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Shopee is one of the most popular mobile e-commerce stores. It builds on the popularity of online stores such as OLX, Snapdeal and Flipkart and focuses on mobile users. Anyone can use the service for free and install the application available on iTunes and Google play store. They offer a guarantee to buyers, campaign on delivery only if they are satisfied with the quality of the product. Their aim is to create a safe and simple marketplace for mobile users who want to sell and buy used items.

Key facts about Shopee

  • Shopee is one of the easiest to use mobile marketplaces, without cutting down on security.
  • In addition to telephone and email, their customer support includes a highly responsive live chat.
  • The Shop Safely With Shopee Guarantee program protects buyers from the risks of acquiring defective items.
  • Emphasis is on speeding up transactions and new users can start selling in less than 30 seconds.
  • Shopee is a free service and no commission is charged for any transactions.

How does Shopee work?

Before prospective buyers and sellers can use the service, they need to sign up for an account. This will require them to go to the Google Play Store or the iTunes and download the dedicated mobile app. Once the installation process is complete, new customers need to opt in for an account and then browse the list of products available. The items posted recently appear at the top of the list, but there are plenty of filters for those who seek specific products.

The registration process allows new customers to use an email, mobile number or even their Facebook account. Shopee transactions are performed quickly, once the two parties have agreed on the terms and conditions. The online store provides both of them with a list of suggestions aimed at making purchases fast and secure. The acquisition of a new product can be done with an upfront payment via credit card or electronic wallet. Those who shop here for the first time can test the waters and pay on delivery.

The Shopee mobile experience

For an online marketplace centered on smartphones and tablets users, Shopee offers a great mobile experience. At its cornerstone there is the mobile app which can be downloaded for free and runs on smartphones and tablets. An Internet connection is all that prospective customers need to enjoy all the advantages of e-commerce. Installing the application is just as easy whether new customers use an Android or iOS powered machine.

Screenshot of Shopee Guarantee
Screenshot of Shopee Guarantee

Thousands of users are immediately connected when they become a part of the Shopee shopping experience. The service is free, but there are plenty of advantages for serious buyers and sellers. Conversely, those who are unresponsive, don’t pay for the products they acquire or return items often are flagged. Even those who have the tendency of posting items that never sell are detected by the system and singled out. Only severe breaches of the terms and conditions outright deception will lead to the termination of Shopee accounts. However, honest buyers will be presented with enough information to make the distinction between serious and shady sellers.

There is no sign up fee and no commission charged in the long run, so anyone can stop here for free indefinitely. The Shopee PH mobile app should work smoothly, with no technical glitches and crashes. On those rare occasions when players need assistance, the FAQ section is the first line of defense. If clients don’t find an answer here, they can ask customer support for help.

What are others saying about Shopee?

Anyone can be a buyer or seller at Shopee. That’s why the reviews differ greatly in terms of tone, attitude and conclusions. However, there seems to be consensus among the long-term users that the service meets expectations. The attention paid to mobile device users makes it a better choice than Flipkart, Snapdeal and OLX. They still try to ramp up the numbers, to have as many buyers and sellers as their competitors.

Screenshot of Shopee Mall
Screenshot of Shopee Mall

Meanwhile, there are a couple of advantages that can be enjoyed only at this e-commerce venture. For instance, those who have an Instagram online account can use it to simplify shopping. Shopee reviews make a point of mentioning the fact that customers can use the Instagram Import feature. It helps a lot with importing photos of their collection, therefore better advertise the products they have on sale. This is also consistent with their commitment to make buying and selling as simple as possible.

As with all online marketplaces, users are particularly interested in the fees charged by Shopee. Reviews mention at least once that they don’t charge any commission and are flexible when it comes to payment methods. There are always a couple of disgruntled customers, equally divided among buyers and sellers.

My rating of Shopee

I have accounts with Flipkart, Snapdeal and OLX and my experience with these companies was pretty good. Hadn’t it been for Shopee’s claim that they offer the best mobile shopping experience, I wouldn’t have downloaded the app. I have a soft spot for mobile devices and I’ve reached the point when I almost fear addiction. I use my smart phone for everything from online gambling and gaming to reading and shopping. Now that I did, I’m happy I gave into temptation and decided to check them out.

It’s so easy to sign up for an account, navigation is a breeze and the service is absolutely free. I’m an Android fan boy myself, but I appreciate the fact that you can shop here using an iPhone. At the end of the day what matters the most is to have a vibrant community of buyers and sellers. Shopee has achieved all that and has created an online marketplace where you feel comfortable shopping. For all these reasons, I consider a review score of 8 out of 10 to be perfectly fair.

Overall Score


  1. BEWARE of SHOPEE!!!

    It’s at least partly a customer trap. Say, u don’t even have an account with them yourself (since the page is in English) but u PAY some of their bills, again assume for your kids, who have found somenthing exciting, via ATM, that is. u transfer the money from your account to their account under the proper references.
    That’s perfectly easy. But it is virtually impossible to get a refund, in case something goes wrong. Which often happens, as at least part of their offers seem to be phoney, no real merchandise behind it. Out of stock.
    Shopee line of argument, u have to have a @[email protected] with them, to get the refund.
    That’s like someone takes some property of you using a dirty trick, but he is ready to give it back, provided u hand over the keys of the house first. (wallet means shopee has access to your account)
    So no refund, or risk much more damage with them in the future.

    This is company policy, u can read it on the english shopee/singapure pages.
    Happened to me lately so beware, only pay on delivery or avoid altogether.

  2. This rating is BS.

    Shopee has:
    1. Sellers selling counterfeits items.
    2. Advertisement while having no inventories.
    3. A stupid no rating protection before item is delivered. So, you can’t rate if seller never deliver item you’ve paid.
    4. A seller stacking an item at different prices.
    5. Slow refund system.

    Combine 2, 3, 4 and 5 then you see that the rating on this page is critically sick.

    My transaction experience:
    item quantity = 2 normal vs 4 stressful
    money= USD 15 normal vs USD 200 stressful
    transaction = 2 normal vs 3 stressful
    time spent = 30 minutes normal vs 10 days stressful