Street Fighter 5. © Capcom

Street Fighter 5 is the latest installment in the celebrated franchise, developed by Capcom in partnership with Dimps and published by the former. The game was released in February 2016 on Microsoft Windows as well as PlayStation 4 and Linux. Many of the characters present in the previous games of the series will return, alongside new heroes and an original soundtrack.

Key facts about Street Fighter 5

  • Street Fighter 5 consists of a blend of new and returning characters, with a basic roster of 16.
  • The game will be available on several platforms, including PCs and Playstation 4.
  • Players who purchase Street Fighter 5 are expected to unlock the new characters released in 2016 with real money or virtual currency.
  • Street Fighter 5 introduced a cinematic story mode in June 2016.

The Street Fighter 5 games

Street Fighter 5 will follow the same format as the previous titles in the series, with a total of 16 characters available right from the start. Only four of them are actually new, so those who are familiar with the franchise will welcome the return of their favorite heroes. New characters were added throughout 2016 and the first batch featured six of them.

Playing all the Street Fighter 5 games will be possible without making a real money investment, once the game is acquired. Players can also unlock the new characters by spending the virtual currency that goes by the name of Fight Money or real cash. The games was further enhanced by other post-launch content, with most of it released by the end of 2016.

Many of the game mechanics so popular in the previous installments will remain unchanged, while some will be enhanced and made more intuitive. One of the new Street Fighter 5 characters is Necalli which bears many similarities to Aztec warriors and is on a constant search for a stronger opponent soul. Players will also have the chance to assume the role of Rashid and use his ability to manipulate wind, while following the original storyline that should culminate with the saving of kidnapped friends.

Street Fighter 5 characters include a Brazilian fighter that goes by the name of Laura Matsuda, the sister of a hero present in the third installment. Last but definitely not least, players will be able to step into the virtual arena as F.A.N.G, one of the latest additions to the Shadaloo Grand Masters roster. This will be the one to showcase a new game mechanics, by brilliantly combining long-range attacks with melee moves.

What is Street Fighter 5?

Street Fighter 5 is the latest fighter game in the Capcom franchise, combining the arcade elements present in the previous games of the franchise. The game will be available exclusively on PC and PlayStation 4, with cross-platform multiplayer. Street Fighter 5 will introduce a cinematic story mode, but this chapter will be only made available in June as additional content.

Screenshot of Street Fighter 5. © Capcom
Screenshot of Street Fighter 5. © Capcom

Gameplay of Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 stays true to its name and invites players to discover the same action-packed gameplay that made the previous title famous. Players will still have to choose one fighter and then step inside the arena to defeat an opponent controlled by the computer or a real person. The two fighters use special abilities, various attacks and basic strategy to knock out opponents and win each round.

Some of the popular concepts present in other Street Fighter 5 games will return, such as the popular EX gauge. This will allow players to prepare increasingly powerful strikes, by channeling their energy and using chain moves to create super combos. Compared to the previous games, players won’t have the chance to use the otherwise popular Focus Attacks, which have been replaced by Critical Arts.

New game mechanics added

An important addition to the Street Fighter 5 gameplay in the V-Gauge, which rewards players who unlock new techniques by granting them additional attack moves. This new addition is actually a mix of three distinct techniques which go by the name of V-Skills, V-Reversals and V-Triggers. Diversity is ensured by assigning special attacks and abilities to each of the characters, with the result being an impressive number of unique combinations.

V-Reversals are used mostly to perform counter moves, while V-Triggers is the most complex of all maneuvers and enables players to use special abilities. Another addition from the Street Fighter 3 game that will return in the latest installment is the Stun Meter. It is displayed conveniently just below the health bars and this meter increases as players suffer consecutive blows. It serves the purpose of helping players avoid getting stunned, by shifting from offensive to defensive moves as the game advances.

Street Fighter 5 games will be played in virtual arenas which differ greatly, therefore the gameplay is also slightly affected. The special animations showcased when one player wins the round are also influenced by the setting, but they serve largely a decorative purpose.

Screenshot of Street Fighter 5. © Capcom
Screenshot of Street Fighter 5. © Capcom

Plot of Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 doesn’t walk the same traveled paths of fighter and arcade games and has a storyline. In the latest installment, the plot is relatively straightforward and revolves around the Shadaloo attempts to create a super weapon that can destroy entire cities. M. Bison is the main villain and his attempts to conquer the world by using it are brought to a screeching halt by the other main characters.

Ryu will play a central role in this new game and as the storyline evolves, he will be joined by various heroes, while being reunited with familiar faces. Charlie Nash makes a surprising return and resumes his quest to destroy Bison, while new characters such as Necalli provide assistance to the band of heroes. Compared to other video games, the plot of Street Fighter 5 is not that complex and players make incremental progress by defeating powerful opponents.

One important addition is the Street Fighter 5 cinematic story mode, which makes it easier to follow the narrative. It is also used as an effective tool to bridge the gap between the previous two installments, since M. Bison and Shadaloo play a critical role in both of them. It will also make it much easier for beginners to understand the main plot, while getting the fans fully immersed in the gaming experience.

Development of Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 was initially revealed in a Youtube video in late 2014, but development started a few months before that. Right from the start, producers announced their intention to make this game available only on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. It uses the Unreal Engine 4 and those who are interested in multiplayer, should know that it will offer cross-platform gameplay.

The partnership with Sony computer entertainment virtually ensures the fact that the game will not be available on other consoles. At the same time, developers reconfirmed their desire to bring players together and build a booming community by using cross-platform play. With the release date being set for February 2016, Street Fighter 5 was briefly available for play at Six Flags parks in the US. Online, beta started in August 2015, after being delayed and taken offline on several occasions.

Street Fighter 5. © Capcom
Screenshot of Street Fighter 5. © Capcom

Where can I download Street Fighter 5?

Street Fighter 5 is available for download on the official website. Throughout 2016 new characters were added and the DLC can be acquired using both virtual and real currency. Six new characters were added and additional content might be introduced in the upcoming months.

What are others saying about Street Fighter 5?

Street Fighter 5 is a highly anticipated title for arcade fans as well as those who play the previous games in the franchise. The expectations are high and those who got the chance to play the game at the Six Flags event were thrilled with the teaser. While there is no official score yet and the reviews are expected to start flowing in early March, Capcom expects to sell more than 2 million copies worldwide this year.

Street Fighter 5 tournaments

Street Fighter 5 is not a game supposed to be play in single player mode and will present owners with the impetus to put their skill to the test in the multiplayer arena. Cross-platform play will make it easier for players to fight each other regardless of what device they are using.

For the time being, multiplayer remains the only way of showcasing your skills, but as the popularity of the game grows, Street Fighter 5 tournaments could be hosted and sponsored by Capcom. Battle of Gods, Naruto Shippuden and EA Sports UFC 2 are worthy alternatives.

My rating of Street Fighter 5

I used to dismiss arcade and fighter games as nothing more than a diversion from serious titles, but Street Fighter made me change my mind. I’ve enjoyed the last two releases and I’m very optimistic about the latest installment. The new characters, the cross-platform play and the cinematic mode are all going to enhance the gaming experience and all these additions warrant a review score of 8 out of 10.

Overall Score