Screenshot of PES Collection Game Cover

What is PES Collection

PES Collection is a sports video game for mobile devices, inspired by Konami’s PES 2016 blockbuster. The game developer has extracted an astonishing amount from the franchise and now brings it to smartphones and tablets. The most important and easy to recognize players appear in this game which can be played for free. Badges are at the cornerstone of the game and users can collect as many as 1500 players.

Key facts about PES Collection

  • PES Collection is centered on European leagues, with most photographs depicting footballers who play on the old continent.
  • The game is free to play, but users can push their gaming into overdrive by purchasing energy balls with real cash.
  • PES Collection features dazzling graphics for a mobile friendly game, with 3-D characters and free flowing animations.
  • Players can participate in Challenge Matches, Skill Matches and Special Matches, governed by slightly different rules.
  • PES Collection requires an Internet connection and can’t be played offline.

Gameplay of PES Collection

The gameplay of PES Collection is fast-paced and players get the feeling of doing something that matters. Incremental progress, rather than giant leaps forward define the game and it always falls around the collection of player badges. The RPG elements make this sports inspired game much more exciting and even addictive for certain players.

It is possible to play the game for free indefinitely, using exclusively Friend Points. The acquisition of Energy Balls is not mandatory and players who choose not to buy them are not at a big disadvantage. The goal is to create a team made of top players, but users can also set up their original squads. The photos depicting these players are spot on, making it easy to recognize famous athletes.

PES Collection gameplay is more than collecting photographs and once the team is complete, players can take on the pitch. Certain player badges have their own special skills and when used, these trigger super plays. Each match can be different and the outcome is very difficult to predict, even after playing for a long while. Beginners are advised to try friendly matches to accumulate Friend Points. In turn, these can be used for participating in Prize Draw games.

Plot of PES Collection

PES Collection doesn’t have a plot per se, but players start from scratch as they build a team. With so many players to choose from, it can be difficult to make all the right decisions at once. This ensures the replayability of the game and compels players to return to the starting formation several times. Once the preferred team is complete, users can start playing friendly games before moving on to competitive matches. In this category, they will find Challenge Matches, Skill Matches and Special Matches.

Screenshot of PES Collection Player Badges
Screenshot of PES Collection Player Badges

Development of PES Collection

Konami did a fine job at incorporating all the popular elements from PES 2016 that were compatible with mobile devices. The fact that both iOS and Android gadgets can be used for playing this game led to the fast expansion of the customer base. The announced deadline for releasing the game was met, but developers are constantly updating PES Collection and fix bugs.

Where can I download PES Collection?

A PES Collection download can be made on iTunes and PlayStore and the app is completely free on all devices. Players are not compelled to purchase Energy Ball, so it’s possible to enjoy this game indefinitely without spending a dime. They also have the option of limiting in-app purchases by disabling that feature on the players’ device. This is particularly useful for parents who allow their kids to play and don’t want to worry about the little ones breaking the bank.

What are others saying about PES Collection?

PES Collection was much appreciated by sports fans who spend a lot of time playing on mobile devices. It’s among the top games to be played on these gadgets, especially in the free to play category. There was some criticism in regard to the fact that immediately after the official release, the game was plagued by bugs and latency. More complaints were issued by those who felt like the game was too expensive. Some feel that the game is unfair to those who spend a lot of money, and offers poor return on investment.

Screenshot of PES Collection Player Statistics
Screenshot of PES Collection Player Statistics

On the bright side, people felt comfortable playing PES Collection and didn’t feel the risk of addiction. Those who managed to resist their natural inclination to spend money, enjoy the free to play mode. Another upside of the game is that it is not a time-consuming title, so it can be enjoyed by casual players. Those who seek a more authentic sports experience should head on to consoles and PCs. NBA 2K16, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Madden NFL 16, FIFA 16 and of course PES 2016 are all fine choices.

My rating of PES Collection

The prospect of spending a lot of time playing a game on mobile devices never appeals to me. PES Collection however is not that time-consuming game that will have you regret spending so many hours playing. I enjoyed every stage of the game, including the initial one of collecting badges. The fact that I’m so familiar with football players and European competitions probably helped. Personally I was pleasantly surprised to see that the resemblance with real footballers was uncanny.

Compared to other free to play games for mobile devices, PES Collection is in a league of its own. The developers had the advantage of building on the popularity of an established franchise. Konami had the resources, know-how and willingness to invest a lot of time in creating a popular game. I’m also happy with the fact that this game can be played on both iOS and Android devices. There’s enough rivalry between their users already, so there’s no need to create more drama. For all these reasons and several other arguments, I think that a review score of 8 out of 10 is fair.