFire only offers refunds in a very limited number of cases, due to the time sensitive nature of their fantasy sports products. Players should also be aware that upon canceling the subscription, they lose access to the information immediately.

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A growth catalyst for numberFire

Since opening shop, numberFire underwent several changes. The most ambitious ones were triggered by the FanDuel acquisition. Their analytics are now integrated into the FanDuel’s fantasy sports product, even though they continue to operate as an independent website. The informative value of their sports platform is undeniable and the content offered is equally useful.

Screenshot of Number Fire NHL Team Rankings. © numberFire
Screenshot of Number Fire NHL Team Rankings. © numberFire

numberFire caters for American football fans and provides information to those who bet on baseball and hockey. The fact that they are now owned by FanDuel doesn’t mean that they have narrowed down their scope. Bonaddio expressed satisfaction for his company landing in a place where its intellectual property can be used properly. The demand for data is self evident and that’s why the company is moving to a tech-driven approach.

How do you register at numberFire

numberFire is all about simplicity and the registration process doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds. There are a couple of options for new players, with the most convenient solution being to register with Facebook, Google or Yahoo! Those who already have an account with any of these can simply choose one and agree to the terms and conditions to start using all the services available.

The other option is to register with a valid email address and choose a username that is not currently in use. This usually takes less than one minute, so in either case, new members can start winning right away.

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What payment options does numberFire offer?

numberFire allows players to deposit using all the popular credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express. When choosing the financial instrument of choice, players can opt in for one of the available packages. The Recruit bundle would only set players back $19 every month and they will gain access to insightful advice.

The same cards can be used to pay $29 a month for the Rookie package, which offers extra features. Last but definitely not least, the All-Pro bundle is the most comprehensive of all the aforesaid packages. The subscription cost is of $49 per month. Regardless of the plan chosen, players should know that the subscriptions are recurrent. They need to cancel the package if they don’t want to renew it at the beginning of a new month.

numberFire service and support

numberFire offers assistance to its customers in English and the customer support team are fluent in this language. Currently the only channel of communication is the email, with both subscribing members and prospective customers enjoying unrestricted access.

Screenshot of Number Fire Homepage. © numberFire

Someone will get back to those who ask questions fast and provide the assistance that they were hoping for. Players can also ask their questions via traditional mail. Obviously, it will take longer for the message to reach its destination. The good news is that the numberFire staff will do its very best to respond in a timely fashion.

What are others saying about numberFire?

numberFire quickly won the hearts and minds of those who fell in love with fantasy sports. Most reviews are written by active members and subscribers, who got to see exactly what they were paying for. They are mostly positive and highlight the concise manner in which information is conveyed to members. The fact that players get to choose between different packages when signing up was also appreciated. It made the service accessible to a broader spectrum of players.

The recurrent subscription drew some criticism, as some players didn’t expect it to be renewed at the beginning of a new month. They found it disappointing that if canceled mid-month the remaining days won’t be reimbursed. numberFire does its due diligence and clearly informs prospective customers about the nature of the subscription. This decision is justified by the fact that information is time-sensitive, so players need to manually suspend the subscription if they no longer need their services.

My rating of numberFire

I’ve watched in disbelief how fantasy sports grew from a weekend pastime, into a huge industry spinning millions. I wasn’t the sharpest player in the early years and I gradually got overwhelmed by all this competition. As a punter, I’ve learned that betting based on instinct is a surefire way to go broke. Only access to quality formation can keep you afloat. numberFire provides this kind of data and all you need is the patience to interpret the facts before making a prediction.

I think numberFire is quite a valuable service even for those who are reluctant to spend real cash There’s so much data on the website, that there is virtually no reason to look elsewhere for information. The fact that FanDuel now owns them is actually great news, as they should have access to more resources. My only concern being that the fantasy sports football could shift too much to American football.  There is still plenty of room for improvement, but they have a solid product that deserves a review score of 8/10.

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Overall Score