Quantum Break. © 2016 Microsoft

Quantum Break promises to be one of the best games ever developed by Remedy Entertainment and the third person shooter action game will be published by Microsoft. Advertised as a game that will redefine storytelling by pitting players against difficult moral decisions, it will be available exclusively on Xbox One. The fans have the chance to enjoy a digital live-action series.

Key facts about Quantum Break

  • Quantum Break will include digital episodes, allowing players to interact with the game in a special way.
  • Remedy Entertainment introduces a new system of taking moral decisions in this third person shooter action game.
  • The decisions taken by players in Quantum Break heavily influence the outcome as well as the narrative.
  • The game will feature great looking cinematics, with outstanding voice casting including famous actors.

The Quantum Break games

The decision of releasing Quantum Break on consoles exclusively came as a surprise, given the fact that Microsoft will be publishing the game. However, the developers decided to pursue this path, since the vast majority of new players preferring these devices for third person shooters. The game mechanics include a potent mix of proven technology and innovative concepts, in an action-packed parcel.

Quantum Break focuses on the single player action, with a well structured storyline and characters that are both convincing and easy to relate with. Cinematics help the game blur the line between a traditional third person shooter and Hollywood blockbusters, getting players fully immersed into the gaming atmosphere. The fact that the decisions taken by players weigh heavily in the balance virtually ensures huge replayability for the single player, making it easier to forgive the absence of multiplayer.

What is Quantum Break?

Quantum Break is a third person shooter action game that promises to deliver the ultimate sci-fi drama experience on consoles. The game unfolds at a fast pace, yet the narrative is every bit as important as the core gameplay mechanics. Just as the name suggests, the game allows players to bend time and use unique abilities to survive in a hostile environment.

Cinematics are abundant and punctuate the narrative, with the game getting players at the edge of their seats as they explore the virtual playground. The manner in which they play the game and the decisions they make shape the outcome, but also the manner in which Quantum Break evolves. Remedy Entertainment aspires to make this a highly replayable game, with participants discovering unique content with each new pass.

Gameplay of Quantum Break

Quantum Break has a highly complex gameplay for a standard third person action-adventure game, without ignoring the narrative. Players assume the role of Jack Joyce, a highly gifted individual with the ability to manipulate time and shape it to meet his needs. In addition to mastering unique abilities and bending time, the lead character can also use various weapons, so he has a broad spectrum of options when dealing with various opponents.

Jack Joyce Quantum Break. © 2016 Microsoft
Jack Joyce Quantum Break. © 2017 Microsoft

The fact that Joyce can stop time to escape enemies, or use the same mechanics to deal with waves of opponents, makes each fight spectacular. Quantum Break allows players to interact with the environments and create special effects that will help deal with overwhelming foes. Unique talents, such as Time Blast and Time Rush are used frequently to sneak upon opponents, advance with blazing fast speed and perform various offensive maneuvers.

The gameplay encourages players to shift from brute force to more elaborated tactics, but allows them to choose their strategy based on how they want to play the game. Speeding up the time around the central character is also a core mechanic of Quantum Break, especially when dealing with a large number of opponents. Defensive mechanisms are also in place, with Time Shield and Time Dodge being by far the most popular ones in terms of effectiveness and visual appeal.

Enjoy an immersive TV-like experience

The Quantum Break TV show experience is enhanced by these mechanics and that’s why so many players are expected to use them quite often. Evading attacks is usually far more important than taking down your targets and this is where the special abilities come in handy. The Quantum Break gameplay allows players to shift from aggressive movements to stealth action by hiding behind cover or taking advantage of the environment. Solving puzzles is also a part of the game and there will be many challenges down the road.

Quantum Break was intended to be a complex game and that’s why the puzzles themselves are not that simple and they highlight the sophisticated nature of the 3D platform game. Players can create environment hazards and it is very important for them to take each challenge seriously to avoid an untimely demise. Joyce has the necessary set of skills to avoid most of the pitfalls and one of the key abilities is to call upon non-playable characters controlled by the computer.

The complexity of the Quantum Break gameplay is easy to understand when taking a look at the distinct segments of the narrative. Each time players complete one segment, they will get to enjoy an episode of the digital show, with two stories being told at the same time. This is where the players can influence the storyline by making decisions as the antagonist, with the key moments being referred to as junction points

Plot of Quantum Break

Quantum Break has a pretty complicated narrative, for an otherwise straightforward first-person shooter, with the action taking place in a fictional university set. Located in the North Eastern part of the United States, this campus is the place where time travel experiments go wrong and trigger the chain of events. Jack Joyce and Paul Serene are the two protagonists of the story and they’ve got different time-based abilities and skills that they can hone in time.

Joyce is the positive character in the series, while Serene is the main antagonist and the one who founded the evil Monarch Solutions. This corporation is chasing Joyce and Wilder, but the latter use their newfound abilities as well as various weapons to survive and fulfill their mission. The developers are yet to release the complete story line and the fact that players can influence the narrative by making various choices only adds depth to Quantum Break.

Development of Quantum Break

Quantum Break was initially supposed to be launched on both PCs and consoles, but eventually the developers decided to focus exclusively on Xbox One. The announcement trailer was unveiled in 2013 and production took so long because the ones working on the game decided to work closely with scientists. The idea was to come up with a concept that will appeal to fans of first-person shooters, as well as those who appreciate the intricacies of fringe science.

The Quantum Break TV show experience. © 2016 Microsoft
The Quantum Break TV show experience. © 2017 Microsoft

The complex Quantum Break is further enhanced by the fact that the special abilities used by players are created in such a way as to adhere to the current theoretical physics. Scheduled for release in the second half of 2014, it was delayed twice and hit the stores in 2016. Remedy Entertainment is using a revolutionary game engine that goes by the name of Northlight Engine.

Where can I download Quantum Break?

Quantum Break will be available for release on April 5 soon after Far Cry Primal and Firewatch, the day when it is expected to be made available worldwide. Meanwhile, those who are anxiously waiting for a chance to play the innovative third person action shooter, can preorder the game. They will benefit from a discounted price, but there won’t be any other freebies or downloadable content for those who place an early order.

What are others saying about Quantum Break?

Quantum Break was highly anticipated and the fact that its release was delayed twice only increased the hype surrounding it. All the previews suggest that the critics are impressed with the game mechanics, the manner in which the story unfold as well as the use of physics.

Quantum Break tournaments

Quantum Break is expected to keep players hooked for quite a while, with the game story being told across the TV show and the game. However, there will be no Quantum Break tournaments, for the simple reason that the game doesn’t have a multiplayer version.

My rating of Quantum Break

I really like it when third person shooters don’t hesitate to push the boundaries of what is regarded as specific for the genre. Sci-fi elements are a welcomed addition and even though I would’ve liked to play the game on my PC, I will definitely give it a chance on Xbox One. For what I can tell right now, Quantum Break is a strong candidate for the game of the year and a score of 9/10 is surely not too high.

Overall Score