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All consumers who wish to grow their current assets into something that creates wealth, need to start somewhere. A savings account is the obvious first option and when the emergency fund is finally up and running, consumers need to go somewhere with their surplus. These funds can either go into further savings, or customers can look to investments to further their growth. What makes consumers hesitant about investments, however, is the fact that there is always a measure of risk attached to them. The Rabobank Investments range offers customers a glimmer into the world of investments. This review compares this range to some of the best across the world.

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About Rabobank

Rabobank is Dutch multinational bank, that has its headquarters in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Although Rabobank has its root firmly set in Agriculture, having its beginnings as a co-operative bank started in the late 19th century, it has developed in a financial giant that can hold the candle to any other bank. It is globally known as a leader in the food and agriculture finance and favors sustainability-oriented banking. Rabobank offers several packages from the likes of Current Account and Saving to Loan Accounts and Investing.

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Risk and Pricing Considerations for Investments

Those who wish to wander down the path of investments, need to be aware that there are certain restrictions that apply. These include aspects such as risk and pricing.

Investment Risk

There are a number of risk categories that investments fall into. They start from very low risk and work their way up to high risk. It is generally accepted that the higher the potential for return on an investment, the higher the risk. This is not a guarantee but rather a caution. Customers also need to be aware that even low risk investments can cost them money in a volatile market. With investments, customers always have the risk of losing part or all of their capital. The only exception is when the investment carries a guarantee.

Investment Pricing

Savings accounts are usually cost-effective and low in maintenance, but they also tend to offer lower returns than investments. Investments, on the other hand, tend to be a bit more pricey and that is because they usually require the assistance of portfolio and fund managers. There are also broker fees that come into play. The investment pricing can eat into the capital, at least for the first couple of months. Therefore, it is important for investors to see the investment as a long-term product in order for it to benefit from some growth. A good investment strategy often involves a 5 to 8-year plan.

Rabobank Investments Product Offerings

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Rabobank has several innovative investment packages.

Rabo Managed Investment Basic

Your assets are responsibly invested in a low or medium risk portfolio by one of Rabobank's skilled specialist investment consultant.

  • You decide what you need from your investment and how you would like it tailored, advised by the consultant.
  • Your money and money get invested in a well spread out diverse portfolio if index funds.
  • You can start with a small amount, € 5,000 is suggested, and the built it up by adding continuously.

Rabo Managed Investment Active

The Rabo Managed Investment Active requires a more active participation on your behalf.

  • Investment Consultants advice to start from € 10,000 and the build it up from there.
  • Again, your money will be invested on your behalf by responsibly Invested by asset managers consultants that know the market.
  • A well-diversified investment portfolio index will be available in which your hard earned money will be invested.
  • Your portfolio will be tailored according to your needs and desires and as sustainably as possible.

Rabo Zelf Investment

The Rabo Zelf Investment basically requires that you invest your funds yourself.

  • You need to have a broad interest in financial markets.
  • Rabobank will provide you with insight in into the yields of different funds.
  • With Rabobank, you will have the ability to do investment trade online.
  • You can obtain a list of companies of the Rabobank Website, that will guide you to sustainable investment opportunities.As well as current price information and stock market news
  • This way you experience the thrill of the investment world.
  • Rabobank has an Investment Service Centre online to answer all practical questions.
  • You can also opt for a free orientation meeting where your options can be discussed.
  • Rabobank will also provide you with an up to date overview of your investment portfolio.
  • invest with advice from our specialists
    for capital growth, capital preservation or income from capital
    from € 200,000 free investable capital.

Rabo Toekomst Belegging

Need to invest for your pension days, Rabobank ha several excellent products that will make it easy for you to save for your old age. Just have a look at  the Rabo Toekomst Belegging

  • This account is always in combination with the Rabo Toekomstsparen that has variable interest rate.
  • You will be required to use the end date for periodic payouts
  • This product is a securities blocked product, which means that it cannot be used as a security to obtain debt.
  • Your contribution is fixed, but you are free to purchase additional investments or to sell investments
  • All transactions made to and from the securities account is made via a Rabo Future Savings Account.
  • Should you decide to stop investing early, you can continue to save in the Rabo Future Savings.

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Other Investment Options

Quite a few Investment and Savings Products are available at Rabobank that will help you reach your goal of a comfortable retirement.

Rabo Future Savings

This is a way you can save tax-friendly on a blocked bank savings account. You can not use the money for another purpose and you use the credit as a periodical supplement to your income after your retirement.

Rabo Future Investments

Rabo Future Investments is an investment plant for your retirement. Unfortunately, this investment plan cannot be entered into without the advice of a consultant. Unfortunately, there are costs involved.  That is why we are happy to discuss your wishes in the field of advice beforehand. We do this in a free orientation meeting, by telephone or at your Rabobank.

Rabo Target Savings

This is a saving plan where you can you determine yourself at what pace you save to achieve your goal. You also decide what term you would save and you will save a monthly contribution for a predetermined period from 1 to 20 years.

Interpolis Buysales Insurance (SommenVerzekering)

Consumers benefit from this product from Interpolis enables you to build up annuity capital for a supplement to your income. You cannot use this insurance to obtain credit. On the expiry date of this insurance, you can convert your credit into, for example, an account Rabo Toekomst or a Direct Incoming Annuity Insurance from Interpolis.

Interpolis Direct Income

Interpolis Direct Income is the deal account to have when your annuity insurance or savings account reaches the end date and the blocked credit is released. You can have this credit periodically paid out with the Direct Incoming Annuity Insurance from Interpolis. With this, you are assured of an income. You can also receive periodic benefits with Rabo Future Exemption.

What We Like About Rabobank Investments

There is the opportunity to do investment trade online. Rabobank Investment products are designed to suit the customer and with sustainability in mind. Furthermore, these investment products make it easy to invest for your future.

Also, all products are backed by the Rabobank Advisors expertise and knowledge to guide their customers. Contributions to savings plans, like Future Save, are tax-free and tax will be deducted only on the payout of your return.

Finally, you can earn as much as 2.1% interest on a simple savings plan like Future Saving. The investments also offer enough variety for a diversified portfolio.

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What We Don’t Like About Rabobank Investments

Although all these investment products look very simple, they can be complicated. Consumers should study all of it carefully as to not fall into a money trap.  Some of these investment plans can be costly as they require the assistance of an investment adviser.

Critical Reviews Rating Rabobank Investments – 10 of 10

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This is a range that makes even the biggest banks proud and that is because they define each option clearly. Customers are aware of what the product entails and the decision-making process is simple. Although there is some intervention from a financial advisor, it only makes the process a little easier to understand.

Finally, what particularly stands out to us is that the investment category is upfront in terms of two major things. The first is the pricing, which is a very important factor to us. The second is the explanations on risk. These are both critical points clients need to consider when deciding on investments. A well deserved perfect score for Rabobank Investments.

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