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SoftSwiss opened shop back in 2008, when the market was dominated by a handful of major software developers. They came up with an original concept and focused on producing top-quality games. The emphasis was on the visuals and they took their time to craft these titles, at the expense of releasing fewer games. Initially, only a handful of online casinos adopted their games, but their number grew rapidly. They are now a respectable brand, but one that still needs to expand its collection of games.

Key facts about SoftSwiss

  • Since 2008, SoftSwiss is a producer of premium games for online casinos.
  • They produce top-quality games, but are still making their baby steps in the niche of 3-D graphics
  • SoftSwiss has produced exclusively slot machines, with more than 40 titles.
  • Their games are compatible with mobile devices and run smoothly on smartphones and tablets.
  • SoftSwiss has teamed up with Microgaming Quickfire and other major software developers to compensate the lack of games.

SoftSwiss game quality

They are now providing dozens of online casinos with their fancy looking slot machines. Among the places where players can enjoy these titles it is worth mentioning LimoPlay Casino, Oshi Bitcoin Casino, BitStarz Casino and 7BitCasino. The thing that these casinos have in common is that they are innovative and quick to adopt new technologies. They are also the ones that accept bitcoin for gambling purposes.

The games produced by the software developer are defined by fancy graphics and immersive animations. They decided not to make the next step forward and wholeheartedly embraced 3-D graphics. This decision generates mixed reactions from the fans, with some expecting them to walk down the path. The reason for why SoftSwiss chose not to produce these games just yet is difficult to pinpoint with accuracy.

In terms of gameplay, these slot machines are engaging and keep players wired for many hours in a row. The emphasis is on producing games that are compatible with mobile devices. They offer comparable alternatives to other software developers, but trail the industry leaders in terms of sheer numbers. These guys only offer a fraction of the games released by Microgaming, Net Entertainment or Playtech.

The partnerships with some of these software developers can only help them that much. Add to this the fact that SoftSwiss produces exclusively slots and it’s easy to understand why they trail the leaders. On the bright side, the number of operators that choose them as partners to provide games is on the rise. The preference for Bitcoin casinos is self evident and this is the result of them offering multiple modules. These can be used by operators to introduce specific features, such as payment methods and support.

What makes SoftSwiss special

SoftSwiss is one of the preferred software developers for online casinos that accept Bitcoin. The community is still relatively small but growing at a fast pace and it is expected to speed up its growth. Crypto currency processing is integrated on demand, in addition to other popular payment methods. Wirecard, Skrill, Neteller, Ukash, Paysafecard and other financial instruments are available on their platform. Casinos can voice their concerns and express their preferences, as the modules are customizable

Another thing that differentiates the software developer from its counterparts is that it tries to meet clients halfway. They cover the legal aspects, hence rendering the process of applying for a license unnecessary. They also provide consulting and help casinos they provide with software with assistance in the process of obtaining a license. The bottom line is that their partners can easily switch from the standard SoftSwiss white label license to their own.

Screenshot of SoftSwiss Games
Screenshot of SoftSwiss Games

What are others saying about SoftSwiss

The gambling community is divided between players and online casinos. Not surprisingly, these have divergent views of SoftSwiss, but generally they are well regarded by both. Casinos are utterly impressed by the Turnkey software they offer, with custom website designs, affiliate program modules and gaming platforms. Among the advantages frequently cited are multi-language localization, merchant and banking account consulting. One of the best selling points is actually the multicurrency support that includes Bitcoins.

The SoftSwiss reviews written by casino operators and critics, take into account the regular software updates. By keeping their products up-to-date with the advancements of technology, they appeal to online casinos. Players however are more interested in the software developer expanding its collection of games. Less than 100 titles is simply too few for any serious producer of casino software. These guys have half that amount and all of them are slot machines. This comes as a disappointment for table games and video poker fans.

The visuals of these few games however are state-of-the-art. The software developer takes great pride in combining creativity with true to life graphics. Another upside is that they provide detailed descriptions for all their games as well as clear payout tables. This goes a long way in convincing prospective customers as well as existing members to make the transition to real money gambling.

My rating of SoftSwiss

It’s been a while since I first stumbled upon SoftSwiss software. Back then, I found them to be exotic and exciting on many levels, but didn’t regard them as a major software developer. Competition has always been intense in this line of work, but they found a way to survive and thrive. Their policy is to create the best games possible, even if this means that they have much fewer games than their competitors.

I don’t mind this policy; in fact I like it to some extent. However, it’s pretty obvious that anyone who spends enough time gambling online will soon end up playing all their games. Boredom is a serious threat to any software developer and online casino, so this aspect needs to be addressed soon. I’m hoping that they close the gap separating them from the leaders in terms of games offered, without sacrificing quality. In anticipation of that day, I can only give a review score of 6 out of 10 with the possibility of a boost.

Overall Score