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Apart from its lush jungles and tropical weather, India is also home to a number of precious commodities. The British Empire recognized the natural wealth and British occupancy was the order of the day. Throughout all of this, the State Bank of India stood the test of time. The bank underwent many name changes and may have changed a target market or two, but the bank still remains the bank of choice for millions of Indians.

The bank also provides full-service banking to its customers and pride itself on its expansion efforts into the rest of the world. With so much competition out there, how does the State Bank of India compare?

A bank that also does well in the ratings, but surprisingly not as good as State Bank of India, is National Bank of Abu Dhabi. Read the full review to discover why.

History of the State Bank of India

Founded more than 200 years ago in the West Bengal town of Calcutta, the State Bank of India provided many essential services to the locals. The bank was first known as the Bank of Calcutta and underwent a name change in 1809 to the Bank of Bengal. Two other banks, the Bank of Bombay and the Bank of Madras were also to play an important role in the history of the bank. These three banks merged in 1921 and was known as the Imperial Bank of India. This was still while India was a colony of the British.

In 1951 the first Five Year Plan of an Independent India was launched. These changes allowed banks to expand their services to the rural areas of India as well. The All India Rural Credit Survey Committee recommended a takeover of the bank and the State Bank of India was established in 1955. An Act came into effect in 1959 that enabled the bank to make the former State-associated banks its subsidiaries.

Currently, the bank holds over US$ 431.95 billion in assets, with its closest competitor, Bank of Baroda, holding about a quarter of this. Furthermore, the bank has a vast network of branches across the world.

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Access to State Bank of India

State Bank of India
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Online Banking

Customers have access to internet banking to perform many of the functions such as transfers and payments. Clients can apply for accounts online.

In the United States of America, there are a number of banks that rely heavily on internet banking to do their business. These banks are Discover Bank, Synchrony Bank, and Ally Bank.


State Bank of India still has a very traditional approach to banking. Customers go into the branch for many of their transactions and needs that cannot be performed on the internet. Customers can, however, research their product and the requirements online before heading out to the branch. There are over 13,000 branches in India alone. The bank provides services to urban and rural areas.

State Bank of India Personal Banking Product Offerings

State Bank of India
Screenshot of Personal Banking Home Page State Bank of India

Savings Accounts

We recently did a full review on the savings products offered by the bank.

Savings Plus Account

The Savings Plus Account is linked to Term Deposit accounts to provide customers with the means to save their surplus funds. The transfers take place automatically, which allow customers to save without hassle. Furthermore, customers are able to set their own limits on the amounts to transfer.

  • Customers choose the term between 1 to 5 years
  • This account is linked to a MOD (Multi Option Deposit Account)
  • Also, it shares all the other features of a normal savings account.

Yuva Savings Bank Account

This account is the ideal option for young adults who are ready to use their own savings account.

  • This account is available to those between the ages of 18 and 30.
  • Customers have access to an ATM/debit card, mobile banking, internet banking, and also checkbooks where the mobile number is recorded.
  • Finally, this account shares all the other features of the normal savings accounts.

Basic Savings Bank Account

This is the ideal account for those who just want a simple savings account. The account is available to those over the age of eighteen.

  • The account is linked to an ATM/debit card.
  • Clients will also have access to cheques where the mobile number is recorded.
  • Furthermore, there are no fees on this account. Service charges will apply to items that fall outside the limits of this account.
Small Account

This account is suitable for those who don’t have their KYC documents. It makes it the ideal option for those in rural or informal areas.

  • The account carries a maximum balance, according to legislation.
  • Furthermore, customers will have access to the account via ATM/debit card or checkbook.
  • Customers are allowed to make a maximum of 4 withdrawals per month. Also, interest is earned on positive balances.

Savings Accounts for Minors


Children of all ages can apply for this account.

  • The account is opened jointly with the parent/guardian.
  • Furthermore, the account doesn’t require a minimum balance.
  • The account links to a photo embossed ATM/debit card. Also, the account carries a withdrawal limit. Finally, the card is issued in the name of the child and parent/guardian.


The ideal solution for children over the age of 10.

