Screenshot of Road Redemption Urban Warfare

What is Road Redemption?

Road Redemption is the sequel of the vehicular combat racing videogame Road Rash. Developed by Pixel Dash Studios and EQ Games it was released in October 2017 and can be played on Microsoft Windows. Players can download it from Steam where it was also available for early access to those who preorder the game. The game is supposed to have a console version for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018.

Key facts about Road Redemption

  • Road Redemption uses many concepts from the original game, with better graphics and sounds.
  • The combat is fast-paced, brutal and less complicated, therefore suitable for beginners.
  • Road Redemption has a short but exciting single player campaign but few side quests and a weak narrative.
  • Bike handling mechanics can be a bit unresponsive which is a major problem in multiplayer.
  • Road Redemption suffers from repetitiveness and lacks the depth of Road Rash.

Gameplay of Road Redemption

The Road Redemption bears many similarities to its spiritual previous answer, with an arcade feel to it. Players try to inflict maximum damage while riding the bikes and wield a broad spectrum of guns. Melee weapons are still at the cornerstone of its gameplay, but the game has introduced firearms. The latter are far from precise and in most cases those who can properly wield melee weapons inflict more damage.

During the single player campaign, players take on increasingly powerful opponents. The goal is to prepare them for multiplayer and provide them with the impetus to try new offensive moves. Getting close to opponents and delivering a sudden blow is usually more effective than sniping enemies from a distance. The game has retained the simplicity of its predecessor, with few offensive and defensive moves. Perhaps the real challenge is to take out your enemies, while maneuvering the bike at high speeds.

In the multiplayer mode, the gameplay of Road Redemption changes slightly, because of the split screen feature. Playing cooperative mode is more rewarding than going head to head with a fellow player. Unlike AI controlled opponents, real people are better at taking cover and can throw a devastating counterpunch. Having said this, the one that strikes the first blow usually has a crushing the advantage.

Screenshot of Road Redemption Roaming Free

Plot of Road Redemption

The story of Road Redemption is rather shallow and feels more like a pretext to introduce new game mechanics. Fans have waited for nearly 2 decades to play a successor of the popular Road Rash released in 2000. The new installment is centered on the adventures of different characters, but they are still poised to unleash motorcycle mayhem. To make the most of the combat racing variety, players are supposed to complete a string of increasingly difficult challenges. To spice things up the developers have introduced boss fights which compel players to use increasingly complex strategies.

Road Redemption doesn’t have the most convincing characters and those who play are more likely to take it one step at a time. The outcome is uncertain, but at least the single player campaign takes players to different landscapes. Unfortunately, the very nature of this game makes it difficult to take full advantage of all the changes of scenery. After all, you are riding a bike on highways and trying to survive the relentless attacks of AI controlled opponents. This means that there is less time to enjoy the scenery.

The collision detection features as well as the graphics leave a lot to be desired and prevent the game from reaching its full potential. Throughout the single player campaign players can deviate very little from the main quest chain. Furthermore, the plot of Road Redemption lacks the coherence of modern stories that make video games memorable. Players embark on one quest after another but each new one brings very few unique elements.

Screenshot of Road Redemption Confrontation

Development of Road Redemption

Road Rash was very popular in the early 2000, but development on Road Redemption only started in 2009. Pixel Dash Studios and EQ Games found it worthwhile to bring back to life the popular game. Their goal was to take advantage of the advancements of technology and fit the new release with better graphics. After several unsuccessful attempts from other developers who revisited the series, this project took off in 2013.

The game was initially supposed to launch exclusively through crowdfunding campaigns over Kickstarter but this didn’t happen. Only in 2014 did developers make the official announcement and work began on the new game. Console fans knew right from the beginning that they won’t have the chance to enjoy this game on their devices of choice. The game made their debut on PCs in October 2017 and the console version will follow in 2018.

Where can I download Road Redemption?

Road Redemption can be downloaded from the official websites of Pixel Dash Studios and EQ Games. The game was also made available for a preorder over Steam and can still be acquired here. Since this new installment and the game it was inspired by were not produced by the same developer, there are no special deals. Furthermore, Road Rash was produced in 2000 and the graphics leave a lot to be desired by modern standards. Even so, fans who want to know how it all started should check out that game.

Compared to other racing games, Road Redemption focuses almost exclusively on taking out opponents. This is a steep departure from the classic concepts, so those who want to return to the roots of the genre need to look elsewhere. Grand Theft Auto V, The Crew, Need for Speed 2015 and Forza Horizon 3 could be decent alternatives. They are quite different in terms of graphics and gameplay, but they all enjoyed good critical reception.

Screenshot of Road Redemption Great Outdoors

What are others saying about Road Redemption?

Road Redemption has a hard time pleasing the veteran fans, because they had high expectations. Even though it’s been 17 years since Road Rash was released, they still had fun memories about it. Pixel Dash Studios and EQ Games tried to breathe new life into their new release but only partially succeeded. The critics weren’t too upset with the new game, but most of the fans were not happy with the outcome.

Most of the positive Road Redemption reviews are written by people who haven’t played the first game. They had lower expectations and didn’t know what to expect from this game, so they had more fun. The occasionally unresponsive mechanics as well as the sheer difficulty of riding the bike and fighting frustrated some fans. Happy players were quick to highlight the visual improvements and the fact that the game is fast-paced, brutal and immersive.

My Rating of Road Redemption

I haven’t played Road Rash back in the day, so I didn’t expect something extraordinary from the new release. Road Redemption looks like a fun game to play when you don’t have anything better to do and seek some mindless fun. It can be pretty amusing but it’s not the kind of game that grows on you. From what I can tell, it can be a welcome distraction from a more serious RPG or MMORPG adventure.

Some of the mechanics are clumsy and it can be really frustrating when the bike doesn’t respond properly to your commands in multiplayer. The single player is short, lacks a serious plot and feels like a cluster of unrelated missions and challenges. The bottom line is that Road Redemption is far from being one of the best games of 2017. I’m 100% that it won’t be fondly remembered for many years to come as Road Rash was and it won’t create a cult following. It is an average game at best and I rate it 5.5 out of 10.