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Mortgages are more than just a means to an end. They provide households with the funds needed to pursue their dreams and fund a home for their families. These loans can often feel burdensome, which is why customers need to find the right product and with the right institution. When this happens, they may still have a few options open to them in the event that something goes wrong. Rabobank Mortgages offers customers a simple mortgage solution, but is it too simple? This review uncovers what there is to know about this range.

Discover a bank that has a surprising mortgage range with this review.

About Rabobank

Rabobank Group originates from an idea a group of farmers had to begin a co-operative bank, after realizing that they really had almost no access to the financial market.  The bank was started by super enterprising people, had gone from strength to strength, where today they employ 55000 staff member that serves over 10 million clients in 40 countries.  Rabobank Group is comprised of independent local Rabobanks plus Rabobank Nederland, their umbrella organization, and a number of specialist subsidiaries.

The vast range of financial services offered by Rabobank, is mindblowing. A history as loan bank co-operative, they have expanded to do Investment, Current Account, Savings Products, Personal Loans and Home Loans. This article is to give you insight into one of the products: Home Loans or Mortgage.

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Why Opt for a Deposit on a Mortgage

This is something consumers often have to decide before looking for their dream home. A deposit can be a major asset but it can also leave consumers cash strapped. There are a few things consumers need to consider where deposits are concerned.

The Deposit Can Bring Down the Overall Interest Paid

A mortgage is a loan that is usually paid over a long term, often 20 to 30 years. This means that even the smallest deposit or extra payment can reduce the overall interest repayment substantially.

It Creates Room to Negotiate

Customers who are able to put down a sizeable deposit have more room to negotiate. This is because it reduces the risk to the bank. Often, customers can negotiate more agreeable interest rates or even service fees.

It Lowers the Installment

Although it may not seem like much, the drop in the installment can make a difference over a period of time. This allows customers to bring down the capital balance outstanding even faster.

Rabobank has a savings offering as well and a review was done recently.

Rabobank Mortgages Product Offerings

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Are you tired of putting up with an unscrupulous landlord that is bleeding you dry, when your hard earned money can rather go toward a place of your own? it is time for you to have a good look into Rabobank Mortgage. Rabobank has an excellent history when it come to mortgage loans.

Affordable Options for the Long Term

You can buy a house and live financially sound, thanks to careful planning to get a Mortgage Loan that suit your pocket.To be financially sound you need a mortgage that you can afford, now and for the rest of the Mortgage term. For this reason they join forces to find the most suitable mortgage.In other words, they don't just look to see what you can afford now, but also for a mortgage that remains affordable even if your personal circumstances change and you income is reduced. by doing this, they ensure that you can live comfortably now and in the future.

Budget-Friendly Structures

You are able to make dependable calculations, with the assistance of the Rabobank Mortgage file. This handy online tool enables you to calculate by filling in your specific details. By doing this you get a fair idea of what your mortgage payments will be.

Lowered Consultation Fees

You have the option of discounted consultation fees for the proper preparation of your advisory interview.Buying a house is a costly business and Rabobank will be happy to help you reduce costs in any way they can. If you upload the documents in your own Rabobank Mortgage File and share the file with the mortgage advisor you will receive a € 300 discount on the consultancy costs. make sure that you get these documents to the mortgage advisor at least 5 days before your advisory interview is scheduled, so that he can study it well before the interview.

Interest Guarantee for 12 Months

Once signed the mortgage is guaranteed for a maximum period of 12 months. You do not receive an interest proposal, you receive a Mortgage offer. Remember that an interest proposal is not a guarantee for a mortgage. Only a signed mortgage offer is a guarantee that you will receive the offer.

The Interest Agreement Remains Intact

Your interest rate remains the same a it is described in the mortgage offer, even if interest rates increase before you buy. you also have the option of choosing the  mortgage with Plus Conditions, Should the mortgage rate drop before you buy, you will even receive a lower interest rate. Should you stick with  a mortgage with Basic Terms and Conditions you will not receive lower interest rates if the mortgage interest rate falls, but you will simply receive the interest from your mortgage offer.

Additional Benefits for Current Account Users

If you have a Rabobank payment (current) account, they would like to reward you by giving you an extra discount on your interest rate. This means that you benefit from a lower interest rate, that because you pay a lower monthly payment this means more money left in your pocket at the end of the day It is, as you can see, necessary that your income comes into this account.

Suitable Options for the Various Income Types

Good mortgage options are available, whether you have a fixed income or a flexible income. In today's world the traditional way of working for a boss has changed for a lot of people. More and more people become freelancers or entrepreneurs.  Rabobank keep this in mind, and as it is still possible to get a mortgage offer from Rabobank.

Interest and Building Depots

The interest on your building depot is the same as it is on your mortgage. A building depot is a special account for a portion of the mortgage to be paid into.  This happens when you decide to build our own house or you have extensive renovations to do on the house that you bought. The interest you may receive on your building depot will be deposited into your monthly account. The interest on your building depot will not change, even if it may on your mortgage. your building depot may run for a maximum of 2 years.

Discover the current account range offered by Rabobank with this review. 

What We Like About Rabobank Mortgages

Customers benefit from really low interest rates on these loans, which make them highly competitive. There are also options for those who have a steady income and those who work with more erratic incomes.

Furthermore, customers also enjoy help and support from trained and experienced bank consultants. This ensures they get the best advice from the start and in the event of issues, know exactly what to do and where to go.

Also, these loans are backed by a National Mortgage Guarantee. It provides some form of security for the customers and also has a positive effect on the overall savings on the mortgages. The plus plan is another bonus for those who wish to pay low interest rates.

Finally, customers can expect to have assistance in terms of a loan when they apply for bridging finance. This allows them to make an offer on a new property while they wait for the sale of their existing one.

What We Don’t Like About Rabobank Mortgages

Rabobank is more expensive with a few of the Mortgage Loans, as those of the closest competitors. The fact that they deliver a first class service, with quick turnaround times, make it a little more acceptable. The Plus package help you if interest rates fall, but if not, you still pay a little more every month. Due to its size and the volume of business it handles, regrettably some customers do not get the superb service that Rabobank is known for.

Finally, as simple as it may seem to find information on the site about the mortgages, sadly, it takes a bit of digging to find the mortgage packages. This will also make it tough on customers who then have to make their way into a branch for clarity.

Critical Reviews Rating Rabobank Mortgages – 6 of 10

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A bank that has a rich history such as this one often has a few great products up its sleeve. When it comes to mortgages, it’s only natural that this bank shouldn’t disappoint. Only, it does. The range is a singular options that has a few different tweaks and customers need to dig around a little to find it.

We also find that making sense of the information will take at least one visit in the branch. This also means that this loan option is a little less convenient than some of the mortgage options across the globe.

Finally, what should and could be a fine product range is stunted by the lack of upfront information on the mortgage home page. A tiny investment into the options on that screen will make a world of difference to a consumer looking for a mortgage to match their needs.

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