  • This account is opened in the sole name of the minor.
  • Also, the account doesn’t require a minimum balance.
  • Furthermore, the account is linked to a photo embossed ATM/debit card. There is a withdrawal limit on the account.

Current Account

Find out how this current account option did during its review.

A current account is the ideal transactional account for those who wish to increase their bank score. Furthermore, the account requires a minimum balance to be maintained. Although the account doesn’t earn interest on positive balances, customers can apply for an overdraft facility.

  • The account is environmentally friendly as statements are issued electronically only.
  • Customers have access to the account via an ATM/debit card. Furthermore, the card is free in the first year and annual fees only apply from the second year.
  • An account maintenance charge is applicable.


State Bank of India
Screenshot of Some of the Products of State Bank of India

SBI Tax Savings Scheme, 2006

This account is for those who don’t wish to have access to their funds for a long period of time.

  • The account carries a minimum and maximum account balance/deposit threshold.
  • Customers can choose a minimum term of 5 years to a maximum term of 10 years.
  • Furthermore, the investment is fixed and customers can only gain access at maturity.
  • Finally, this account carries certain tax benefits.

Reinvestment Plan

Customers who decide on this investment will have the benefit of experiencing the effect of compound interest.

  • The interest on the account doesn’t pay out. Furthermore, it is simply paid out on maturity. This allows the investment to experience maximum growth.
  • The account carries a minimum installment. Also, there is no maximum installment.
  • Customers can choose a minimum tenure of 6 months or a maximum of 10 years.
  • The account carries penalties on premature withdrawals.
  • Customers who have applied for a loan or overdraft can use up to 90% of the investment as security.
  • Finally, the investment has an auto-renewal process if no instructions are given.
SBI Multi Option Deposit Scheme (MODS)

This account is linked to the savings or current account. Furthermore, it allows the automatic transfer of surplus funds to the investment to encourage savings.

  • The customer chooses the amount to save.
  • Also, customers can amend their instructions at any time.

SBI Holiday Savings Account

A partnership between the State Bank of India and Thomas Cook India allows customers to benefit from their savings.

  • The opportunity to save monthly amounts in the form of a recurring deposit.
  • Furthermore, access to great deals through the Thomas Cook website.
  • The cost of the package is divided into thirteen installments.
  • Also, customers have peace of mind that their holiday is already paid for.

Annuity Deposit Scheme

This type of investment allows the depositor to pay one lump sum amount. The customer will then receive the same in Equated Monthly Instalments. Furthermore, this income will include the part of the lump sum and interest.

  • A minimum deposit is required in order to make the monthly installments worthwhile.
  • Customers decide between 36, 60, 84, or 120 months.
  • Finally, customers can use the investment as a form of security for a loan facility.
SBI Flexi Deposit Scheme

This account is similar to the Recurring Deposit account, however, clients can decide to vary the deposit amounts.

  • The account requires a minimum installment Also, there is a minimum deposit amount.
  • Customers can choose a maximum of 10 installments.
  • The account provides a lot of flexibility. Customers can deposit any number in a month. Also, they can make their deposits at any time.
  • The minimum tenor is 5 years and the maximum is 7 years.

SBI Capgains Plus (Capital Gain Scheme 1988)

Long Term Capital Gains Tax can be quite costly. This investment provides customers with the opportunity to park their funds off in an account to prevent this. The Capital Gains Account Scheme, 1988 makes certain provisions that are favorable. Furthermore, customers may be exempt from the fees should they re-invest in a residential property or any other specified asset within the stipulated time frame.

  • Customers have enough time to find a new asset to their liking.
  • Also, they will earn interest during this period.

Home Loans

This range of products received one of the highest ratings we've given a product thus far.

SBI Flexipay Home Loan

This type of loan allows applicants to apply for a loan up to 1.2x higher than an ordinary home loan. Furthermore, this type of loan is available to working professionals and executives.

  • Customers have the option of selecting moratorium of up to 36 to 60 months. Furthermore, only interest to be repaid during this period.
  • Also, customers enjoy a longer repayment term of 25 to 30 years.

