Star Wars Battlefront Squad Shield. © Electronic Arts

Developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts, Star Wars Battlefront is an action shooter videogame released in November 2015. Regarded as a reboot to the previous games in the franchise rather than a sequel, it scored high marks with the fans. The release of the game coincided with the unveiling of Star Wars Episode 7, which resulted in more than 12 million copies being sold worldwide.

Key facts about Star Wars Battlefront

  • Star Wars Battlefront feels like a huge sandbox environment, where players are invited to experiment and try new things all the time.
  • Compared to the previous installments in the franchise, this title has some amazing co-op missions and the best multiplayer so far.
  • Star Wars Battlefront was criticized for its somewhat strange music, subpar voice acting and insufficient diversity of game modes.
  • The action shooter videogame doesn’t have a single player campaign and relies exclusively on the success of the multiplayer.
  • Star Wars Battlefront has the particularity of allowing players to choose the perspective, shifting from first person to third person views.

The Star Wars Battlefront games

In the absence of a proper missions set and no plot whatsoever, players have no choice but to jump right on the multiplayer games. The introduction of the survival mode proved to be a huge success, being the most popular of all Star Wars Battlefront games. Two-player cooperative wave-based missions pose unique challenges, while introducing new types of enemies, wielding powerful weapons and shields.

The Star Wars Battlefront games challenge players to find new ways of outshining opponents, with unforgivable difficulty levels. At the same time, beginners will have an easy time picking up the basic game mechanics in the easiest mode, which feels like a walk in the park. The higher the difficulty, the more rewarding the gameplay experience and the survival mission can be replayed several times.

Cargo is one of the least successful Star Wars Battlefront games, with players rushing to capture the flag and it lacks originality. Far more exciting is the Fighter Squadron mode in which players put their talent to the test aboard the Slave I and Millennium Falcon. Those who prefer that deathmatch games, will appreciate the fast-paced action of Blast, or they can walk the less traveled paths and play Hero Hunt and Heroes vs. Villains.

Droid Run was meant to present an alternative to those who cherish dynamic games, as players are supposed to stay on the move all the time. The challenge of capturing mobile control points is overshadowed by the fact that this game mode looks hectic and completely arbitrary. They also have the tendency of ending prematurely, with a couple of lucky actions being enough to decide the winner. It can be a bit frustrating to see a hard hour’s worked going down the drain in less than a minute.

What is Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is the action shooter game that the fans were hoping for, emphasizing multiplayer at the expense of a single player mission set. Different game modes are available and players compete exclusively against their peers, as they try to complete different objectives. It takes its cues from classic Battlefront, with the developers introducing original elements to the Star Wars multiplayer shooter.

Star Wars Battlefront Firefight. © Electronic Arts
Star Wars Battlefront Firefight. © Electronic Arts

Gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is all about flexibility and this is also emphasized by the gameplay allowing players to watch the action from third person or first-person views. Since there is no single player campaign, the multiplayer needs to bear all the weight and it does a decent job at taking players across the Star Wars universe. Fans will discover some familiar environments and explore different planets in solar systems that played an important part in the Hollywood blockbuster.

All these travels present players with the chance to fly aboard some iconic vessels and they get to control many land-based and air vehicles. AT-ATs as well as speeder bikes add weight to the gameplay and offer new ways of tackling challenges or rushing objectives. The Star Wars Battlefront gameplay is all about terrestrial confrontations, with none of the fights taking place in the outer space.

Star Wars Battlefront introduces new weapons, armors and abilities, with players gradually unlocking increasingly powerful gear. Although there are no proper sniper rifles, players can easily zoom in to improve their accuracy and use an impressive arsenal. The initial decision between an Imperial storm trooper and a soldier of the rebel alliance doesn’t have a huge impact on the game mechanics.

Far more exciting is the fact that Star Wars Battlefront enables players to assume the role of some famous characters, such as Emperor Palpatine, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader or Boba Fett to name but a few. The gameplay also allows players to choose how they want to complete missions, either alone, with another player or using the support of AI controlled units. There are a total of 15 multiplayer maps and they can accommodate a maximum of 40 players.

Plot of Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront was not developed with the intention of building on the otherwise popular Star Wars saga and focuses exclusively on multiplayer. Surprising as it is, there is no single player campaign, therefore we can’t talk about a plot or narrative whatsoever.

Star Wars Battlefront Imperial Walker. © Electronic Arts
Star Wars Battlefront Imperial Walker. © Electronic Arts

Development of Star Wars Battlefront

In anticipation of the Star Wars Episode 7 release, Electronic Arts announced back in 2013 that it will develop Star Wars Battlefront. Together with DICE and Visceral Games they came up with a title that would merge together the most popular elements of Battlefront games. It uses the remarkable Frostbite 3 engine and even though it is not intended as a sequel of Battlefront 2, it bears many similarities since it uses the same game engine.

Where can I download Star Wars Battlefront?

Star Wars Battlefront was released on time to be tied up with Star Wars Episode 7 and can be downloaded from the official EA Sports website. It is also a common game in video stores, where players can acquire it in bundles containing Star Wars memorabilia. The game also features downloadable content. The first one goes by the name of Battle of Jakku and the latest was released in May 2016. It is called Outer Rim and it is supposed to introduce additional maps from Tatooine and Sullust. The final DLC titled Death Star hit the stores in autumn.

What are others saying about Star Wars Battlefront?

Star Wars Battlefront didn’t enjoy the overwhelming positive reviews that the developers were hoping for. In fact, the game drew a lot of criticism for not having a single player campaign and some reviewers highlighted the deficiencies of some of these game modes. Having said this, the multiplayer enjoyed a lot of praise and the average review score exceeded 75 out of 100.

Electronic Arts was not deterred by these numbers and the fans were quite impressed by the game, which translated in more than 12 million copies sold. Until the release of the latest installment, the record for the most copies sold was held by Star Wars the Force Unleashed. The game didn’t sell particularly well initially and GameStop just like Halo 5, but both games ganed a lot of traction over the next few months.

Star Wars Battlefront tournaments

For a game created specifically for multiplayer, Star Wars Battlefront has high expectations and EA hopes to make it a leading actor on the eSports stage. The game shows a lot of promise and although it has a reasonable learning curve, it presents players with a chance to shine at the highest level. The company’s approach to eSports has been until recently focused on local tournaments, but rumors are that they are now ready to take it to the next level.

Star Wars Battlefront Thermal Imploder. © Electronic Arts
Star Wars Battlefront Thermal Imploder. © Electronic Arts

For the time being, there are no international Star Wars Battlefront tournament sponsored by EA, but we are told that we will hear more about this in the upcoming years. A deeper engagement will result in more players embracing the game and the company is expected to outsource some of its activity to promote this title in the eSports arena. Competition is steep, as games such as Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2 and Starcraft Legacy of the Void await.

My rating of Star Wars Battlefront

Quite frankly I am not a big fan of games that don’t have a single player campaign as I truly enjoy spending quality time playing video games by myself. At the same time, I am to some extent a Star Wars fan boy, so I couldn’t resist the temptation of purchasing and playing Star Wars Battlefront.

With all its faults, this latest release is a great looking video game, with amazing combat sandbox that promotes healthy competition. I’m only going to rate it 8 out of 10, but then again we sometimes tend to focus too much on perfect scores and forget that the rating systems actually starts from 1.

Overall Score