Screenshot of Prey 2017 Game Cover

What is Prey 2017?

Prey 2017 is a first-person shooter game published by Bethesda Softworks and developed by Arkane Studios. The game doesn’t draw too much inspiration from the 2006 game produced by Human Head Studios. Instead, the 2017 version has an entirely original approach and pits players against different challenges. Action takes place in outer space, aboard space station Metroidvania and borrows elements from RPGs and open world games.

Key facts about Prey 2017

  • Prey 2017 is largely unrelated to the game also called Prey and released in 2016.
  • The gameplay is challenging and rewarding despite difficult combat mechanics,
  • Prey 2017 includes space sections, which require players to use different mechanics to survive.
  • The video game is story driven, albeit criticized by some players as too thin and linear.
  • Prey 2017 has side quests, but they are difficult early on and rather tedious in late game.

Gameplay of Prey 2017

The Prey 2017 gameplay is an eclectic mix of first-person shooter and role-playing elements. It also relies on stealth and compels players to find alternative ways to solve various challenges. Opponents are diverse and they are collectively known as Typhon, but each alien has different abilities. Customization is extremely important not only in the early stages of the single player but also in late game. The decisions made by players will influence not only the gameplay but also the manner in which the story unfolds.

Over the course of the main narrative, players are expected to return to the same levels and face aliens defeated early on. This has a two pronged effect, on one hand highlighting the progress made by players and on the other encouraging them to explore new possibilities. The impact on the gameplay of Prey 2017 is minimal, but produces a welcome change of pace. Players can also venture outside the station and experience firsthand the thrills of zero gravity fights.

As players defeat increasingly powerful waves of aliens, they can also acquire some of their strengths. Given the diversity of foes vanquished in battle, the gameplay of Prey 2017 also evolves with each skill attained. The decisions made throughout the game influence the endings, with three major possible outcomes. However, the small decisions also matter and the game allows many little permutations.

Screenshot of Prey 2017 Transtar Headquarters

Plot of Prey 2017

The narrative of Prey 2017 takes place in an alternate universe where John Fitzgerald Kennedy survives the assassination attempt. NASA receives more financing and the space program flourishes, with major milestones being set. With the space race in full throttle, human activity in space increases and it catches the eye of hostile aliens. The mix of creatures from outer space is called the Typhon to attack Earth.

Americans and Russians join forces to fight the invasion and together build space station Kletka. Humans apparently win the war and the space station falls in a state of disarray until 2025. This is when the TranStar Corporation acquires the station and plans on refitting it with new technology. Action speeds forward to 2035 when the station is accommodating people and has regular shuttles to and from Earth.

Morgan Yu is the main character and he joins the research team on the research station. One day when he wakes up from his sleep, he is contacted by an artificial intelligence called January. The AI claims that it was developed by Morgan and tells him that the aliens have escaped from their containment. It also explains him why he lost his memories and warns him of the dangers posed by the aliens. The plot thickens when Morgan realizes that the aliens are communicating with their ships in outer space.

This is where the decisions made by players become increasingly important and influence the outcome of the single player. The Prey 2017 plot allows players to activate a powerful device to destroy the space station and the aliens in the process. Morgan also has the option to save the station to facilitate research.

Screenshot of Prey 2017 Zero Gravity

Development of Prey 2017

The original game called Prey was developed in 2006 and proved to be a massive success worldwide. Developers thought about producing a sequel later on, but the project failed to materialize. As new obstacles piled up, it became obvious that there won’t be a sequel until Bethesda took over in 2011. They worked closely with Arkane Studios to produce a new game from scratch one that would act as a reboot. None of the concepts from the original game were used and none of the previous development.

The game was announced in June 2016 at the E3 press conference. Prey 2017 trailers soon follow and the number of teaser trailers increased over the next couple of months. The release date was scheduled for the first quarter of 2017 and it was only slightly pushed back. Developers decided that action will take place exclusively in space and emphasized the importance of decision-making. The game was released on time for both consoles and PC.

Where can I download Prey 2017?

This is a completely new and original take, with no connection whatsoever to the game produced in 2006. Those who want to play the original Prey would have to head on to the Human Head Studios website. On the other hand, Bethesda and Steam are the main sources for a Prey 2017 download. The website of the game publisher is also an excellent source of great games belonging to other genres. Since this is the latest title published by them, it can be acquired in discounted bundles.

Those who don’t necessarily seek games published by Bethesda but are more interested in the genre have other worth the choices. If you are in the market for a post apocalyptic video game, then Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Fallout 4, The Surge or Tom Clancy’s The Division are fine choices. Not all of them involve aliens or mutants, but they paint an accurate picture of how future would look in our darkest hour.

Screenshot of Prey 2017 Shadow of Death

What are others saying about Prey 2017?

Prey 2017 reviews were favorable right from the start but the ratings got ever better as more players had the chance to enjoy the game. The alternate endings and the fact that the game has immense replayability boosted its approval numbers. Players found the fight sequences as immensely rewarding, despite the unforgiving game mechanics. At the same time, some criticizes the manner in which the AI performed, with occasional periods of unresponsiveness.

Some players appreciated the fact that action will take them back to familiar sites to fight the same foes. The side quests were criticized as lacking substance, but the main narrative was generally regarded as solid and immersive. The ambitious level designs and the sheer length of the single player was also mentioned in Prey 2017 reviews. After they initially disappointing sales, the game picked up speed and emerged as one of the most popular games published by Bethesda.

My Rating of Prey 2017

I have played the original Prey game a long time ago and had mixed reactions about it at that moment. When I found out that Bethesda would publish a reboot of that game I looked forward to see how they would tackle this subject. To say that Prey 2017 is better than the game released 11 years ago would be the understatement of the year. It is a very strong contender for the top 10 games of 2017 and one of the best shooters all around.

Personally I don’t mind the fact that the story takes you back to the same places late in the game. That’s the price to pay for enjoying an open world adventure and it’s a rather small one too. Prey 2017 is a game that grows on you and compels players to try new things all the time. I can wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a first person shooter with a RPG twist. It fully deserves a rating of 9 out of 10 for quality and replayability.