SBI Maxgain

This facility allows the home loan to act as an overdraft facility.

  • Customers will benefit from optimal yield on their savings. Furthermore, this is done by reducing the interest burden on the home loan. Also, this is at no extra cost.
  • The account provides more flexibility in terms of access to funds.
  • Customers can also park their surplus funds in the account.
NRI Home Loans

These loans are ideal for those who were not born in India. Furthermore, these loans are to non-resident Indians and persons of Indian origin.

  • The account requires certain minimum requirements.
  • There is a minimum amount to borrow, but no maximum. Furthermore, this will be based on affordability.

SBI Realty

This loan type is for the purchase of land for construction of a dwelling.

  • The construction of the home should commence in two years. Furthermore, customers can apply for another loan on this lot and run both loans concurrently.


This option is ideal for customers who want to know what they qualify for before heading out on the hunt for a new home.

  • Customers can now negotiate with sellers and builders with confidence.
  • Also, the affordability portion of the loan is assessed.
  • Furthermore, the pre-approval is valid for 4 months.
  • Finally, a minimum loan amount is required.

SBI Tribal Plus

This type of loan makes funds available to those who wish to purchase land in tribal or hilly areas. Furthermore, these are the areas where mortgaging is not possible.

  • The loan is sanctioned for the purchase or construction of a new house or flat. Also, this is without the mortgage of the land.
  • Customers can also purchase an existing or old house or flat no older than 10 years.
  • It can also be used to repair, renovate, or extend an existing house or flat.
  • Finally, customers have a maximum repayment term of 15 years.

Gram Niwas

This is a solution for rural and semi-urban centers. Furthermore, this is ideal for areas that have a population of up to 50,000 people.

  • These home loans are sanctioned for purchase, construction, repair, and renovation houses. Furthermore, for the purchase of a plot. Also, the loan can be used for the construction of a house or shed.
  • The maximum repayment period is 15 years.
  • Finally, processing charges are waived under the Gram Niwas Scheme.
Sahyog Niwas

This type of home loan is to help self-help groups. These groups need to have a good payment record of two years. Furthermore, the loans can be used for:

  • Purchase of construction of a house exclusively or including the activity performed by them. These include dairy sheds, shops, grocery stores, and more.
  • Furthermore, it can be used for the repair or renovation of an existing house or shed.
  • Also, the loan can be used for the purchase of a plot for the construction of a house.
  • There is also the extension of an existing house or workspace.
  • Finally, the loan is restricted to 10 times the savings corpus of SHG, subject to a maximum amount.

SBI Privilege Home Loan

These loans are suitable for employees of central or state governments.

  • Customers will experience a reduced burden of servicing EMIs.
  • Also, the loan provides them with an extended repayment period up to the age of 70.
  • Furthermore, the loan provides a full waiver of processing fee.
  • Customers receive a lower interest rate.
  • Finally, there are wonderful incentives for customers to switch over from other banks.

SBI Shaurya Home Loan

Customers who fall into this group belong to the Army, Navy, and Airforce.

  • This loan helps lessen the burden of servicing EMIs.
  • Furthermore, customers will enjoy extended repayment up to the age of 75.
  • Also, customers enjoy the full waiver of the processing fees.
  • This loan provides customers with a lower interest rate.
  • Finally, there are attractive incentives for switching.

SBI Top-Up Home Loan

This loan allows customers to top up their loan. Furthermore, this product is available to those with a favorable track record of at least a year.

SBI Reverse Mortgage Loan

This loan is to assist the welfare of senior citizens in India. Furthermore, there is no compulsion for the borrower to repay the loan amount during their lifetime. Also, there is the prepay option that doesn’t carry any prepayment penalty.

Vehicle Finance

SBI New Car Loan Scheme

This type of loan offers the best financing options.

  • Customers will experience lowest interest rates, lowest EMI, minimal paperwork, and quick disbursement.
  • Furthermore, customers will enjoy the longest repayment tenure, which is 7 years.
  • Also, the loan includes on-road costs such as registration, insurance, and more.
  • The interest is calculated on a daily reducing balance.
  • Also, customers won’t have any pre-payment penalties or foreclosure charges.

