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Snapdeal started as a regular daily deal website and was founded in February 2010. It was inspired by the success of with which it still bears many similarities. It gradually evolved into a fully fledged e-commerce store, catering for customers from all over the world. People can place orders, buy and sell various products and occasionally take advantage of discounted prices.

Key facts about Snapdeal

  • Snapdeal grew quickly from a daily website into a successful e-commerce store.
  • The venture was founded by Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl in 2010.
  • The first major milestone for Snapdeal came in 2011 when it turned into an online marketplace.
  • A village in India is named after the company, as a tribute for the company who installed 15 hand-pumps to meet the demand for water.
  • Snapdeal has in excess of 20 million registered users and millions of products are sold every day.

How does Snapdeal work?

Snapdeal allows users to post announcements about the products they have to sell. Conversely, all those who want to shop from the comfort of their home can go online and browse the collection of goods and services. Once members decide for one product or the other, they can simply place an order and pay by credit card. There are other financial instruments accepted for acquisitions and once an order is placed, confirmation arrives shortly after.

Snapdeal payments can be made on delivery or at the same moment when the order is placed. Many users still prefer to pay with cash on delivery, but a trend has emerged that favors cards and e-wallets. Once an order is made, customers can log into their accounts and see the status for all their products. Tracking works smoothly and it is possible to see where your package is at all times. There are various checkpoints down the road, which makes it easy for customers to estimate the delivery dates.

The e-commerce store has plenty of competitors such as OLX, Shopee and Flipkart. In order to attract customers and improve client retention, Snapdeal offers rewards points for shopping here. Both buyers and sellers benefit from this loyalty system and enjoy various advantages in the long run. They benefit from discounted prices and those who shop here often won’t have to pay anything for transportation.

Screenshot of Snapdeal Categories
Screenshot of Snapdeal Categories

The Snapdeal mobile experience

Snapdeal has a dedicated application for those who prefer to shop using exclusively mobile devices. It works on both Android and iOS operating systems, including smartphones and tablets. The interface is user-friendly and despite the impressive list of products on offer, navigation on mobile devices is seamless. Players can rely upon these gadgets to sign up for an account, place an order and pay online.

The waiting time on acquisitions is on par and sometimes shorter than what competitors have to offer. Snapdeal is famous for its excessive packaging, with every product being carefully wrapped up. Users who shop via smartphones and tablets can request that the items shipped are protected by extra layers. Everything from bubble wrap to several layers of paper is available, so the odds of having the items damaged during shipping are slim to none.

What are others saying about Snapdeal?

Snapdeal is frequently compared to its competitors and it has big shoes to fill. OLX, Shopee and Flipkart are usually regarded as better options by those who are in a hurry. On the bright side, when placing an order, the service tells you exactly how long you need to wait. Under normal circumstances, the products arrive on destination on time, so those who plan in advance don’t have unpleasant surprises. Thanks to the careful packaging procedure, there are no complaints of items being damaged during transportation.

Snapdeal reviews indicate the fact that the aforementioned services are better for urgent orders. Within Indian borders, the e-commerce store has plenty of happy customers which contribute to the popularity of online shopping. Times Shopping and Rediff Shopping were among the first to offer this alternative to prospective customers, but they are not their biggest competitors.

Screenshot of Snapdeal Deals of the Day
Screenshot of Snapdeal Deals of the Day

Users appreciate the convenience of having so many alternatives that are just one click away. The high quality of the photographs and the sheer ease of navigating the modern website are also appreciated. The attention paid to the needs of mobile users didn’t go unnoticed and the Snapdeal mobile app works smoothly on all sorts of devices. They are obviously trying to build a strong brand not only in India, but also worldwide. Some complain that waiting times are long and few are frustrated by delays. Complaints about the quality of the products bought are misdirected, as they should target the seller.

My rating of Snapdeal

My experience with Snapdeal was in line with the expectations. I do most of my shopping over the Internet these days, so I’m quite familiar with how the system works. Placing several orders within a matter of days presented me with the chance to see how they perform midweek as well as over the weekend. Browsing the collection of products available is simple, thanks to the drop-down menus.

The great looking website projects an image of trustworthiness and encourages new members to place the first order. Compared to other online shops, this one seems to take extra care in producing the best first impression. After all, you only get one chance at making a great first impression and Snapdeal does a good job at it. My orders arrived on time and the amount paid was reasonable, despite the long-distance.

I think Snapdeal is a pretty good option for those who want to shop online regardless of their location. For Indian users however, it’s a great choice since the commissions are low and the waiting time is short. Without being the best e-commerce store out there, it’s better than most and definitely deserves a review score of 7/10.

Overall Score