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Sporting Index is not a traditional bookmaker, but one that promotes a different type of gambling. It appeals to experienced punters who want to maximize the returns on investment and are not afraid to take some chances. They are based in the United Kingdom and have been around for 2 decades, with no major incidents. They dwell on spread betting, which is a concept that very few punters understand thoroughly. That’s why they have comprehensive tutorials on the website for those who want to learn the ropes.

Key facts about Sporting Index

  • Sporting Index promotes an original and potentially lucrative way of betting.
  • Customer support is now available 24/7 and all channels of communication are offered.
  • Sporting Index has a cool welcome bonus, but fewer promotions available to those who stick around.
  • Amateurs have a hard time placing bets and the bookmaker has relatively few markets available.
  • Sporting Index allows mobile gambling but has no dedicated app for smartphone and tablet users.

Sporting Index Sports and Odds

Sporting Index chose to walk down the less traveled paths and help players get familiar with spread betting. They cover all popular sports, but tend to focus on football, tennis, American sports and rugby leagues. The odds are available in several formats, but players need to use another system when calculating potential profits. These are not fixed, but can vary greatly based on market movements. As a result, one can lose or win more than he or she initially estimates, so bankroll management is important.

The bookmaker has videos that explain how spread betting works, but the system can be a bit difficult for beginners. This type of gambling benefits those who bet on teams that they expect to secure lopsided victories. The bigger the winning margin, the bigger the profits, but the same can be said about losses. The number of European football leagues available should meet the expectations of said he punters. The emphasis is clearly on the first divisions, with fewer options for inferior leagues.

It is also possible to bet on entertainment and politics, using the same spread betting system. Sporting Index betting is very flexible in terms of stakes and players can bet as little as $.10. The upper limits are also high enough to meet the expectations of highrollers and those who bet larger amounts. Players are advised to go over the tutorials, watch the videos and keep the stakes low when placing the first bets.

Screenshot of Sporting Index Mobile Betting
Screenshot of Sporting Index Mobile Betting

Live and Mobile Gaming at Sporting Index

Sporting Index enables players to bet in real-time as this is one of the strong suits of spread betting. It is also worth watching how the games unfold if you place a bet prior to kickoff. The features available allow players to close a bet before the final whistle. This is a surefire way to lock in on profits or to cut losses when things don’t go as expected. Static information is also available for those who want to stay up-to-date with what happens on the pitch.

Mobile devices can be used to bet live and both iOS and Android powered gadgets work. The website is also optimized for these devices but unfortunately there is no dedicated app. This would come in handy and also simplify the betting process for those who stay on the move. The number of games available to bet in real-time is in line with what other bookmakers offer. Having said this, Unibet, William Hill and Paddy Power broadcast more games live.

Sporting Index promotions and bonuses

Sporting Index doesn’t have too many promotions and they channel all their generosity on new players. These benefits from a professional tutorial and enough videos to help them learn more about spread betting. The introductory offer consists of €100, which is actually a free bet that can’t be withdrawn. This amount is supposed to be used over the next seven days. Players can bet on any sports and all available markets qualify. In any case, they only get to keep the profits they make while forsaking the stakes.

Only those who have a real money account qualify for this bonus. The good news is that they don’t have to make a deposit to receive the money. Under normal circumstances, the funds should reach them by 5 PM the next day. Players who failed to use the money within seven days will lose the bonus, so it is important to act quickly. The €100 credit will be removed at the end of the promotional period, with players keeping the net profits.

Screenshot of Sporting Index Refer and Earn
Screenshot of Sporting Index Refer and Earn

How do you register at Sporting Index?

The registration process at Sporting Index will require players to share a little bit of personal information. In addition to the username and email address, one would also have to give the address and complete name. The bookmaker takes these measures to prevent fraud, since they offer no deposit bonus. Only after the account is validated, will players be eligible for the €100 free bet.

Is Sporting Index safe and reliable?

20 years is a lot of time, especially for a bookmaker that has a license issued by the UK gaming commission. These guys are very strict and take security seriously, so there is no room for error. Sporting Index uses SSL encryption technology when funds are transferred and sensitive information is shared between players and the house. There are also firewalls and other defensive measures in place to render the access of cyber criminals virtually impossible. Spread betting itself can be complicated and riskier than traditional sports betting. However, this is not the consequence of a greater house edge.

Payment options and cash out times at Sporting Index

Sporting Index doesn’t accept players from United States and other players where gambling is illegal. That’s why they can afford to limit the number of payment methods to a couple of financial instruments. Credit cards feature on the list, but payments made with them are charged a 1.5% commission. Neteller, Skrill, Bank Transfer and postal cheque are the alternatives, but the latter take a lot of time to process transactions. The bottom line is that electronic wallets are the way to go if you want to keep the waiting time short and pay no fees.

Sporting Index service and support

Sporting Index has a competent customer support team that works 24/7 to keep players well informed. This is very important given the fact that spread betting is pretty complicated. Their experts can be reached via traditional communication channels, such as live chat, telephone and email. Social media is also an alternative for those who want to interact with their peers as well. Facebook, Twitter and Google + are also offered, so the waiting time should be significantly reduced.

Screenshot of Sporting Index Contact
Screenshot of Sporting Index Contact

What are others saying about Sporting Index?

Sporting Index reviews almost always talk about the advantages and shortcomings of spread betting. Those who like the system are mostly experienced punters who know how it works. There are some who consider it to be too complex and would recommend fellow gamblers to stick to traditional bookmakers. There is very little criticism in regard to the services they offer, except maybe for payment methods. Players regard the financial instruments available as insufficient and don’t like the idea of paying fees.

Customer support is almost unanimously regarded as professional, friendly and competent. They need to be so because otherwise players will have no chance to learn the ropes of spread betting. Some players are not happy with the relatively low number of markets, especially on obscure sports. The uncertainty of how much money players can collect is also driving some players away. However, this is not a criticism against the bookmaker, but the betting system itself.

My experience and rating of Sporting Index

Spread betting is an entirely different beast that few punters understand thoroughly. That’s why I feel that Sporting Index is more of a specialty bookmaker than a mainstream operator. I can only recommend it to those who are well versed in the art of spread betting and understand the system. There is indeed the potential of winning larger amounts, but you need to accept the bigger chances. The educational section comes in handy and their customer support is always there to help newcomers.

I would’ve liked more markets and more options when betting in real-time. I can’t help but think that they failed to extract the most from live betting. The fact that you have to pay commission when using credit cards is not something I endorse. Another thing that annoys me a little bit is the fact that their promotions are inadequate and focus exclusively on the welcome bonus. All in all, this is a bookmaker to join only if you know what you get into. It does one thing, but does it pretty good and deserves a rating of 7.5/10.

Overall Score