SBI Combo Loan Scheme

This option is ideal for those who wish to purchase a car and two-wheeler at the same time. Furthermore, the loan amount is up to 85% LTV.

Certified Pre-Owned Car Loan

Customers can purchase a pre-owned vehicle no older than five years. Furthermore, the loan repayment can be up to 5 years. Also, the interest is calculated on a daily reducing balance.

Super Bike Loan Scheme

This loan is for those who wish to purchase a bike with 500 cc or more. Also, the finance is available to those between the ages of 21 and 65.

Education Loans

A variety of students loans to suit various needs. These include:

  • Student Loan Scheme
  • SBI Scholar Loan Scheme
  • Loan Scheme for Vocational Education and Training
  • Central Scheme for Interest Subsidy
  • State Bank Rewardz for Education Loan

Personal Loans

Xpress Credit Personal Loan

This loan is suitable for those who need funds readily available.

  • Low interest rates and processing charges.
  • No security required and minimal documentation.
  • Furthermore, there are no prepayment penalties.

SBI Pension Loans

Customers who draw their state pension from one of the State Bank of India branches can apply for a pension loan. Furthermore, the loan is open to those under the age of 76.

Loans Against Securities

These are loans that require some form of security, for instance, where the risk is higher. Some of the securities include:

  • Debentures
  • To employees to purchase ESOPs of their companies
  • Against shares
  • SBI loan against time deposits

SBI Gold Personal Loans

Customers who happen to have a lot of gold objects, such as jewelry or coins, can pledge them against a loan. Furthermore, this type of loan requires the minimum paperwork and also has a low interest rate.

Loans Against Property (Loan Against Mortgage of Immovable Property (LAP))

This loan is open to those who happen to have equity in their properties. The equity portion is used to secure the loan portion, which reduces the risk of the loan. Furthermore, the customer enjoys a longer repayment period of up to 180 months. Also, this loan carries lower processing charges.

Other Services

State Bank of India provides a wealth of other services to individuals.

  • Foreign inward remittance
  • Safe deposit lockers
  • Public provident fund
  • New pension system
  • ASBA
  • Western Union money transfers
  • Mobile wallet
  • Green remit card
  • Inflation Indexed National Savings Securities Cumulative
  • Gold Banking and
  • Special salary account, and more

State Bank of India Agricultural Banking Product Offerings

State Bank of India
Screenshot of Agri and Rural Home Page State Bank of India

Apart from offering the day-to-day accounts that make transacting a little easier, the State Bank of India also plays a big role in the finance needs of this sector.

Credit Cards

Kisan Credit Card Scheme

This card is designed to benefit farmers and offers more than just credit.

  • Interest subvention takes places for smaller loan Furthermore, customers can benefit from additional subvention if the card is paid promptly.
  • A free ATM/debit card.
  • Also, notified crops and areas are covered under crop insurance for all KCC loans.
  • The card scheme is open to farmers, tenant farmers, and SHGs or joint liability groups.
  • Cards with lower limits do not have to provide collateral security.
  • Simple interest is charged.
  • Finally, the repayment period may be fixed.


Gold Loan for Crop Production

These loans are extended to farmers who have gold to pledge as security. Furthermore, this is an easy and hassle-free loan process. Also, the interest rate payable on these loans is fairly low.

Multipurpose Agri Gold Loan

This loan is available to those who partake in agricultural activities. Gold acts as security for the loan. Farmers can borrow up to a predetermined LTV, which can change according to the market. Furthermore, this loan also offers an easy and hassle-free process. It also offers low interest rates.

Farm Mechanization Loan

Tractor Loan

  • SSTL (Mortgage free)
  • SSTL (With liquid collateral)
  • New Tractor Loan Scheme
  • Tatkal Tractor Loan

Combine Harvester Loan

This loan is ideal for the farmer who has a minimum of 8 acres of irrigated land. Furthermore, the farmer should also be in a position to operate a combine harvester.

