Screenshot of Ruiner Perfect Future

What is Ruiner?

Ruiner is an original cyberpunk video game, with a dark atmosphere, brutal fights and fast-paced action. It is centered on a character seeking vengeance in her dystopic universe, where nothing is what it seems. The grim graphics and oppressive soundtrack quickly gets players immersed into the atmosphere. It was developed by Devolver Digital which used outside influences to create a top-down shooter.

Key facts about Ruiner

  • Ruiner has a simple but intense gameplay centered on brutal combat.
  • Action takes place in a futuristic world that is inhospitable and pays little regard to individuals.
  • Ruiner has an impressive arsenal of weapons and players can wield a variety of offensive skills.
  • The bleak cyberpunk narrative is linear, with a few side quests and unconvincing characters.
  • Ruiner pays less attention to the story, therefore the single player is short and lacks replayability.

Gameplay of Ruiner

The Ruiner gameplay is easy to master even by someone who hasn’t played any similar game before. Players move down long and twisted corridors and trying to survive the relentless attacks of bloodthirsty opponents. What usually happens is that the main character gets locked inside a room and has to confront a wave of foes. Outnumbered, outgunned and often cornered, he proves to be highly resourceful and outshines opponents through speed and aggressiveness.

Throughout the single player, players unlock new weapons which they can use right away without training them. The most satisfying game mechanics are the ones involving melee weapons, such as bats, swords and knives. Machine guns, pistols and other powerful firearms are collected as players complete side quests and main story arches. As they unlock new abilities and increase their proficiency with guns, players inflict more damage and take out opponents faster.

The gameplay of Ruiner gets more complex with the advent of explosives, time manipulators and defensive barriers. These add a new layer of complexity to its gameplay and provide players with new means to tackle various challenges. They are equally useful to inflict damage upon unsuspecting foes and to avoid crippling damage. Players will also increase their chances to survive by anticipating the traps and entering dangerous rooms where arms.

The game doesn’t go to great lengths to give players the heads up about incoming opponents. As a result, many die without realizing the danger and not even boss fights are properly announced. The bottom line is that players need to stay on their toes and be ready to fight all the time. Speaking of boss fights, these are the most challenging parts of the campaign and by far the most exciting.

Screenshot of Ruiner Dark City

Plot of Ruiner

The story of Ruiner begins in the year 2091 and takes place in the city of Rengkok. In this dark universe, corporations reign supreme and regular people are left to fend for themselves. Murderous gangs roam the streets and the elite leaves in the quarters built and maintained by the Heaven conglomerate. This is where action takes place and the main character doesn’t have a name or a precise identity. He is easy to recognize however, because he always wears a LED helmet and his only friend is a hacker called Her.

She is the one that awakens him from his slumber and tells him that his brother was kidnapped. With vengeance in mind, the lead character begins his quest for vengeance, also hoping to save his brother. Right from the start, he is pit against a wave of bad guys that wield ever more powerful weapons. Players are supposed to take out opponents one by one or eliminate entire gangs of killers.

The single player will take our hero from one part of Rengkok to the other, to factories, warehouses and dark slums. Players discover and wield powerful weapons, but the most effective ones come in the form of high-tech gadgets. They allow players to briefly control enemies and even manipulate time. These weapons and gadgets ultimately serve the purpose of making the hero lethal in this hostile environment.

In the absence of a clear villain, players have to find solace in the fact that enemies get more diverse. Every now and then, they get to fight against bosses, which have their bodyguards and unique abilities. Only during the final stages of the single player campaign does the plot of Ruiner start to make sense.

Screenshot of Ruiner Revolution

Development of Ruiner

Ruiner was announced in 2016, but development on the game started at least one year before. Devolver Digital wanted to create a game that is built on a grim setting, more than a complex plot. Even though the story doesn’t make sense for the time and players don’t see the goal clearly, the atmosphere is everything. Visually, the top-down shooter is satisfying and action flows smoothly even during major firefights.

The release date was scheduled for early 2017, but development took longer than expected and that’s why the date was pushed into the third quarter. Ruiner didn’t require major updates and patches, so despite the delayed release, the audience embraced it wholeheartedly. Developers didn’t say anything about the possibility of producing a sequel or releasing the game for more consoles. There are however rumors regarding a possible downloadable content or standalone expansion.

Where can I download Ruiner?

The Devolver Digital is the place to go if you want to download Ruiner. This videogame developer isn’t exactly a household name with dozens of games, but all its best titles can be found here. Those who land on their website will discover that this game is unique even among their creations. It bears some similarities with the post apocalyptic role-playing video games available but only in terms of atmosphere.

Players who would seek a more authentic RPG experience are probably going to seek something different from this shooter. Fallout 4 from Bethesda is perhaps the best example, even though it belongs to a different genre. Once on the website of this developer, one can also consider the possibility of playing other of their fun games such as Doom, Dishonored 2, The Elder Scrolls Legends, Skyrim and Battle Cry.

Screenshot of Ruiner Dark Message

What are others saying about Ruiner?

Ruiner earned the praise of players who sought something different from the avalanche of first-person shooters and RPG’s of 2017. Devolver Digital didn’t set the bar too high for its title and that’s why Ruiner reviews are generally positive. People are fascinated by the original concepts, the soundtrack and the oppressive atmosphere. It is a setting that quickly gets players immersed into a story that is otherwise convoluted and doesn’t make much sense.

There were players unhappy with the somehow dull nature of the quests and the absence of a clear villain. Some felt that they were simply making steps forward into an unknown direction without expecting anything special. Boss fights were generally regarded as the highlight of the game and players were also happy with the impressive array of weapons available.

My Rating of Ruiner

Ruiner was a truly original experience, which is something I can’t say about many of the modern games. Unfortunately, different doesn’t always mean better and there are plenty of flaws in this surprising game of 2017. I found it to be rather difficult and even though I don’t back off from a challenge I fear that many would simply stop playing. The problem with this game is that although generally good, it gives you many excuses to quit.

If you seek a distraction from your more serious gambling routine, Ruiner is worth a shot. It is the kind of game that sweeps you off your feet early on but then fails to surprise you later. I wouldn’t say that it all goes downhill from the first missions, but it lacks the crescendo of top video games. In a nutshell, this is not the kind of game to linger in your mind for weeks, but an above average game I rate 6.5/10.