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What is Robo Recall?

Robo Recall is a modern videogame that takes advantage of the latest virtual reality capable devices. Those who own Oculus Touch controllers or plan to acquire some can enjoy these VR shooting title. It has robots at the cornerstone of its narrative and is centered on a fast-paced combat. Compared to other games belonging to this genre, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and makes good use of humor. Loud sound effects and fancy visuals create an over-the-top shooter and a pioneer for virtual reality tech.

Key facts about Robo Recall

  • Robo Recall can be played by those who own virtual reality capable devices.
  • The game uses Oculus Touch technology and makes it easy to control robots on the battlefield.
  • Robo Recall run on the Unreal Engine, which delivers excellent graphics and a high frame rate.
  • The single player is relatively short and the narrative shallow, but the gameplay is solid.
  • Robo Recall was criticized for being too repetitive and not challenging enough in the later stages.

Gameplay of Robo Recall

The Robo Recall gameplay is relatively simple, with players controlling robots that wield various weapons. In addition to shooting and jumping, players can also use metal crickets that explode and teleport from one part of the map to the other. As the single player progresses as well as in multiplayer, one can use an impressive arsenal that includes rockets and more powerful weapons.

There are several versions for every map, so the environment changes often enough not to get repetitive. The problem is that opponents to do the same things over and over again, with little variety. Every now and then, players must defeat more powerful enemies which act as bosses in classic role-playing video games. The upside is that these foes have the ability of changing their repertoire of actions.

This means that players need to prepare for the unexpected all the time and have a backup plan in case the main one fails. The gameplay of Robo Recall relies heavily on flying and some of the most impressive moves are performed in midair. Virtually all opponents have mastered the ability to fly and are very mobile on the battlefield. Beginners might feel a bit overwhelmed by the high velocity and all the movement around them. It can take a while until you get familiar and comfortable with VR technology.

Another thing that makes the gameplay of Robo Recall great is that players respawn quickly when they suffer an untimely demise. This makes the multiplayer fun, as the waiting time is short and they are back in the fray. The challenge in player versus player combat is terrific, but players are motivated in single player as well. They can improve their score in the leaderboard and share their progress online.

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Plot of Robo Recall

Robo Recall is a first-person shooter with unique game mechanics, but not such an original story. Basically, those who choose to play this game will enjoy a roller coaster of excitement and the adrenaline rush of a fun game. Story-wise, it’s not as rewarding but the basic Robo Recall plot serves mostly as an excuse to destroy incoming ways of robots. Players assume the role of Agent 34 and they are tasked with the mission of recalling defective robots.

As the city is quickly overrun by the malfunctioning robots produced by the Robo Ready corporation. Initially, players suspect that this is the result of a technical glitch but as the story progresses, the truth surfaces. Apparently, a benevolent artificial intelligence which goes by the name of Odin is behind this plot. With so many defective robots roaming freely across the city, the main concern is to recall them before they can do harm.

There are a total of three levels that players need to complete and they are divided into smaller missions. The entire Robo Recall plot spans over nine missions and players explore the entire city map. Most of the enemies are easy to deal with, but at some point bosses spawn and these are the ones to beat. Teleporting from one part of the city to the other means that players enjoy a lot of freedom when exploring the neighborhood. There are no side quests to take on, so the narrative is a little linear.

Players can also slow down time temporarily, to deal with more powerful opponents. The malfunctioning robots also have similar abilities and can inflict a lot of damage upon unsuspecting players. The waves of incoming robots can include the same time of opponents or different enemies.

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Development of Robo Recall

Robo Recall development started immediately after the virtual reality technology gained traction worldwide. Oculus Rift and Samsung’s proprietary gear for its flagship smartphone drew large crowds. Since videogames require a lot of processing power, the task of creating a FPS game that still runs smoothly on these devices was regarded as a tall order. Epic Games was the chosen publisher for the videogame and they also worked on developing the first-person shooter.

The advancements of technology made it possible for the developers to introduce new features that were not initially planned. However, the delays caused by the new additions didn’t hurt the schedule and the game was released on time. It required several patches to address all the small issues highlighted by the players. The current version is fully playable on virtual reality gadgets and is a treat to the eye. The developers have announced that the Robo Recall game will benefit from the addition of DLC packs.

Where can I download Robo Recall?

Those who want to check out this game in virtual reality should proceed with a Robo Recall download. They can do it by going straight to the Epic Games website, as the first-person shooter can be found here. This publisher has an impressive track record and has produced dozens of games since its inception in 1991. Over the course of time they have created some gems that still have plenty of fans today.

Both those who don’t have a VR gear yet and those who want to play a game in classic format have other alternatives here. The list of games published by these guys is pretty long and you can find everything from first-person shooters to real-time strategy games and turn-based titles. Paragon, Fortnite and Gears of War 4 are a few games featured here and there are great.

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What are others saying about Robo Recall?

Robo Recall reviews were surprisingly harsh given the fact that developers set out to innovate. The virtual reality technology is still in its infant stages and game makers were constrained by its limitations. Some people complained about the fact that the gameplay is pretty straightforward and that the game has accuracy issues. However, as more time passed and more players got the chance to enjoy the game and review it, the scores surged.

Overall, the ratings are above the average and the most important part is that recent articles are the most favorable ones. Some criticism was made in regard to the short single player and the shallowness of its plot. The fact that the game can be completed in single player in less than three hours was highlighted as a shortcoming. Others understood the fact that the campaign is mostly an extended tutorial that prepares players for the thrills of multiplayer.

My Rating of Robo Recall

I remember how much time I spent using my Samsung VR gear when I got it alongside their flagship smartphone. Even though everything was heavily scripted and I could only see the things they were showing, I was ecstatic. Since then I lost much of the enthusiasm for virtual reality, but that is simply because I wasn’t given anything new to enjoy. Deep inside I am still waiting for this technology to hit its full potential and video games such as Robo Recall represent an important milestone.

As first-person shooters go, this is mediocre at best in terms of both gameplay and story. However, when you take the time to think it through and realize the fact that you play in virtual reality, things change completely. I had a lot of fun with Robo Recall and I only took the VR gear off after many hours of gameplay. Moderation goes a long way and you should exercise it if you don’t want to get a migraine. This first-person shooter will put your willpower to the test and that’s why I rate it 8.5 out of 10.