  • Customers provide a mortgage of land as collateral for the loan.
  • Also, the loan repayment period of 9 years includes to=he grace/gestation period.
  • Furthermore, the loan is repayable in half-yearly installments. This includes the interest portion.

Drip Irrigation

This type of finance is suitable for farmers engaged in agricultural activities. Furthermore, they should own land under cultivation. Customers have 5 to 13 years to repay the loan.

Allied Activities

Dairy Society Plus

This loan takes care of many of the process-related aspects a dairy farmer faces. Also, the loan is used for purposes such as:

  • Construction of the milk house or society office
  • Purchase of automatic milk collection system and also bulk chilling units.
  • Furthermore, the loan can be used for the purchase of transport vehicles.
  • Customers need to fulfill the minimum criteria in order to meet the eligibility status for the loan.

Poultry Loan

Customers who wish to apply for this loan can use the proceeds to construct a poultry shed, feed room, and more. Furthermore, the loan can also be used to purchase equipment. Applications are required to have adequate experience or training in poultry. Also, they need to have suitable land for the construction of the items.

Fisheries Loan

This type of loan provides capital for fisheries that require fish nets and other equipment. This also helps farmers to generate additional income. Furthermore, the loan is available to professional fishermen and farmers with working knowledge of fish farming.

Miscellaneous Activities

Produce Marketing Loan

This loan type is for the farmer who needs working capital until such time as they are able to sell the product. The loan is offered against the stock stored in farm houses in addition to the warehouse receipts. Furthermore, the loan is open to customers who have a clear credit record. Also, they need to store the produce in their own premises or a warehouse or cold room. This loan is also open to crop loan borrowers from other banks.

Agri-Clinic and Agri-Business Centres

These loan types are for graduates who wish to set up centers of excellence for farmers. The criteria require tertiary education. Furthermore, there is an extensive list of ventures covered by this type of loan, such as:

  • Soil and water quality input testing laboratories
  • Post surveillance, diagnostic and control services
  • Seed processing units, and more

Land Purchase Scheme

The ideal loan type for small and marginal farmers to purchase their own land. Furthermore, this loan type is specifically for small plots of land.

SBI Krishak Uthaan Yojna

Farmers and tenant farmers who need to meet their genuine requirement will find this loan to be beneficial. Furthermore, the loan is available to landless farmers, sharecroppers, tenant farmers, and more.

Scheme for Debt Swapping of Borrowers

This loan helps farmers pay off their loans to non-institutional lenders. Furthermore, these loans aim to help farmers in distress and to help them meet their crop production needs.

Rural Banking

Not many banks across the world have products specifically designed for those who live in rural communities. Furthermore, these products suit the needs and lifestyles of rural life. Also, products are designed for the upliftment of rural areas. Some of the initiatives in place, include:

  • Micro-credit
  • Regional rural banks
  • Aadhar seeding
  • Direct benefit transfer
  • Lead bank schemes
  • Rural self-employment training institutes

State Bank of India International Banking Product Offerings

State Bank of India
Screenshot of International Banking Home Page State Bank of India

Retail Banking

There are retail branches in over 22 countries across the world. Furthermore, this is the largest global presences of an Indian bank. Also, customers have access to a variety of services.

Wholesale Banking

This is the ideal solution for businesses who have an international presence.

Commercial Loans

The idea solution for working capital or expansion needs.

Merchant Banking

Various business services to meet business needs.

Project Export Finance

Optimal long-term financing solutions. Furthermore, these solutions are for fund-based and non-fund-based requirements of project exporters.

Correspondent Banking

This service is crucial for those who need to keep relationships open across the world. Some of the services include:

  • Payment Solutions
  • Treasury Management
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Nostro/Vostro Accounts and
  • Relationship Management

Global Trade Services

International businesses require global trade services that allow them to meet the needs of their clients.

  • Import Services
  • Export Services
  • Merchanting Trade
  • Robust Technology Platform
  • Trade Credits

Treasury Management Group

Expert dealers and fund managers provide the much-needed support and service businesses require.

  • Asset Liability Management
  • Forex and Money Markets
  • Investments
  • Fund Raising
  • Bond Issuance

Remittance From India

These services are available through REMXOUT and FXOUT.

