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Oddschecker has emerged as the premier choice for savvy punters who seek the best odds when gambling. It acts as a hotspot for both professionals and amateurs who bet on the most popular sports, but also those who play casino games and poker. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for those who land on the website to find the match of choice among hundreds of events.

Since 1999, Oddschecker has expanded the collection of bookmakers it uses to provide odds comparison. Since 2007, the company is owned by Sky but the business model didn’t change despite the numerous visual upgrades. The user interface was greatly improved and the most important events on the Sky Network were added. The odds provided go beyond bookies and also cover betting exchanges.

Key facts about Oddschecker

  • Oddschecker is user-friendly and the odds are displayed in fractional, decimal and U.S formats.
  • Visitors get to learn more about the latest market reports to identify steaming and drifting odds.
  • Oddschecker has a special section dedicated to the most popular bets, sports and casino offers.
  • After the Sky acquisition, the company also has a TV sports calendar featuring upcoming events.
  • Oddschecker features a collection of useful tools for calculating odds and also offers betting tips.

How does Oddschecker work?

Oddschecker has extracted an astonishing amount from a simple concept. It works closely with the leading bookmakers and compiles hundreds of thousands of markets. Those who visit the websites are not overwhelmed by all this information, as it is provided to them in a concise manner. Anything from sports events, to showbiz, politics and novelty is covered and visitors learn about the best value bets. They have the possibility of choosing between fractional, decimal and U.S odds with a single click of the mouse.

The partnership between Oddschecker and leading bookmakers, doesn’t affect the fairness of the odds. They shook hands with Coral, Betfair, Ladbrokes and William Hill, to better serve visitors. As a result, it is now possible for players to learn more about shrinking odds and identify trends. Amateurs care less about these features, but professional punters use the information to improve their profit margin.

The user-friendly and intuitive interface displays bookmakers horizontally and the markets vertically. This simple matrix makes it easy for players to add several events on the same betting slip to create accumulators. The odds are automatically compiled and the resulting values can be compared with those offered by thousands of bookmakers. Users have the option of revising the selections and replace matches at any time to create better paying combinations.

Is Oddschecker safe and reliable?

Oddschecker has an impressive track record and over 17 years of existence, there were no doubts about their fairness. They’ve used largely the same system and improved them by taking advantage of the advancements of technology. Players don’t need to take their word for it and can check the odds offered by other bookmakers in real-time. This is a common sense approach by those who plan on using their service in the long run, to be certain that they are not shortchanged.

Screenshot of Oddschecker Betting Tips
Screenshot of Oddschecker Betting Tips

Some users were concerned about the fact that the partnership with Coral, Betfair, Ladbrokes and William Hill might lead to unfair practices. This didn’t happen and even more bookies were added on the list, with the best odds being always displayed. Oddschecker stays true to its purpose of helping players maximize the return on investment when betting on sports.

How do you register at Oddschecker?

The best part about Oddschecker is that you can enjoy the service providers, without even registering for an account. All the information is available at your fingertips without being asked anything in return. Those who want to stay in time with the latest offers from bookmakers and casinos can sign up. This is a simple process that only requires a username and password, with no subscription or any strings attached.

Screenshot of Oddschecker Free Bets
Screenshot of Oddschecker Free Bets

Oddschecker mobile app

Oddschecker used to rely exclusively on the mobile optimized website. Recently, it developed a mobile app that works smoothly on iOS and Android powered devices. The same odds are available for those who want to stay on the move and navigation is just as intuitive. The release of a mobile app makes perfect sense in the context of players seeking better odds even when they are not in front of the PC.

There are a couple of challenges that need to be overcome and players require a wide display to enjoy the best experience. It’s hard to cram all the information on a tiny screen, especially when users want to learn more about shifting odds. Users can add multiple events on the same betting slip to see how various accumulators would pay based on bookmaker.

 Oddschecker service and support

Oddschecker doesn’t have a fully fledged customer support team for the simple reason that it doesn’t need one. There are a few questions to ask because the interface is clear and information displayed in a rather simplistic way. However, those who need assistance can use the online form or go over the betting help section to exchange opinions with their peers.

What are others saying about Oddschecker?

Oddschecker has earned its place in the hearts and minds of punters and is recently winning adepts among casino players. The settings make it possible for users to customize everything, from odds formats to exchange commissions. This is one of the things that are mentioned in both professional reviews and the comments uttered by players. Everyone is thrilled with the market reports provided in real-time, which make it easy to monitor steaming and drifting odds.

Screenshot of Oddschecker Casino Offers
Screenshot of Oddschecker Casino Offers

Betting exchanges dwell on commissions and players can mitigate the fees paid by checking out these numbers. The number of sports covered grew a lot since 1999 and users also appreciate the introduction of casino offers. The developers are trying to maintain the same high standards by granting access to useful information without overwhelming players. The most popular bet section and the TV sports calendar are used routinely by amateur punters who make their baby steps in this competitive industry.

At the other end of the spectrum we have professional players and those who know the industry inside out. They appreciate the calculators which allow them to perform complex operations, such as hutching, hedging and dutching. There were some complaints regarding the manner in which the Oddschecker mobile app runs on some devices. It is difficult for developers to present all this information in a clear way, especially when users rely upon older smart phones with tiny screens.

This is also my website of choice when I want to learn more about the odds offered for upcoming competitions. Instead of browsing individual bookmakers to find those that offer early odds, I simply check their page for information. As soon as a bookie displays odds for a match, they will appear at Oddschecker so you can lock in on top value.

My rating of Oddschecker

I’ve been using Oddschecker since the early 2000s and I’m still hooked on the service they provide. As a leading odds comparison website, it helped me find the best odds even when my browsing skills were inadequate. Back in the day, the information provided was relatively scarce, due to the fact that bookies didn’t like the idea. After a while, they had no choice but to comply and many went a step forward and affiliated themselves, to showcase their offers.

Looking back, it is only fair to say that Oddschecker has helped me more than any individual bookmaker. This odds checking comparison website has been my trustworthy partner for nearly 2 decades and I have no plans on quitting the service anytime soon. I’ve witnessed with satisfaction how the number of bookies increased to more than 20 and betting exchanges were added.

I’m not the kind of person to read too many betting tips, as I try to draw conclusions based on my experience. However, I can only appreciate the fact that they took the time to set up a large section of betting tips for beginners. It is obvious that they take their mission seriously and try to serve punters as well as they can. One of the few things I don’t like is that some bookmakers are not listed for some users.

Oddschecker should still display them even if players from certain countries can’t bet legally with these guys. It would be better for them to simply provide information and let the user decide how to act next. Having said this, I’m going to give them a flawless rating of 10 out of 10. This review score reflects their uncanny ability to maintain a high level of service and keep the bar high for 17 years.

Overall Score