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OYO Rooms is not exactly an online travel agency, but rather a chain of Indian hotels. They’ve extracted an astonishing amount from this scratch and are quickly expanding beyond borders. They provide travelers with the alternative of booking a room in one of their hotels at discounted prices. Compared to other similar companies, they focus on budget tourists and offer breakfast, Wi-Fi and other perks. The company brags about offering similarly high standards regardless of where customers book a hotel room.

Key facts about OYO Rooms

  • OYO Rooms is a chain of hotels that covers the entire Indian landscape.
  • The emphasis is on providing quality service and low prices to budget travelers.
  • OYO Rooms owns and operates only a few of the hotels in the chain and instead has agreements with their real owners.
  • The Oyo platform ensures that customers will enjoy a certain level of comfort regardless of where they travel in India.
  • OYO Rooms isn’t particularly good at promoting its brand and many hotels have no branding.

How does OYO Rooms work?

OYO Rooms promotes a slightly different service than major online travel agencies. Unlike and Expedia which have exclusive deals with various hotels, they stay more flexible. Prospective customers have the option of booking a hotel room on their online platform or elsewhere. It is very likely to find the same hotels on to aggregators and it’s also possible to pay for a room at the reception. The difference in prices is usually negligible, except for the times when promotions are available.

The OYO Rooms service has changed since its inception, with more branded budget hotels being added. Since the company raised in excess of $25 million from Lightspeed and Sequoia it has expanded at a fast rate. The obvious advantages include the fact that travelers can browse a more comprehensive selection of hotels. Compared to other chains, they offer more options in exchange of sacrificing exclusive deals.

Making a reservation on OYO Rooms works in the same way as if you were shopping for a hotel room at or Expedia. Fewer hotels are covered, but customers can still book a room and only pay on arrival. Reservations can be canceled within a few days before arrival, but each hotel has its own terms and conditions. These can be compared on the website or on the mobile platform by those who use a smartphone or tablet. Customer support is available 24/7 to clear any doubts and answer questions.

When discounts are offered, travelers should pick them up quickly as they have limited availability. OYO Rooms act as an intermediary between the hotels and customers, but the content is essentially between the two parties. The perk of booking a room through this venture is that quality standards are guaranteed.

Screenshot of OYO Rooms Long Stay Flights
Screenshot of OYO Rooms Long Stay Flights

The OYO Rooms mobile experience

OYO Rooms mobile app works on mobile devices running on iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. With more than 50,000 rooms being listed across nearly 200 cities, finding options is easy on tablets and smartphones. Mobile users enjoy the best of both worlds, since they can make reservations on these gadgets. Upon arrival they benefit from free Wi-Fi, so they can stay online without paying anything extra. This is particularly useful in conjunction with complimentary TV, air conditioning and breakfast.

The attention paid to mobile users goes beyond the development of a specialized app. Some of the best promotions are available exclusively to those who make reservations on these devices. The biggest savings are made when booking a hotel room across India, with fewer options for those traveling beyond borders. On any mobile device customers can browse through pictures and read reviews about properties listed. The app will highlight all the amenities, so it’s easy to make an informed decision.

The OYO Rooms booking process on mobile devices usually requires just three taps. Under normal circumstances, the reservations are made in less than one minute. The mobile app highlights all the available properties based on the location of those browsing. Several filters can be used to narrow down the search when traveling to another city and hotels are listed based on price and quality.

Screenshot of OYO Rooms Holiday Packages
Screenshot of OYO Rooms Holiday Packages

What are others saying about OYO Rooms?

OYO Rooms has developed a big fan base in India. It is popular among those on a fixed income seeking a budget vacation. By maintaining reasonably high standards without bumping up the prizes, the hotel chain keeps them happy. Most OYO Rooms reviews out there highlight the reasonable price of accommodation. The fact that many things are offered for free, such as Internet, breakfast and air-conditioning is also a plus.

Most users praise the seamless hospitality experience and the convenience of using a highly specialized app. OYO Rooms allow residents to pay using mobile wallets and they get chauffeured to the premises by booking a cab. The cancellation policy appeals to most users, thanks to its simplicity. On the flipside, there are clients unhappy with the quality standards and the absence of real options for top-tier travelers. Some people also find the inadequate branding of hotels disconcerting and even a bit worrisome.

My rating of OYO Rooms

I haven’t been to India yet, so unfortunately I can’t say firsthand how the hotels look from the inside. From a business perspective, the service they offer has the advantage of targeting a specific audience. I find it uplifting that OYO Rooms boldly states that it focuses on budget accommodation. There are plenty of customers fitting this profile and they are in dire need of quality service.

I’ll definitely give these guys a try when I visit India, as they seem to be running a serious business. I surely hope that the collection of hotels will increase a little bit, with more top-tier hotels being added. So far they are heading into the right direction and if they stay on the right track, they could go the distance. They deserve a rating of 7 out of 10 for the effort made so far.

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