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What is The Unspoken?

The Unspoken is one of the many games hoping to take advantage of the advancements of technology. It gets players immersed into the world of virtual reality by using Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch controllers. As this technology is still in its infant stages, some controls are not truly reliable and latency can be a big problem. Players assume the role of a sorcerer and make use of special powers to outshine rivals and establish superiority in the urban jungle.

Key facts about The Unspoken

  • The Unspoken requires Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch controllers to enter virtual reality.
  • The game is simple and has just a couple of controls that are easy to handle and pretty responsive.
  • The Unspoken features ample maps that are great looking and easy to navigate using the VR set.
  • For those unfamiliar with virtual reality games, the game can be pretty challenging and tiresome.
  • The Unspoken requires practice and players need to arm themselves with patience to learn the ropes.

Gameplay of The Unspoken

The Unspoken gameplay requires a lot of movement, which is a bit surprising for virtual reality game. The upside is that the responsive controls make it easy to get from one place to the other without getting dizzy. Sending fireballs and other powerful spells is not as difficult, once players get the hang of it. A little bit of coordination and a lot of patience are the qualities needed to enjoy the game. The biggest problem is high latency, which can sometimes cause failures of epic proportions.

Another gimmick mechanic that will test players and their patience is teleportation from one platform to the other. This is a real challenge for anyone who hasn’t played virtual reality games, but will challenge The Unspoken players. The trick to succeed is to be patient because sometimes the moves don’t activate immediately. Players who have played games on Wii back in the day will realize that the learning curve is pretty similar.

The Oculus cameras react pretty well under these circumstances, yet sometimes the technology backfires. Those who want to make certain changes and don’t mind paying additional money out-of-pocket can purchase a more expensive sensor. Such an investment will greatly improve The Unspoken gameplay, but this is still enjoyable using the basic package. The world that players navigate looks great and can sometimes be a real distraction from the actual fighting.

The game has a virtual hub that players navigate using the basic 3-D menu, in complete accord with the VR experience. Occasional little visual glitches bring you back to reality, but in general the alternate reality city of Chicago is the perfect arena for throwing fireballs. The Unspoken gameplay rewards aggressive players, as this game is about inflicting damage not staying out of harm’s way.

Screenshot of The Unspoken Killer Plants
Screenshot of The Unspoken Killer Plants

Plot of The Unspoken

The Unspoken is essentially a multiplayer game, where players are supposed to prove their skill against their peers. That’s why the single player campaign is almost nonexistent and can at best serve as an extended tutorial. Since this is a virtual reality game, this is precisely the kind of steppingstone that players need to get familiar with the core game mechanics. Essentially, you have to choose between different wizard classes, most of them un-lockable, so there’s a sense of progression.

By the time you move on to the next class, you barely know the current one well enough. The good news is that once you jump headfirst into the crowded multiplayer, you will have multiple opportunities to hone your skills. Switching from one ability to the other is silky smooth and comes in handy since there are no weapons to be used. Telekinesis and fireballs are used to move around and inflict serious damage upon unsuspecting enemies.

The Unspoken plot is as simple as it gets and the only thing that really keeps you going is the fact that you unlock new characters. You won’t get hooked on any particular wizard and it is most unlikely to develop an interest in any class. The animations however are exciting and they more than compensate the absence of a proper narrative. If the single player feels like an afterthought, the multiplayer is rewarding and there’s plenty of un-lockable content.

Developers were smart enough as to make the game suitable for virtual reality, to make the shortcomings easier to accept. The duels feel more dynamic, even though the controls are less responsive and will truly test players over and over again. There’s a lot of tension at work when players discover relics and puzzles.

Screenshot of The Unspoken Colossus
Screenshot of The Unspoken Colossus

Development of The Unspoken

The Unspoken was without a doubt the most ambitious project if developers ever undertook. The fact that the game was supposed to dwell on the advancements of virtual reality, only complicated matters. Even so, the team working on the game was able to meet the deadline and release a game without major flaws. During beta testing, players were asked to give their insights on how to better control the magnitude of spells and abilities. The game underwent several changes before it was released in its final form.

The size of the maps made the multiplayer action even more challenging. Developers chose to add new features, which had the unintended effect of further complicating the gameplay. The collection of mana orbs scattered across floating platforms, brought in the spotlight the difficulty of properly using the teleportation feature. Some of the modifications made after the official release made the controls more responsive. Much to their credit, developers managed to come up with a perfectly playable game.

The Unspoken is still a project in the making and work continues, with new characters and maps to be added. The team maintains close contact with players and pays attention to their suggestions. It helps a lot that the game has gained a lot of traction relatively quickly and that the community is very active. Virtual reality technology is constantly improving and the next iteration promises to be significantly better. So far there is no indication that the developers are already working on a sequel or an expansion pack. However, the critical reception was in line with the expectations and the game keeps repeating positive feedback.

Where can I download The Unspoken?

The Unspoken official website is currently the only source for downloading the game. There are not many alternatives for those who want to play fully fledged virtual reality games. The Oculus rift technology was embraced by several developers, yet the resulting games are short and generally shallow. For the time being, the VR component in video games feels more like a gimmick. It’s refreshing to see that the number of games announced for 2017 is significantly larger than the ones released in 2016.

Screenshot of The Unspoken Serpents
Screenshot of The Unspoken Serpents

Players who want to be up to date with the latest games, but are not necessarily hooked on virtual reality have more options. In the first quarter of 2017 several games were added and many more received updates and downloadable content packs. Resident Evil 7, Battlefield 1, Ashes of the Singularity, Steep and Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 are all perfectly good choices. These games are fun to play and are available on PCs and all major consoles, so they are an alternative for those who don’t own a VR set.

What are others saying about The Unspoken?

The Unspoken reviews were largely positive, as players and critics alike understood the novelty of this game. The virtual reality game industry is still in its infant stages and the products released in 2016 were largely disappointed. Compared to them, this multiplayer based VR game flows nicely and is very responsive. Criticism was caused mainly by the absence of a proper single player campaign and the problems caused by latency in player versus player matches.

My rating of The Unspoken

I first experienced the thrills of virtual reality when purchasing my Samsung Galaxy S7 device. It came with an Oculus Rift set and I remember spending many hours exploring the magical universe. A few days later though, I put it away and had no incentive to use it, due to the lacking of exciting games and apps. The Unspoken brought me back into the virtual world and made me a believer again in the potential of VR. The game requires a lot of attention and patience, as you will get things wrong more often than right.

No matter how experienced you are with first-person and third person shooters, nothing prepares you for the virtual reality world. Good reflexes are less important and you will need to work on your timing to succeed. The game is far from perfect and occasional glitches of the Touch controllers cause epic failures. Overall, The Unspoken is a game easy to recommend for being fresh and introducing new concepts. Take your time with it and accept its shortcomings, because after all, it’s just an 8 out of 10 kind of game.

Overall Score