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OLX is a company dwelling on free classifieds and catering for players from all over the world. Despite its Argentinean origins, it focuses mostly on the Indian market where it has the biggest share. Its website has changed a lot since 2006 when the company was founded and expanded to Poland, Brazil and dozens of other nations. It presents users with the possibility of selling and buying used products, as well as new items. Anyone can post a free classified advertisement, using the latest technologies.

Key facts about OLX

  • OLX is among the best online marketplaces for selling and buying new and used products.
  • The company has a big and active community that offers effective and honest feedback.
  • OLX has a plethora of rich apps that work not only on desktop computers, but also on mobile devices powered by iOS, Windows and Android operating systems.
  • The service supports a large number of languages and uses localization to bring together millions of buyers and sellers.
  • OLX has recently updated its website to make it more user-friendly, easier to navigate and better looking.

How does OLX work?

OLX is all about simplicity when it comes to buying and selling items. The proven system of classified advertisement has been used for decades in local and national newspapers. The advent of Internet made it easy for buyers to meet prospective sellers halfway and the vice versa. Their website uses which media content, images and photographs to convey the message to interested parties. A lot of information is available about all the items for sale, so buyers can make an educated decision.

The OLX website allows users to browse an impressive collection of items freely and compare various products. Once a decision is made in regard to buying an item, members can choose the preferred payment method. Most credit cards, electronic wallets and bank transfers are allowed, but users also have the possibility of paying in cash upon delivery. Those who are not satisfied with the quality of the product they receive can ask for a refund and only pay shipping fees.

OLX makes it easy for the two parties to interact on many levels and talk to each other via phone or email. Customer support is available 24/7 for those who need assistance and their specialists are fluent in several languages. While the service is offered for free, buyers and sellers need to sign up for an account before they can engage in any transactions. The mobile application is suitable for posting, buying and selling but also for contacting other users.

OLX filters help users find similar products that are less expensive or in better shape. They can also distinguish between sellers and choose those that have better ratings. Those who shop here for the first time are advised to go for those items that have a comprehensive description.

Screenshot of OLX Stories
Screenshot of OLX Stories

The OLX mobile experience

The OLX mobile app made it even easier for users to shop over the Internet. Initially the application was available in a handful of selected countries, including India. Now most buyers and sellers can shop on their smartphones and tablets and enjoy the same functionality as if they were using a desktop computer. The list of available items is the same regardless of the device used and the app can be downloaded for free from iTunes and Google App Store.

Anything can be bought and sold in this online marketplace, except for the prohibited items. The upside of using the mobile application is that members can use the same smartphone and tablet to take photos. These are at the cornerstone of any transaction since prospective customers want to see what they are buying. OLX has a dedicated section containing tips for how to sell products and they recommend the use of quality cameras.

All those who buy and sell products here get a rating and are encouraged to give an honest description. Buyers can ask for additional information and use email and telephone as communication channels. If they are deceived by the seller or the products they acquired don’t meet their expectations, they can return it. Since the waiting time isn’t that long and no commission is paid, returning a product is not a nuisance.

Screenshot of OLX LetGo Team
Screenshot of OLX LetGo Team

What are others saying about OLX?

OLX has been around for long enough to draw both praise and criticism. The service focused initially on emerging markets and was greatly improved over the last couple of years. That’s why when you go over older OLX reviews, you see complains that are no longer actual. Many of those who opened an account here didn’t feel the need to shop elsewhere. There is still plenty of competition between electronic commerce stores and Shopee, Snapdeal and Flipkart are some good examples.

The online shop has established a global presence and this rapid expansion didn’t go unnoticed. Those who undertake research before shopping here will find out that they’ve got offices worldwide. Sao Paulo, New York, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Mumbai and Moscow are some of the places from where OLX operates. Customer support is also celebrated as exceptional by users and drives the review score upwards.

My rating of OLX

I don’t shop much for used items, but when I do, OLX is normally my first choice. This is probably the result of being a member for such a long time and trusting the service they offer. I never had any problems with the goods I bought and they usually arrive on the same day as promised. The website is easy to navigate and the FAQ section explained most of the questions. As a result, there was no need to get in touch with customer support, but I appreciate the fact that assistance is offered in several languages.

When rating OLX, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that they have a flawless track record. In this line of work reputation means a lot and it’s always easy to recommend such a company. I’ll give them a review score of 9.5 out of 10.

Overall Score


  1. VeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVery BAD Service for Paid Services olx.

    I purchased two services for 3 Feathered add and 5 same category adds but the adds didn’t go live.

    They are simply looting the money from customers.

    Feeling to file case of Fraud against OLX.:(