Screenshot of ReCore. © Microsoft

ReCore is an action-adventure videogame produced by the same team that made Metroid Prime, led by Keiji Inafune. The famous creator of video game lends his experience and skill to create a universe where the last remaining humans try to survive a hostile environment. Players assume the role of one of these few survivors, seeking the help of robot companions in an epic quest for continued existence.

Key facts about ReCore

  • ReCore’s single player campaign takes place on a planet devastated by war, where malicious and benevolent robots roam freely.
  • The videogame has some of the best looking scenery of all the titles released in 2016 and a remarkable soundtrack.
  • In ReCore, weather changes have a significant impact on the gameplay and players need to factor them in to survive.
  • The interchangeable robot cores are is innovative concept that allows players to capture the essence of their companions and transfer them to new bodies.
  • Forging alliances with benevolent robots is just as important in ReCore as honing skills and acquiring better gear.

The ReCore games

ReCore games are all played in single player, with the game not having a multiplayer mode and no co-op missions. Players interact with robots all the time, all of them controlled by the AI but they belong to two different factions. Each of them has a different agenda, with some robots protecting humans, while others are hell-bent on eradicating the remaining ones.

When playing the game, one has to make use of diplomacy and win the favor of robots because surviving on your own is impossible. The action-adventure videogame, requires more than skills and good reflexes, making it a treat for those who are in the market for a convincing quest. The blue robots are trying to restore humanity while the red team is the one that players must fear, because their only goal is to get rid of humans.

Weather changes quite often on the planet and this affects the gameplay on many levels, with sandstorms being just as badly as the red robots. Players need to seek shelter and also pay attention to the changes that occur across the map, with entire areas vanishing for a short period of time. While ReCore games are very similar regardless of the environment, the most difficult challenges lie underground. Here, danger lurks at every quarter and the deadliest members of the red team lie in wait.

The difficulty level changes automatically as players borrow themselves deeper underground, where they encounter increasingly fearsome beasts. At the same time, those who don’t mind a little challenge will discover that they can find some of the richest treasures underground. There are puzzles to solve and loot to uncover, although developers decided not to reveal too much about what actually lies beneath ground level until the games is released.

Screenshot of ReCore. © Microsoft
Screenshot of ReCore. © Microsoft

What is ReCore?

ReCore is essentially a next-generation survival game, combining elements from action-adventure video games. Developed by Keiji Inafune in partnership with the makers of Metroid Prime it invites players to get fully immersed in a world where robots control the planet. The few remaining humans aided by a handful of friendly robots are the only resistance left on the scorched Earth and mankind’s last hope.

Gameplay of ReCore

ReCore is still a game in the making, so many story elements are still to be unveiled but we know a couple of things about the gameplay. The adventure will take players across the entire planet and occasionally they will need to use various weapons to take down opponents. Gunplay is just one facet of the complex gameplay, with puzzles keeping players busy a whole lot more and the exploration side of the story is just as exciting.

Simply surviving in this hostile environment will require a lot of patience, excellent coordination and the ability to solve problems before they become emergencies. Just as the name suggests, the cores play an essential role in the narrative and they act as the consciousness of robots. The blue ones that assist our hero are not immortal and when they come under heavy damage, there is a good chance for them to die.

There is life after death in ReCore

Luckily for the players, in ReCore death is not something final and the protagonist can collect the core of any vanquished robots and place it inside another one. By doing so, she swaps not only the living essence of her companion but to some extent transfers the soul of a friend to another body. This has a two-pronged effect, on one hand ensuring continuity and providing players with a second chance if they fail. On the other hand, the connection with a trustworthy companion is never severed, not even by death.

Joule will have to perform this action many times during the single player campaign as robots can’t withstand a lot of damage. That’s why it is very important to keep your friends close by, so in the worst-case scenario their living essence can be retrieved in time. It looks like ReCore will allow players to transfer these cores from a friendly robot to a menacing one and other entities on the map. Only time will tell how this transfer of consciousness will unfold and if there will be nasty side effects.

Screenshot of ReCore. © Microsoft
Screenshot of ReCore. © Microsoft

Plot of ReCore

Joule is the protagonist of ReCore and she tries to survive on a hostile planet, dominated by robots of all types. Some of them are here to help her, but the vast majority is trying at every quarter to exterminate all humans, including our hero. The sandy planet inhabited by robots is more than a sandbox environment with changes of all sorts altering the campaign and weather plays an important part.

On her own, she would have no chance to survive, but luckily for Joule she is accompanied by Mack, a friendly robot that helps her stay alive. He belongs to a tiny fraction of robots that have made it their mission to bring back humanity on the desolate planet. As they try to fulfill their purpose, they need to find ways of keeping evil opponents at bay, while dealing with violence sandstorms. At times, Joule and Mack look like they are all alone in this environment, which makes their connection far more important.

The fact that the scenery can change completely after a sandstorm and many puzzles vanish without trace, emphasizes the importance of paying attention to detail. The storyline in ReCore wass one of the best-kept secrets of 2016. It’s quite possible that developers were still trying to figure out how the game will end. You shouldn't rule out the possibility of multiple endings based on the player’s choices.

Development of ReCore

ReCore came into the spotlight in 2015 during the Electronic Entertainment Expo and captivated the imagination of those who attended the Microsoft event. The debut trailer was so fascinating that players have been waiting ever since for the release of the game. It was pushed back twice and in between only a couple of trailers were released while secrecy was maintained in regard to the gameplay and story line.

Where can I download ReCore?

The game can be pre-ordered from Microsoft and will be available on computers powered by these operating system as well as consoles. The game hit the stores in the second half of 2016 and it only has a single player version.

What are others saying about ReCore?

The fact that ReCore is designed by people who worked on Metroid and led by the game director, explains the enthusiasm for this title. The official release of the trailer was followed by more videos showcasing the game mechanics and the original gameplay. Critics who had the chance to get their hands on ReCore appreciated the manner in which the story unfolds and emphasized the strong bond between characters.

ReCore tournaments

ReCore’s release was postponed, but the reason has nothing to do with multiplayer being added, as developers are still working on the single player. It won’t be possible to pit your skills against other human opponents and the only companions you have are the friendly robots. Therefore, there is no chance for ReCore tournaments and this game will not be present on the eSports arena next to Counter Strike Global Offensive, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare or League of Legends.

My rating of ReCore

I don’t have the audacity to claim that I am never wrong in rating the game even if I only get access to scraps and need to take my cues from limited content. ReCore has all the ingredients needed for a recipe of success and is one of the best-selling games of 2016. It is personal, convincing and has characters that are not only likable but also easy to relate to, not to mention the unique concepts powering its gameplay. I take a leap of faith with a score of 9/10 and reserve the right to make amends a few weeks after the official release.

Overall Score