State Bank of India SME Banking Product Offerings

Deposit and Transaction Banking


State Bank of India offers a variety of current accounts to suit various needs.

  • Unfixed Deposit
  • Power
  • Normal Current Account
  • Sahaj Current Account
Sweep Accounts

These are for customers who have surplus funds for investments. Furthermore, these funds remain available at short notice.

  • Surabhi
  • CLTD

Collection Products

For the collection of fees or payments from customers or clients.

  • Power Jyoti

Bundling of Products

Products that can be used with the current accounts.

  • Cash Pick Up
  • Point of Sales
  • Insta Deposit Card
  • State Bank Business Debit Card
  • Power POS
  • Point-Linked Overdraft

Loan Products

Term Loan

These loans are ideal to acquire fixed assets. Furthermore, these assets could include land, construction of buildings, and more.

Working Capital Loan

This option is suitable for business owners who need to improve in certain divisions in their businesses. This could include employment of labor, current assets, and more. Furthermore, these loans include bill discounting, letter of credit, bank guarantee, and more.

SBI Asset Backed Loan

This loan requires the customer to provide an asset as collateral for the loan. Furthermore, this type of loan could be used to acquire assets or for working capital.

SME Open Term Loan

Customers who qualify for this loan have a pre-approved term loan facility at their disposal. Furthermore, the customer can choose the disbursement of the loan to take place over a period of 12 months as they require it.

Doctor Plus

This type of loan is the ideal choice for medical practitioners. Also, these include promoters of hospitals, nursing homes, pathological clinics, polyclinics, and more. Furthermore, the loan can be in the form of a term loan or cash credit.

SME Construction Equipment Loan

Suitable for those who wish to pursue business in the construction industry.

SBI Fleet Finance Scheme

This loan type is suitable for those who own a fleet of commercial vehicles. These include trucks, tankers, buses, and more.

Warehouse Receipt Financing

A product that makes the best of warehouse receipts. Furthermore, this is open to any trader who deals in commodities.

Rent Plus

Suitable for those who have large areas that they rent out to others. These include factories, office spaces, and more.

Standby Line of Credit

Finance for those who require funding during order bunching.

Rice Mill Plus

A solution for those who have a good credit score and are engaged in the activity of rice milling. Furthermore, the term is based on the project cost.

Dal Mill Plus

Ideal for those involved in dal milling who have a satisfactory credit score. Also, the term is based on the project cost.

Finance to Restaurants

This is specialized finance for restaurant or fast food chains. Furthermore, the loan can be used for kitchen equipment, interior decoration, the purchase of furniture and fixtures, and more.

General Purpose Term Loan

A loan that is used for a variety of things. Furthermore, customers have a flexible repayment term of between 3 to 5 years.

Corporate Loan

This loan is suitable for new or existing customers in the manufacturing sector. Furthermore, the loan can be used for capital expenditure, technology upgrades, renovations, and more.

Cotton Ginning Plus

The ideal loan for those in the cotton milling industry. Also, there is no ceiling for the loan. Furthermore, it can be used for need-based capital.

SME Credit Card

The ideal means to meet any credit requirement. Also, the loan is open to those who have a satisfactory track record for at least two years.

Stree Shakti Scheme

A loan suitable for female entrepreneurs in the retail trade and business enterprises. Furthermore, it’s packaged as a term loan and working capital loan.

Weaver Credit Card

Loan suitable to those who work in the weaving industry.

Artisan Credit Card

The ideal option for those in the handcrafted sector. Furthermore, customers can use the loan for working capital needs and to purchase tools and equipment. Also, it comes in the form of a term loan or cash credit.

SBI Shoppe

A loan that allows owners of shops, offices, showrooms and more to purchase these properties.

SBI Smile

An interest-free loan with a long repayment term. This is suitable for professionals and technically qualified entrepreneurs to set up their own micro and small enterprises.

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

A loan designed for individuals and small businesses with a business plan for non-farming related income.

SBI – Philips India Limited – Medical Equipment Finance Scheme

These loans provide the means necessary to set up nursing homes, hospitals, specialty clinics, and more. Furthermore, applicants include nursing homes and doctors.

Supply Chain Finance

These are online platforms for the banks, buyers, and sellers that ease the flow of transactions across the supply chain. Furthermore, customers have access to Electronic Vendor Financing Scheme and Electronic Dealer Financing Scheme.

State Bank of India Corporate Banking Product Offerings

State Bank of India
Screenshot of SME Home Page State Bank of India


Working Capital

This type of loan provides the cash required to keep the business going. Furthermore, this type of loan is suitable for the purchase of materials or equipment.

Project and Capex Loans

These are medium-term loans that run between 5 to 7 years. Furthermore, the term can increase in exceptional cases.

Export Credits

This type of credit covers packing credit, post shipment, and more.

Projects and Working Capital

These loans are suitable for external commercial borrowings. These also include syndicated loans, stand-alone loans, buyer’s credit, seller’s credit, and more.

Short Term Corporate Loans

This loan is suitable for shoring up networking capital, ongoing capital expenditure, and more.

Securitized Loans in Association with SBICAP

Loans that cover future receivables such as royalties, debtors, and more.

Other Loans

  • Channel Financing
  • Fee-Based Products – Letter of Credits, Guarantees, Deferred Payment Guarantees, and also Letters of Comfort

Trade Finances

These are crucial to keep international business flowing. Furthermore, products in this category include:

  • Domestic and Foreign Letters of Credit and also
  • Confirmation of Export Letter of Credit

Other Products

  • Treasury and Forex Products and
  • Efficient Delivery Platform

Project Finance

This business unit is responsible for project finance for corporates. This ensures that sectors such as road & other PPP projects, oil & gas, telecommunications, and more benefit from finance. Furthermore, the service also extends to non-infrastructure sectors such as manufacturing, services, and more. Also, some of the services on offer in this category include:

  • Rupee Term Loans
  • Foreign Currency Term Loans/Convertible Bonds/GDR/ADR
  • Debt Advisory Service
  • Loan Syndication
  • Loan Underwriting and
  • Deferred Payment Guarantee

Corporate Banking Products and Services

  • Working Capital Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Deferred Payment Guarantees
  • Corporate Term Loans
  • Structured Finance
  • Dealer Financing
  • Channel Financing
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Loan Syndication
  • Financing Indian Firms Overseas – Subsidiaries or JVs and
  • Construction Equipment Loan

Trade and Service Sector

This sector provides finance for vehicles, such as trucks, trailers, tippers, luxury buses, cars, and more. Furthermore, the finance includes all the other bells and whistles required for a comprehensive deal.

Specialized Products

  • Cash Management Products
  • Electronic Vendor Financing Scheme and Electronic Dealer Financing Scheme
  • Channel Financing
  • Construction Equipment Loan
  • Corporate Loan

Review of State Bank of India

Customer satisfaction reviews

This bank tends to be rather popular with the locals of India.


State Bank of India
Screenshot of Bankbazaar Reviews of State Bank of India

The bank receives a mixed response from customers on the service. Furthermore, reviews are from happy and unhappy customers. This indicates a healthy mixture of safety and regulations with client service.


This site also gave the bank a high rating. The bank scored 4.18 of 5 with 34 customers providing feedback. Furthermore, a bank that encourages customers to write about good service is doing something right.

Financial Stability Ratings

The bank received a positive rating from Moody’s, and Stable ratings from S&P and Fitch.

Security of Funds

The State Bank of India is registered as a commercial bank with the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation. The monetary value of the insurance is about $2,500. This is substantially less than in western civilization.

Review by Critical Reviews – 9 of 10

There are many things right with the State Bank of India. Apart from providing a mountain of products to choose from, the bank also has a healthy internet banking platform. There is also a myriad of branches across the country in rural and urban areas.

Also, the bank encourages customers of all backgrounds to make use of these services. This is a far cry from European banks, as the rural areas tend to suffer.

The only damper on the bank is the fact that the security for the deposits is quite low. Furthermore, if this amount were to increase, the bank would receive a well-deserved 10 of 10.